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CASE NAME : People of the Philippines Vs. PO1 Antonio Escueta Jr. y Pascual
CASE NO : Criminal Case No. 11-286291-93
FOR : Murder, Frustrated Murder and Attempted Murder
COURT : RTC Branch 8, Manila
PRESIDING JUDGE : Hon. Judge Ma. Teresa E. De Guzman-Alvarez
PUBLIC PROSECUTOR : Pros. Sacp Aldrin B. Gupita
PUBLIC ATTORNEY : Atty. Peter Jhon O. Labuguen
BRANCH CLERK OF COURT : Atty. Sheryl E. Sigua-Elcano
STENOGRAPHER : Ms. Noeme V. Sevilla
BRANCH CLERK III : Mr. Renz R. Bautista
DATE OF HEARING : September 5, 2017, 1:30PM


1. Upon arrival of the judge, all those inside the court stood up.
2. A prayer was done before the start of the session.
3. There were eight (8) cases scheduled for the session. The court interpreter called each case one
after the other. When a case is called and no counsel, the next case is called. They can have their
turn on the second round of calling of cases. Parties and particularly the counsel should always be
on time it seems because the second round of case calling may take a while.
4. Subject case is for continuation of prosecution evidence. The prosecutors and the counsel for the
accused noted their appearance and greeted the judge with utmost courtesy. The Public Prosecutor
was in a coat and tie while the Public Attorney, counsel for the accused was in a Barong Tagalog.
All counsels in the court were properly dressed.
5. Interpreter called the private complainant to proceed on the witness stand.
6. The private complainant, acting as a witness testified to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.
7. The public prosecutor asked several questions to the witness. Some of the questions pertain to the
complainant feelings toward the incident, the amount of damages being claimed and more. The
public prosecutor also asked whether the complainant can point inside the court room the person
whom he accused for killing (murder, frustrated and attempted murder) him, his wife and his child..
The complainant pointed the person who was seated at the back of the court room (wearing a
prisoner orange shirt), whom the judge called to stand. The prosecutor also asked the complainant
Are your sure of that?, to whom the complainant replied, Yes.
8. The prosecutor asked the complainant to present the receipts for his claims on damages in the next
session. The Public Prosecutor stated that the Public Attorney will be conducting cross examination
to the complainant once those receipts were presented in the next session.
9. The public prosecutor then moved for the continuance of the presentation of prosecution evidence
and it was set on October 24, 2017.
10. The stenographer was observed to be writing while the session is on-going. No typewriter being
used by the stenographer (as compared to what I usually watch on movies).

Submitted By : CABASAL, MARK CHRISTIAN C. (Student ID No. 2015-0287)