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IBM Client Installation and

IBM Notes client setup copied in desktop.
User Information. (Username or Emp. Id and Password)
ID file stored in local workstation ( Provided by HO)
Operating system: Windows XP professional ( SP3 and above)

Installation of IBM Notes client

Run the IBM Notes client setup
Click on Next

Click on Next
Select option I accept the terms in the license agreement. and Click on Next

Select option Only for me (Single User Install) and Click on Next
Click on Next

Click on Install
Click on Finish to complete the setup.

Go to desktop and open IBM Notes

Click on Next

Type user name and server name. The server name differs among the ROs.
Check table 1 to get the Domino server address

dcmail01 is for HO.

Refer table 1 for the
server details of your
Select Set up a connection to a local area network (LAN)
Click on Next

Select TCP/IP option

Type server address according to Table 1
Click on Next is for HO.

Refer table 1 for the
server details of your

Browse and select the path of your stored ID file.

Select the ID file

ID file will be provided

by HO
Click Next

Select Yes

Enter the password. The default password is password

Click on Next
Click on the message icon.

RO Server Server IP

HO dcmail01

LCBS dcmail01

CHN dcmail02

MRO1 dcmail02

DEL1 dcmail03

KOL dcmail03

AHM dcmail04

HYD dcmail04

BGLR dcmail05

LKN dcmail05

KOC dcmail06

MDU dcmail06

CHD dcmail07

MRO2 dcmail07

GUW dcmail08

JPR dcmail08

PUNE dcmail09

VSKP dcmail09

CBE dcmail10

VDA dcmail10

BPL dcmail11

LDN dcmail11

DEL2 dcmail12

PAT dcmail12

HBL dcmail13

NGP dcmail13

BHU dcmail14

DEH dcmail14

RAI dcmail14