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Greece Monthly Achievement Report June 2017

Enjoying our excellent and newly expanded E sector!


One of GVIs objectives is to make an impact towards environmental sustainability by increased

habitat and species protection, as well as raising awareness on key environmental issues. GVI aims
to expand its work with its partners in order for a more sustainable future. At GVI Greece we work
closely with our local partner, Archelon the Sea Turtle protection Society of Greece to ensure the
protection of important habitats for loggerhead sea turtles. One of the ways we can do this is buy
monitoring the nesting beaches and providing protection to their nests.


In 2016 the nesting season sky rocketed with over 3000 loggerhead nests protected thanks to the
hard work and collaboration of GVI and Archelon volunteers. This year it only seemed fitting that
we expand our efforts and introduced a new beach sector. The volunteers were eager to begin
monitoring work for the very first time ever on the new beach sector now known as E sector.


GVI Greece are responsible for the protection and the safe monitoring of Neda beach an area within
Kyparissia Bay. Last year GVI monitored two sectors of this beach one on the Southern side of the
bay and one on the Northern side. With the success of the nesting season last year, this year we have
expanded our work and are now monitoring a new sector of the beach. The volunteers felt very
proud that they were the first group ever to monitor this new sector and were excited to see what it
had to offer.

Each morning we have two teams that head out on these beaches. One team heads out to the
southern side and the other heads to the northern side which now also includes E sector. Both the
old and new sector which are combined into one survey is about 5km in total. Since starting to
monitor this sector of the beach we have been able to successfully protect 75 nests. The nests are
protected with a metal grid and bamboo which is hammered down into the sand. The metal grids
prevent dogs and foxes predating on the eggs.
These beaches offer an important habitat to loggerhead sea turtles that use these them for nesting.
Without the efforts of our volunteers a number of these nests would be destroyed by environmental
factors or predation from dogs and foxes. The close monitoring of these beaches will ensure the
long-term survival of the species in the wild, leading to a more sustainable future. The expansion of
the monitoring area will also help us reach out to more people and allow us to educate them about
the importance of preserving this habitat and the species within it.

This year our volunteer numbers have reached their highest so adding a new sector couldn't of come
at a better time. GVI Greece is proud to take on this new responsibility and hopes to work hard to
protect as many nests as possible. We certainly don't want a world without these beautiful creatures.
How about you?

Victoria Lang
Field Staff