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SEEKER D with MCA III Digital Leakage Management Solution

High-Performance, GPS-Based
Leakage Management System that
Accurately Monitors Leakage in All
Digital Systems or Mixed Digital and
Analog Systems with Unsurpassed
Sensitivity from 2 uV/m to 2000 uV/m

Near Real-Time Vehicle Tracking via

LAW, Leakage Record Upload and
Firmware Upgrades via WiFi, Ethernet,
or Cellular

Optional Garmin Interface Provides

Turn-by-Turn Directions to Leak

Cost-Effective Solution Utilizing the

Majority of Existing Seeker GPS
Installation and Equipment
Ideal for drive-outs, leak documentation, and

Overview uncompromising tagging solution for active GPS receiver, while keeping your plant
With the new Seeker D and Seeker analog or digital systems. technologically ready to meet tomorrows
MCA III along with existing Seeker analog leakage monitoring needs.
leakage detectors, Trilithics Seeker GPS In the NAV band, the Seeker D detects
System provides the complete leakage the proprietary signal from the CT-4 Advanced Channel Tagging
solution. This means no investment for and scales it to be similar to leakage The new CT-4 can act as a traditional
special drive-out vehicles is required, readings taken from an analog carrier. CT-2 or CT-3 and can insert Trilithics
and every truck in the operators fleet Consequently, readings taken from proprietary tagged signals in both the
can identify leakage outbreaks with GPS the Seeker meter and Seeker D meter aeronautical range and the LTE range at
precision. produce similar results in the aeronautical the same time. This feature provides the
band. In fact, this system provides the ability to detect tagged leaks and ignore
Digital Leakage Detection flexibility to scale the reading to analog or untagged leaks, saving time from false
Trilithics new Seeker D leakage detector digital, your choice. alarms from signals not originating in your
accurately detects and measures signal system.
leakage near the LTE and aeronautical Whether testing for leaks in both digital
frequency bands and features an and analog systems, or monitoring The CT-4 eliminates the risk of affecting
unsurpassed sensitivity from 2 to 2000 aeronautical bands or LTE, Seeker D any adjacent digital channels by injecting
uV/m. provides all of the capability to find and fix an adjustable signal from 10 to 30 dBmV,
leaks quickly, accurately, and effectively. targeting approximately 30 dB below the
The Seeker D works in conjunction with chosen digital carriers.
the new CT-4 Channel Tagger. The The Seeker D leakage detector and the
CT-4 is a 1U rack mounted unit that is included mobile mount allows you to utilize
located in the head end that provides an your existing LAW Server, and Garmin

innovative technology to keep you a step ahead

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SEEKER D with MCA III Digital Leakage Management Solution

Next-Generation Mobile Support Uploading data records to a server AVAILABLE SEEKER D MODELS:
The Seeker MCA III offers high- can be fully automated, occurring Seeker D Leakage Detector without Mobile
performance GPS location recording whenever the MCA III detects any one Mount
P/N 2011655000
and documentation when monitoring of 10 possible operator-controlled Wi-Fi
only the aeronautical bands with hotspots. Seeker D Leakage Detector with Mobile
existing Seeker leakage detectors P/N 2011655001
or monitoring both the aeronautical Remote upgrade capabilities via the
and LTE bands with the new Seeker LAW server provide users with the AVAILABLE SEEKER MCA III MODELS:
D leakage detector. This device also ability to update firmware without Seeker MCA III with Wi-Fi
allows you to daisy chain the mobile physically connecting to the Seeker P/N 2011655000
mounts of the Seeker and Seeker D MCA III. This feature also provides Seeker MCA III with Wi-Fi & Cellular
units together in order to log data from the ability to perform remote firmware P/N 2011655001
multiple units mounted in the same upgrades on the Seeker D when it is
vehicle. placed in the included mobile mount.

While driving to a location or to work, Operators can observe near real-time

the technician leaves the Seeker in the vehicle tracking via LAW with a one-
mobile mount, where its connected minute refresh interval.
to vehicle power, an antenna, and
a GPS receiver. The Seeker MCA Early Detection Notifications
III automatically monitors leakage When a set threshold level within the
outbreaks and records the data with a Seeker has been surpassed, Trilithics
time/date stamp and the leaks GPS Leakage Analysis Workshop (LAW)
location. will email an EDN (Early Detection
Notification) to insure that large leaks
The operator has several options for will be identified immediately. This
providing the GPS receiver/antenna automatic process helps keep the
to link with the Seeker GPS system. technician from being distracted while
If there is no existing unit, one can be driving or working.
obtained from Trilithic. If the vehicle
is already equipped with a fleet
management system using a GPS
receiver, in many cases the Seeker
GPS system can make use of it.

innovative technology to keep you a step ahead

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SEEKER D with MCA III Digital Leakage Management Solution

Low band: 135139 MHz
Frequency Range High band: 610.5615 MHz
Adjustable in 12.5 kHz Steps via Seeker Setup Software
10 user-adjustable operating frequencies, selectable on front panel
Frequency Settings
Set using the configuration methods listed below
Low band:
2 to 2000 V/m scaled to match an analog carrier with an AFS-2/4 Handheld Dipole or
AVM-3 Vehicle Mounted Whip Antenna

Calibrated Level Range High band:

2 to 2000 V/m scaled to match an analog carrier with an AFS-7 Handheld Yagi antenna
4 to 2000 V/m scaled to match an analog carrier with an AVM-4 Vehicle Mounted
Colinear Array Antenna
Level Accuracy 2.0 dB
Numerical Display Readout of any detected leakage within sensitivity range
Tone is present if leakage amplitude exceeds squelch setting and digital tag is detected
Audible Tone
Pitch is proportional to strength of leak
Automatic Noise and Overbuild Internal circuitry discriminates between leaks and noise
Discrimination Overbuild discrimination provided by CT-4 channel tagger installed in hub or head-end
Internal battery with eight hours of operation per charge
Power OR
Vehicle power of 12 VDC while in Mobile Mount
USB connection from Leakage Detector to local PC running Seeker Setup Software
Configuration Method
Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection from Seeker MCA III to the LAW Server while the Leakage
Detector is located in the Mobile Mount


Ethernet Communications 10/100 RJ45 connection to fleet management systems
Type: Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n) to operator-controlled and configured hot-spot
Wi-Fi Communications
Security: WPA-PSK (TKIP), WEP (128-bit) or WPA2-PSK (AES)
Cellular Communications Optional GSM/GPRS cellular connection to operator-provided cellular carrier
Early Detection Notification (EDN) Email notification of threshold exceeding leaks

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SEEKER D with MCA III Digital Leakage Management Solution


Seeker D Leakage Detector Seeker Setup Configuration Software Garmin GPS receiver for Seeker MCA II
P/N 0930109002 & Seeker MCA III
Mobile Mount, Vehicle Power Cable &
P/N 2071707004
Wiring Protection Kit (optional) LAW Integrated Server Package
P/N 2011190200 Industrial-grade Wi-Fi access point
Low Band Rubber Duck Antenna
P/N 2011222000
LAW SaaS Subscription
High Band Rubber Duck Antenna
P/N 9980002000 CL-9 vehicle power adapter
AC Travel Charger & USB Cable P/N 0610169007
Printed Quick Start Installation Checklist Garmin FMI Cable (FMI-40)
& Guide LOW BAND ANTENNAS: P/N 2071585025
AFS-2 dipole antenna (138 MHz)
P/N 2010436000 Garmin FMI Cable (FMI-40 Euro)
P/N 2071585027
MCA III INCLUDES: APM-3 permanent mount, vertical quarter-
Seeker MCA III wave whip antenna (138 MHz) Garmin FMI Cable (FMI-15)
P/N 2010650000 P/N 2071585026
Seeker MCA III to Mobile Mount Power
and Data Cable AVM-3 magnetic base, vertical quarter- Seeker MCA II or MCA III to Wireless
wave whip antenna (138 MHz) Matrix or SageQuest Data Cable
2.4 & 5 GHz Wi-Fi antenna P/N 2071585030
P/N 2010379000
Shielded ethernet cable (10ft)
Cellular antenna (optional) REPLACEMENT PARTS:
Shielded ethernet cable (10ft)
AFS-7 YAGI handheld antenna
P/N 2072213010
P/N 2011644000 Seeker MCA III to Mobile Mount Power
CT-4 Channel Tagger
and Data Cable
P/N 2011632000 AVM-4 magnetic base, whip antenna (600
P/N 2071585029
to 700 MHz)
P/N 2011645000 2.4 & 5 GHz Wi-Fi antenna
P/N 2071677004
APM-4 permanent mount, whip antenna
(600 to 700 MHz) Cellular antenna (international pentaband)
P/N 2011646000 P/N 2072195002

innovative technology to keep you a step ahead

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