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Hannah Jeske

Ramona Czer
January 8, 2017

Dear Organized Olga: Thank you. Thank you for your honesty and thank you for resisting the urge to

rip the male species to shreds. From the perspective of a husband in progress (yours truly!), I know better

than to tell my wife, a working mother of five, that she's wrong. Women are amazing, and Id say that,

more often than not, we men honestly no clue even how old our kids are, let alone what time their

school's next PTSA meeting is.

That being said, men aren't dumb either. The stereotypical bumbling buffoon, often pictured holding a

beer in the left hand and a cig in the right, may inhabit the household man cave, but he hopefully

doesn't come out when it comes to family business. Give your husband a chance to show his fatherhood.

With his masculinity on the line, it's not likely that he'll blow an opportunity to wrestle around with the

kids for a while. And so what if it's pancakes and chocolate cake for supper every night when he's in

charge? Just let it go once in awhile. A good spouse will honor his commitment if he has a game plan to

follow, e.g., carrot soup planned for Thursday or a baseball game at 3pm; it's when dad time becomes

his own time when you really have to worry.

All in all, children are the responsibility of both parental units, and to say that husbands (or wives)

always do their fair share of the work may be naive. Husbands should thank their wives for what they do

every day. Wives should admit that sometimes he isn't always a dim bulb. Trust me. -Honorable Horace