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Final presentation


Group 2-1

Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus

November 18, 2016

Company & industry background

I G-Dawgs is a hot dog food truck restaurant.

I A convenient one stop, quick meal restaurant.
I Key feature: a variety of hot dogs and soda selection.
Company & industry background

I Open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I Convenient for people who do not have time for a proper
I The food trucks location is strategic and within walking
distance for targeted customers
Missions & Objectives

1. To build up a presence as a fruitful neighborhood fast

food outlets and addition a piece of the overall industry in
Singapores fast food industry.
2. To make G-Dawgs a destination spot for from students,
towners and tourists.
3. To venture into various outlets by year three, and offer
the establishment to neighboring metropolitan urban
communities, for example, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur,
Bangkok and Manila.
Missions & Objectives

1. Our principle objective is to be a standout amongst the

best fast food outlets in Singapore, beginning with one
mobile retail outlet situated near a noteworthy shopping
center as a business sector analyzer.
2. Our main focus will be serving top notch sustenance at
an awesome value.
Market analysis summary

I Customer consumptions for fast food in Singapore

ascended amid the end of the year 2000, trailed by the
recuperation of Singapores economy.
I Food spending is around 56% in Singapore, and purchaser
spending on relaxation and amusement made up of 13%
of aggregate customer spending (Johoora 2012).
I (Johoora 2012) decribes that as per a late open review of
individuals 15 - 45 years of age, 80% of those talked with
like fast food.
Market analysis summary
Motivations to the expanding prevalence of fast food

I Salaried laborers in workplaces have quit bring lunch.

I Parents give more cash to children and understudies to
purchase lunch.
I Eating out still stays as Singaporeans basic propensity
I The vast majority of Singaporeans like to window shop,
and when they do walking around the shopping area, they
require a speedy chomp to oblige their exercises.
Main competitors

I Tori-Q
I Pizza Walker
I Bread Talk
I Rotiboy
I Starbucks
Promotion strategy

1. Business cards and flyers.

2. Focus on proper signage.
3. Actively getting involved in the local community
4. Celebrity snapshot.
5. Provide client administration training to the
representatives we have.
Competitive analysis
SWOT analysis

I Mobility
I Suitable Location

I Low beginning expense

I Unfamiliar territory
I Changing trends in eating
I Products Uniqueness
I Great promoting
I Limited product portfolio
I Fair Pricing
Competitive analysis
SWOT analysis

Opportunities: Threats:
I High market demand
I Extremely competitive
I Opportunity for expansion market
I Health conscious eatables I Negative perception of
I Expand product portfolio hot dogs
Competitive analysis
Porters five forces analysis

Threat of new entrants:

I This is a tough challenge to deal with and therefore this
can be considered a strong force.
I The fast food industry is easy to enter as the starter costs
are relatively low.
I G-Dawgs does not have a significant market share and
therefore is trying to establish one.
Competitive analysis
Porters five forces analysis

Threat of substitutes:
I The threat of substitutes in the fast food industry is high.
I There are innumerable quantities of comparable fast food
eateries contending with each other.
I Consumers also have the option of cooking their own
food at home.
Competitive analysis
Porters five forces analysis

Bargaining of power of buyers:

I The bargaining of power of buyers is high.
I There are numerous other options to G-Dawgs.
I Customers can impose demands on the business.
Competitive analysis
Porters five forces analysis

Bargaining power of suppliers:

I The bargaining of power of suppliers is low.
I Lots of sausage and potato suppliers from the United
I A great association with the suppliers ought to be
Competitive analysis
Porters five forces analysis

Intensity of competitive rivalry:

I The intensity of competitive rivalry in this industry is high.
I Many other comparable fast food eateries, for example,
Burger King and McDonalds that give comparative
I Negative effects to G-Dawgs related to number of orders.
House of quality

Our hot dogs

Phase 1 - Product planning for Bettys hot dogs

McBeckers hot dogs
a hot dog
Cow in a bag hot dogs

Our hot dogs

Bettys hot dogs
McBeckers hot dogs
Cow in a bag hot dogs
Production process
Process chart
Location strategy

I Use of location strategy to maximize the benefit of

location to G-Dawgs.
I Food trucks will be located adjacent to Orchard Road.
I Orchard Road is the fundamental shopping road of
I Factor rating method was utilized.
Orchard Road

Figure: Orchard road map.

Orchard Road

Figure: Picture of Orchard road.

Food truck floor plan

Figure: Food truck floor plan.

Safety Requirements

I Machine usage
I Emergency contacts for
issues related to
I Fire and safety guidelines
I Fire Fighting equipment Figure: Sustainability.

Figure: hot dog


Figure: chips

Figure: soda
Quality control

I Consistently checked for

freshness and quality.
I Just ever treated with
proper measures of
allowed pesticides and
I Consistently checked for
levels of microscopic Figure: An assortment of
organisms. vegetables.
Quality control
Domesticated animals

I The ranches of our

suppliers are kept
conscientiously perfect,
sufficiently bright,
ventilated and at
controlled temperature.
I Prepared access to new
water and bolster.
I Feed must be given in a
trough to counteract Figure: Cows.
I Qualified staff do are in
charge of the errands.

Environmentally friendly
I Energy efficient equipment

I Enviro-friendly advertising

I Organic food suppliers

I Sustainable food
Figure: Sustainability.
I Waste management
Unit sales forecast
Income statement
Balance sheet
Cash flow statement
Net Present Value (NPV)
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Payback period
Financial ratios
Viability of project