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The future is NOW.

Corporate eniies serve as a prospect for excepional

The most important single
access of staisics and interacion, giving a real world ingredient in the formula of
experience to the management and personnel as well. success is knowing how to get
Thus, a systemaic approach to managing people has along with people.
become an absolute necessity in these imes of change.

Conquer Infotech India Private Limited, since 2008, has THEODORE ROOSEVELT
risen as a single biggest opportunity to lead posiive
transformaion in your organizaion and address this
rapidly changing need.

At CONQUER, we believe in the power of Quality. The skill is in grasping the clients requisites, crating
and disilling and tailoring and enhancing it to exactly the right strategies and soluions.

The sophistication lies in the system

CONQUER HCM is sotware developed with a suite of programs that translates
organizaional strategies into pracices related to Human Capital Management

The ecacy of our product combines mulifarious HR funcions like payroll,

benets, employee self-service, atendance, recruiing, training, performance
analysis, review, reporing and compliance into one package.

Of course, with advanced service support backed by technical experise and

value addiions to the product from ime to ime, CONQUER HCM goes that
extra mile, making processes and workows easier to comprehend, thereby
lowering costs, reducing administraive ime and empowering the workforce.

The forte of this ultra tool

CONQUER HCM has outstanding features that can be tailor-made to specic requirements:
HCM anyime anywhere
Modular approach
Enhances eciency of the HR Team
Informaive MIS and Dash Board
Congurable business process to suit dierent industry pracices
Easily customizable
360 Degree view of the recruits
The constituents that really matter
Employee Self Services (ESS)

Take control and integrate

- HR Module
Helps in Communicaion, Sharing and Reporing
Eecive Manpower Planning
Recruitment Management
Competency Requirement
Performance Management
Talent Prole Management

Enter the financial irrigative

Payroll Module
Essenial in Planning Time and Tracking Money
Atendance Management
Statutory like PF, E.S.I., IT
Loans and Advances

The nuance of talent management

Employee Self Services (ESS)
Great exibility, control and ease of
Leave Management
Travel Management

Our faith and condence on Conquer for their


services is being reciprocated immensely by Team

Conquer. Our ERP & HCM need for enire group of
companies is being handled well by them. Wishing
them the best
-Vivekanand Balusa, GM, MYJ Group,
The distinctive components of CONQUER HCM
Supports Muli Branch, Muli Users
Congurable Work Flows

Integrates to any Electronic Atendance System We have customized the enire HR
Amalgamates to any ERP (new) processes to suit our internal require-
Security and Rights Management ment, and worked along with
Relaionship and Organizaion Charts Conquer to develop a State of the Art
Customisable messages (SMS), Email Alerts & Graphical Analysis HR Enterprise soluion. We nd their
approach more soluion focused and
Informaive Report Generaion with Import / Export opions
amenable to internal needs, which
are criical for an evolving organiza-
ion. Cost eecive, user-friendly and
The core values are the unseen force
adaptable process. Another interest-
Our commitment to excellence in Quality and to provide global ing feature of this is that you can
soluions that are value for money makes us to relentlessly strive modularly implement dierent HR
for Customer Delight through our dedicated eorts in unison. processes at your space. I wish all
This passion is avidly nurtured at CONQUER. the very best to Conquer.

-Baburaj V Nair, Chief People

Accomplishments accredited! Ocer, RASI Group of Companies
Our customer centric focus has facilitated
many conglomerates and we are inspired by
the uninching trust and faith they have in us.

We have enjoyed the many benets

of using the applicaion as an auto-
mated soluion for onboarding new
No compromises, only promises! hires, and experienced the benets.
Create credibility to the user as well as the -Seema Sridhar, IT Manager,
Company he works for. Premier Explosives Limited (PEL)
Live by our dictum Soluions Unlimited
Success Guaranteed

Are you ready for the new radical change?

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