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Solution to Practice Problems for Force and Work

Type 1 Problems: FORCE AND SPEED

Example1: An airplane has an airspeedQf 500 kilometers per hour bearing N 450 E. The wind velocity is
60 kilometers per hour in the directionS~30 Wo Find the resultant vector representing the path of the
plane relative to the ground. What is the ground speed of the plane? : "
Example 2: A swimmer can maintain a constant speed of 5 miles per hour. If the swimmer heads
directly across a river that has a current moving at the rate of 2 miles per hour, what is the actual speed
of the swimmer? If the river is I mile wide, how far downstream will the swimmer end up from the point
directly across the river from the starting point? -~ "" :.
Example 3: An airplane has an airspeed of 500 kilometers per hour in a northerly direction. The wind
velocity is 60 kilometers per hour in a southeasterly direction. Find the actual speed and direction of the
plane relative to the i~round.. ~ - ~ -i
Example 4: Forces with magnitudes of 125 Newtons and 300 Newtons act on a hook. The angle between
the two forces is 45. Find the direction and mal~nitude of these forces. -... ~ ....

Example 5: Three forces with magnitudes of 75 pounds, 100 pounds, and :~25 pounds act on an object at
angles of 30o, 450, and 1200, respectively, with the .~ositive x-axis. Find the direction and magnitude
of the resultant of these forces. .......

Example 1: A bulldozer exerts 1000 pounds of force to prevent a 5000 pound boulder from rollinl~ down
a hill. Determine the anl~le of inclination of the hill... ,,:,
Example 2: Claude is a parapalel~ic who is wheelchair bound; Claude and the wheelchair tol~ether weil~h
240 pounds. His wife, Audrey, is him up a ramp that is inclined at a |5o anl~le to the horizontal. While
pushinl~ Claude up the ramp, Audrey must came to a complete stop. How many pounds of force must
Audrey exert to hold Claude in position? .~
Example 1: Determine the work done by a person liftinl a 25-kilolram (245-newton) bal of sular 3

Example 2: Determine the work done by a crane lifting a 2400:pound car 5 feet.
Example 3: A heavy implement is pulled 30 feet across a floor, usinl~ a force of 100 pounds. The force is
exerted at an anl~le of 500 above the horizontal. Find the work done. Use the formula for w~ork, W=FD,
where F is the component of the force in the direction of motion and D is the distance. ~ .... .

Example 4: A force of 45-pounds exerted at an angle of 300 above the horizontal is required to slide a
table across a floor. The table is dragged 20 feet. Find the work done in sliding t~~,e table. "

45 Ib

~ "~-------- 20 ft ~

Example 5: One of the events in a local strongman contest is to pull a cement block 100 feet. One
competitor pulls the block by exerting a force of 250 pounds on a rope attached to the block at an angle
of 30o with the horizontal. Find the work done in pulling the block. .

Example 6: Atoy wagonis pulled by exerting a force of 25 pounds on a handle that makes a 200 angle
with the horizontal. Find the work done in pullinl~ the wal~on 50 feet. ....