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God has moved into

! the neighborhood, making his
A very special thank you to Dr. Elizabeth Talbot home with men and women! Theyre
who has favored us this past week with the
inspira9onal series, Salva%on for All. his people, hes their God. Hell
First Reading: Dr. M. Kushinga Bvute from wipe every tear from their eyes.
Chisipite, Harare, Zimbabwe; Rebecca
Christopaul from Azure Hills Church; Rebecca Revelation 3:6 (TM)
Velez from Arlington Church. Milca (Brown)
Cordero to Grand Rapids, MI Spanish Church;
Greg Walls to Custer, SD Adven9st Church.
Star;ng on October 7, a six-week fascina9ng
Reforma9on series will take place during
Sabbath School in LINDA HALL and worship
service in the SANCTUARY. Five hundred years
to serve you
ago, in October, Mar9n Luther launched the JULIO TABUENCA - Senior Pastor
Protestant Reforma9on with the 95 Theses.
Pray the Almighty richly bless the ini9a9ve. !
909.771.4179, juliotabuenca@gmail.com

CRISTIAN IORDAN - Worship & Media

Financial Report as of August 31, 2017
Beginning: ($22,600)
Budget Oering: $61,654
909.553.3996, campushill@gmail.com
Elizabeth Talbot
Budget Expenditures: $56,437
Ending Decit: ($17,383)
SHIPHRAH FEPULEAI - Young Adults & Women
760.224.4404, pastorshiph@gmail.com

VIANA CHAMBERS - Youth & Children,

The Matching Fund ini9a9ve has picked up
steam and we are approaching our goal with
great vigor. May we con9nue to strive together
760.670.6220, campushillkids@gmail.com
to eliminate old accounts and a persis9ng
decit by November 18, 2017. Your generosity
is enormously appreciated.

LOURDES GUDMUNDSSON - Head Elder, 11057 Hill Dr. Loma Linda, CA 92354
On Wednesday this week, from 6:30 to 9p, the
regionally accredited Adven9st colleges and !

JUDI WRIGHT - Administra9ve Assistant,

universi9es in North America will host an
Adven%st Choice College Fair and Financial
909.796.0222 September 23, 2017
Workshop at Loma Linda Academy. Afendees
will hear about the benets and aordability of RITA BENDER - Oce Assistant
Adven9st Chris9an higher educa9on.
Please join our church family for potluck next
Sabbath. Bring a main dish, salad or entree
enough to feed your family and 10 others.
(Green salad, drink and dessert will be
provided). 909.796.0222
Online Oering op;on available: www.campushillchurch.net
www.campushillchurch.net, or click online Monday - Thursday
giving, or download the app eGiving. 9:00AM to 5:00PM
WORSHIP : Holiness in Body and Spirit
! !
Study Time PRELUDE
Blessed Are You, by E. Titicomb!
Angelica Prodan!
! ! !
Voices of Joy!

Theme: The Gospel in Gala;ans

! !
! !
Leader: Marijke Sawyer ! !
CHILDRENS SONG ! God has a Plan!
Teachers: Lourdes Gudmundsson, Karl ! ! Riley & Sidney Curtis!
McCalla, Bashar Fargo, Dorothy Donesky
Rolland Crawford, Tom Gibson
! !
! ! !
Lesson: The Gospel and the Church
! !
OFFERING APPEAL ! Shiphrah Fepuleai!
Memory Text: So then, as we have
! !
opportunity, let us do good to everyone and
especially to those who are of the
! !
OFFERTORY ! Lily, Natalie & Caleb Baptist!
household of faith. (Gala>ans 6:10, ESV).
! !
Todays Pianists: ! !
SCRIPTURE READING ! Revelation 21:3-7!
Sharmel Weerasinghe, Don Benedicto
! ! Michelle Saucedo!
! !
SPECIAL MUSIC ! Barry Johnson!
! !!
MESSAGE A New Song: Salvation for All
! ! Elizabeth Talbot
! !!
CLOSING HYMN Go My Children, with My Blessing!
! !
Voices of Joy!
! !
POSTLUDE ! Sortie, by E. Gigout!
! Angelica Prodan