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Assignment I
Q1. Write microwave frequency band and its applications.
Q2. Write the expressions for cut off frequency, phase constant, group velocity, phase velocity and wave
impedance in a rectangular wave guide.
Q3. A rectangular wave guide is filled by dielectric material of _r= 9 and has dimensions of 7 3.5 cm. It
operates in the dominant TE mode.
i. Determine the cut off frequency.
ii. Find the phase velocity in the guide at a frequency of 2 GHz.
iii. Find the guided wave length at 2 GHz.
Q4. A rectangular wave guide with dimension of 3 2 cm operates in the TM11 mode at 10 GHz.
Determine the characteristic wave impedance.
Q5. What is Dominant mode? What are the advantages of dominant mode propagation?
Q6. Why TEM, TM01 and TM10 modes in a rectangular wave-guide do not exist. Explain
Q7. Why Magic Tee is so called Magic tee? Explain
Q8. Draw E - plane Tee diagram and state its properties.
Q9. Explain the operation of a directional coupler with the help of a sketch, showing the field lines at the
Q10. A 20 dB coupler has a directivity of 30 dB. Calculate the value of isolation.
Q11. State the properties of E plane Tee and H plane Tee.
Q12. Explain The following
a) Wave guide Irises
b) Difference between Magic tee and Rat Race hybrid
Q13. What is scattering matrix? Explain the significance of S matrix.
Q14. Explain the principle of ferrite phase shifter.
Q15. Explain the Properties of S matrix
Q16. What are isolators? Explain its principle of operation.
Q17. What are circulators? Explain its working.
Q18. Show that a symmetrical magic Tee is a 3dB directional coupler.
Q19. What is Faraday rotation? Explain how a three port circulator operates.
Q20. Draw setup of Microwave test bench using in your lab.