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[MUSIC] Hello, welcome to this course on

studying at Japanese universities, offered by the University of Tokyo. My name is

Yuko Itatsu, Im an Associate
Professor at the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo and >> My
name is Yujin Yaguchi,
Im a professor at the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo,
welcome. >> Thank you very much for
joining us today. So, Yujin would you like to talk a little
bit about the purpose of this course? >> Sure, the purpose of this course is
to familiarize students were who are interested in staying studying in Japanese
universities. We will be discussing and
covering various programs in Japan, including English-medium degree programs, a
Japanese-medium degree programs,
and exchange programs. The course should be interesting for
students who are also intending to pursue advanced degrees here
in Japan such as MA and PhD. >> So, what should our students
expect from this course? >> We will be learning about
Japanese universities in general. The kind of curriculum offered
in Japanese schools, differences among Japanese universities because
there are many schools here in Japan. Application procedure,
things that students should be aware of. And most importantly you will
be meeting with actual students, international students who
are studying in Japan. They will be offering you with the first
handfirst-hand knowledge of what it's like and how it's like to be studying here.
>> So, both Yujin and I have been international students in
the past and we both understand very well the challenges as well as the rewards
of being an international student. So, we're very happy that
you're considering an experience overseas to do your studying. We hope you find
this course helpful. >> Enjoy.