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Foundation Lesson 13

What Is The Gift Of The Word Of Wisdom?

For to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit. - 1 Corinthians 12:8

Over the next few lessons we will be looking at the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, so we have a better
understanding of them, how they work and how we can from them benefit as a body. By the end of
the lessons we want to be driven to pray to ask for the gifts because we are missing out on so much.
Some of the gifts may use the same Scriptures in acting them out but each gift has its own working.
Please study them again and again we want the Holy Spirit to pour out the fullness of the gifts so we
can serve the Lord better and each other and be a better testimony to the lost.

What is the word of wisdom

The word of wisdom is a gift given by the Holy Spirit for use in a time a need when wisdom is
needed. This gift of the word of wisdom is not the same as normal wisdom, this gift of wisdom
comes upon someone at a special time when needed. This does not mean the person who has this
gift will have this gift to use all the time, it's only in use when under control by the Holy Spirit.

Also the word of wisdom is not knowledge, for many clever people know a lot of things but lack
wisdom and do stupid things. A man does not need to be clever to have the gift of the word of
wisdom, God does not look at the outward appearance but the heart of a man 1 Samuel 16:7.

Ways in which the word of wisdom can be used

The Holy Spirit will give you the right things to say at the right time, because this wisdom is direct
from God it cannot be argued with, people will see sense. It could be that there is a division in the
church, the word of wisdom will stop the division as it will be so wise it cannot be argued with. Or
there could be someone he is going through something very hard, like an illness or losing someone
or frightened for their lives. The word of wisdom will give that person a way to deal with the
matters they are going through. Their could even be a argument between to Christians the word of
wisdom will stop it.

The Word of Wisdom In Scripture

King Solomon was Given wisdom by God 1 Kings 3:11-12, in 1 Kings 3:16-28 we have the story
of when the two women were arguing who was the mother of this child, when Solomon said cut the
baby in half and give them half each, the true mother was known because of her feelings for the
child, the other woman said do it, that is a a gift of wisdom.

Also when Jesus was asked if it was right to pay taxes to Caesar Matthew 22:16-22, the Pharisees
disciples and the Herodians were trying to put Jesus into a place where the answer He would give
would put Him in a bad light, if he said no Rome would be after Him, if He said yes the Jews would
reject Him. But the answer Jesus gave Matthew 22:21, left them amazed Matthew 22:22, such was
the word of wisdom that they could not argue with but just looked amazed in the answer in what
they had been given.

We also know that in the Great Tribulation, when some are brought in front councils and
synagogues the Holy Spirt will give them what to speak and they wont be able to answer them
Mark 13:9-11.
Foundation Lesson 13


1) Read Ecclesiastes 10:12. Here it says the words of the wise is gracious. It is true that those who
have the gift of the word of wisdom when the Spirit gives them what to say their words are
gracious. Do you want the gift of the word of wisdom? If so ask yourself why? Is it to look good in
front of others? Or do you want the gift to serve your brothers and sisters in Christ? Seek the Lord
and see if this is the best gift for you to be in service to Him and your brothers and sisters in Christ.
Ask your Pastor for help and to pray with you.

2) Read Proverbs 9:10. Do you have a fear of the Lord? Does it bother you if you sin knowing that
the Lord sees all that you do? If not you lack wisdom because one who fears the Lord has it, those
who know the Lord is watching will stop and want to please an serve the Lord. If you have a pet sin
you cant get rid of, or going back to a sin go to your pastor and he will help you and pray with you.

Things to do

Memory verse Proverbs 9:10

seek the Lord and ask for wisdom