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He tells his girlfriend that he

loves her, but he never
actually does anything nice for
her. Someone should teach
him that actions speak louder
than words.
2. I wanted to intervene when
they were yelling at each
other, but that would have just
added fuel to the fire.
3. I kept trying to steer the
conversation back to his
alibi, but he wouldnt stop
beating around the bush,
bringing up things totally
4. It was raining so hard that our cab
was late, and we were late to our
reservation at the restaurant. Turns
out everyone who ate there that night
got food poisoning. I guess the bad
weather was a blessing in disguise!
5. Is tonight your
big performance?
Break a leg!
In sentence number 1 the underlined expression means that the action
can make her girlfriend feel that he truly loves her more than just
saying it

It means that the speaker is having second thought because he is

thinking that he might just add tension to the argument

it means that the one spoken to is going back to the non sense topic
again and again.

it means that it is a blessing for them because they did not get poison
with the food in that restaurant.

it means, Do your best.

Idioms are phrases which people use in
everyday language which do not make
sense literally but we understand what they
- It is an expression that cannot be defined from
the meanings of its words but has a separate
meaning of its own.
Read the following sentences and fill in the
blanks with the correct idioms through
analyzing the given meaning

Cat nap a short sleep cats got ones tongue shyness

Apple of the eye center of attention keeps the pot boiling- avoid
Far cry from - very different from.
1. Although Allen and Allan are twins, Allen is
____________ Allan.
2. He has been jobless for several months, and it is his wife
who _____________.
3. Mark is our younger brother. He is the ____________ in
our family.
4. I will get a ___________ at the back stage just wake me
up if its my turn.
5. It looks like the __________, Lucy. Are you always this