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Alluring: an alluring smile

Engaging: she smiled engagingly.

Enticing: The offer was too enticing to refuse.
An enticing smell came from the kitchen.
The idea of two weeks in the sun sounds very enticing.
Appetizing: the appetizing aroma of sizzling bacon
The meals he cooked were always nourishing but never particularly appetizing.
OPPOSITE unappetizing. see here: delectable, palatable, edifying, juicy,
Intriguing: These discoveries raise intriguing questions.
an intriguing possibility
He found her intriguing.
It all sounds very intriguing.
Inviting: SYNONYM attractive
an inviting smell
The water looks really inviting.
The house, with its boarded-up windows, was hardly inviting.
Irresistable: an irresistible bargain
On such a hot day, the water was irresistible (= it made you want to swim in it).
irresistible to somebody The bright colours were irresistible to the baby.
Winning: a winning smile
Winsome: SYNONYM engaging
a winsome smile
Enchanting: SYNONYM delightful
an enchanting view
Mesmeric: SYNONYM hypnotic
She gave a mesmeric performance.
I was jealous of the mesmeric effect that she seemed to have on men.
Delightful: SYNONYM charming
a delightful book/restaurant/town
a delightful child
It was a delightful little fishing village.
Delightfully: SYNONYM charmingly
The hotel is delightfully situated on the edge of the lake.
Charming: The cottage is tiny, but it's charming.
She's a charming person.
What a charming name.
Dashing: his dashing red waistcoat
Darling(adj): My darling daughter.
Darling Henry, the letter began.
Attractive(2): a big house with an attractive garden
Your new glasses are very attractive.
Antique furniture is used to make an attractive contrast with a modern setting.
Attractive: SYNONYM appealing
an attractive offer/proposition
They are able to offer attractive career opportunities to graduates.
OPPOSITE unattractive
Delectable: his delectable body
Steves latest girlfriend, the delectable Tara.
See here: palatable.
Bonny: a bonny baby/lass
Likeable: a very likeable man
Shes warm, friendly and likeable.
Endearing: SYNONYM lovable
an endearing habit
Hannah found him rather endearing.
His clumsiness is what makes him so endearing.
She has some very endearing qualities.
I like his honesty. Its one of his most endearing qualities.
See: abhorrant, alienate,
Adorable: What an adorable child!
Isnt he just adorable?
Sweet: SYNONYM cute
His sister's a sweet young thing.
You look sweet in this photograph.
We stayed in a sweet little hotel on the seafront.
Striking: SYNONYM stunning
striking good looks
She was undoubtedly a very striking young woman.
Gorgeous: SYNONYM lovely
a gorgeous girl/man
a gorgeous view
gorgeous weather (= warm and with a lot of sun)
You look gorgeous!
It was absolutely gorgeous.
Presentable: I must go and make myself presentable before the guests arrive.
Ive got nothing presentable to wear.
She was not exactly good-looking, but perfectly presentable.
Attractive(1): an attractive woman
I like John but I don't find him attractive physically.
Nice-looking: What a nice-looking young man!
Nice: a nice day/smile/place
nice weather
Did you have a nice time?
You look very nice.
Do you want to come, too? Yes, that would be nice.
The nicest thing about her is that she never criticizes us.
nice (to do something) Nice to meet you! (= a friendly greeting when you meet
somebody for the first time)
nice (doing something) It's been nice meeting you.
nice (that) It's nice that you can come with us.
It would be nice if he moved to London.
We all had the flu last weekit wasn't very nice.
It's nice to know that somebody appreciates what I do.
Nicely: The room was nicely furnished.
The plants are coming along nicely (= growing well).
Fine(5): a fine view
a fine-looking woman
a fine figure of a man
Pleasurable: SYNONYM enjoyable
a pleasurable experience
We do everything we can to make your trip pleasurable.
Clean(11): The wine has a clean taste and a lovely golden colour.
COMPARE unclean
Fresh(4): a toothpaste that leaves a nice fresh taste in your mouth
Let's go and get some fresh air (= go outside where the air is cooler).
Her hair smelled fresh and newly washed.
Freshen: The walls need freshening up with white paint.
The rain had freshened the air.
Using a mouthwash freshens the breath.
Freshener: air freshener
a breath freshener
Rejuvenate: His new job seemed to rejuvenate him.
special creams to rejuvenate the skin
Enchant: SYNONYM delight
The happy family scene had enchanted him.
The play continued to enchant all who watched it.
Charm(v): He was charmed by her beauty and wit.
Her words had lost their power to charm.
Hypnotize: SYNONYM mesmerize
He was hypnotized by her beauty.
She gazed down into the ocean, hypnotized by the swirling tide.
Mesmerize: SYNONYM fascinate
They were mesmerized by her performance.
Intrigue: The idea intrigued her.
You've really intrigued metell me more!
There was something about him that intrigued her.
Beguile: He was beguiled by her beauty.
The tapestries continue to beguile all those who visit the cathedral.
Speak to sth: The story spoke to him directly.
It's a design that speaks to the senses.
Beckon(2): The clear blue sea beckoned.
beckon somebody The prospect of a month without work was beckoning her.
Appeal(v2): The prospect of a long wait in the rain did not appeal.
appeal to somebody The design has to appeal to all ages and social groups.
Fascinate: China/ that question has always fascinated me since I was a boy, private
lives of rich people never fail to fascinate.
Fascinated: I've always been fascinated by his ideas, they were fascinated to see/
learn how it works.
Fascinating: it's fascinating to see how different people approach the problem, I
fail to see what women find so fascinating about him, a fascinating reading/
glimpse into wild life, what was endlessly fascinating to me is the way it moved.
Fascination(2): the girls listened in fascination, the public's enduring
fascination for the royal family.
Lure(n,2): few can resist the lure of adventure.
Sweetness: a smile of great sweetness
He was attracted to her sweetness and innocence.

Prepossessing: SYNONYM appealing

He was not a prepossessing sight.
COMPARE unprepossessing
Unprepossessing X prepossessing.
Not much to look at
Unlovely: an unlovely building
Elibible(2): an eligible man/ woman. see: desirable.

Attract(2): The warm damp air attracts a lot of mosquitoes.

The exhibition has attracted thousands of visitors.
Gravitate: Many young people gravitate to the cities in search of work. see here:
Magnetize: Cities have a powerful magnetizing effect on young people.
Draw(7): draw somebody The movie is drawing large audiences.
The course draws students from all over the country.
draw somebody to something Her screams drew passers-by to the scene.
Drawing/ pulling power.
Go for sth: she goes for slim men, he doesn't go for modern arts.
Opposites attract.
Bring sth in: We need to bring in a lot more new business.
Courtship(3): the companys courtship by the government
Put/ lay/ roll etc out the welcome mat for sb: The county has put out the welcome
mat for international investors.
Pull(12): They pulled in huge crowds on their latest tour. see: pack sth out.
Pique sbs interest/ curiosity etc. search this. for more.

Magnet(2): In the 1990s the area became a magnet for new investment.
The scent of flowers acts as a magnet to bees.
Babe magnet: Bob's such a babe magnet.
A sports car like that is a complete babe magnet. see: mojo
Attractant: this type of trap use no bait or other attractants.
Draw(n6):SYNONYM attraction
She is currently one of the biggest draws on the Irish music scene.
Attraction(2): Buckingham Palace is a major tourist attraction.
The main attraction at Giverny is Monet's garden.
Attractions at the fair include a mini-circus, clowns, dancers and a jazz band.

Attention(2): Films with big stars always attract great attention.

As the youngest child, she was always the centre of attention.
Interest(n2): There are many places of interest near the city.
The subject is of no interest to me at all. see: leave sb cold.
These plants will add interest to your garden in winter.
These documents are of great historical interest.
to be of cultural/scientific interest
This museum holds particular interest for geologists.
SEE ALSO human interest, love interest
Appeal(n2): mass/wide/popular appeal
The Beatles have never really lost their appeal.
The prospect of living in a city holds little appeal for me.
SEE ALSO sex appeal
Fascination(1): London holds a fascination for most people, the fascination of the
game lies in trying to find out what your opponent is thinking of.
Attraction(3): I can't see the attraction of sitting on a beach all day.
City life holds little attraction for me.
She is the star attraction of the show.
And theres the added attraction of free champagne on all flights. see: added
incentive/ piquancy.
Spell(n4): SYNONYM charm
I completely fell under her spell.
It was a magic night until the spell was broken.
Since last century the spell of the pyramids has drawn tourists to Egypt.
Charm: a man of great charm
The hotel is full of charm and character.
Charm(2): her physical charms (= her beauty)
Punch(n2): It's a well-constructed crime story, told with speed and punch.
Magic: SYNONYM enchantment
dance and music which capture the magic of India
He loved the magic and mystery of the place.
Like all truly charismatic people, he can work his magic on both men and women.
Our year in Italy was pure/sheer magic.
Hes returning to the team this season, hoping that the old magic can be made to
work once more.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Attraction(1): She felt an immediate attraction for him.

Sexual attraction is a large part of falling in love.
They felt a strong mutual attraction.
Pull(n3): The magnetic pull of the city was hard to resist.
He felt the pull of paternal love.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Palatable: Some of the dialogue has been changed to make it more palatable to an
American audience.
OPPOSITE unpalatable
Presentable(2): You're going to have to do a lot more work on this essay before
it's presentable.
Preferable: preferable (to something) Anything was preferable to the tense
atmosphere at home.
preferable (to doing something) He finds country life infinitely preferable to
living in the city.
preferable (to do something) It would be preferable to employ two people, not one.
Sweeten(3): The fall in inflation did little to sweeten news of massive job

Snappy: a snappy outfit

She's a snappy dresser.
Colourful: a colourful history/past/career
one of the books most colourful characters
Juicy(2): juicy gossip
She told me all the juicy details.
Juicy(3): juicy prize.

Goody(2): We're giving away lots of free goodiesT-shirts, hats and DVDs! see:
Charmer. see: snake charmer.

Unconcerned: Young people are often unconcerned with political issues. see:
OPPOSITE concerned
Indifference: his total indifference to what people thought of him
What she said is a matter of complete indifference to me.
Their father treated them with indifference.
an indifference to the needs of others
Unconcern: SYNONYM indifference
She received the news with apparent unconcern.
Uninterested: He was totally uninterested in sport.
She seemed cold and uninterested.
She was completely uninterested in her sisters career.
They were totally uninterested in politics.
Unmotivated: unmotivated students
Offhand: How can you be so offhand about something so important?
She was trying hard to sound offhand.
Yes, of course, she replied in an offhand manner.
He was struck by the womans offhand tone.
He was surprisingly offhand with me.
She seemed offhand about the danger involved.
See: care: im not bothered by what he thinks.
See: energy: disinterested.

Underwhelmed: we were all distinctly underwhelmed by/ with the director speech,
Unimpressed: the audience looked unimpressed.
Leave sb cold: Most modern art leaves me cold. search: modern art in: preference.
see: switch off
See: enthusiasm: disenchatment.

Concerned(2): They were more concerned with how the other women had dressed than
with what the speaker was saying.
OPPOSITE unconcerned
Interested: interested (in something/somebody) I'm very interested in history.
interested (in doing something) Anyone interested in joining the club should
contact us at the address below.
interested (to do something) We would be interested to hear your views on this
an interested audience
She was watching with a politely interested expression on her face.
There's a talk on Italian artare you interested (= would you like to go)?
He sounded genuinely interested.
Intrigued: He was intrigued by her story.
intrigued to do something I'm intrigued to know what you thought of the movie.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Uninteresting: It was an uninteresting book on genealogy.

The food was dull and uninteresting.
Uninspiring: The view from the window was uninspiring.
The men were their usual uninspiring selves.
The new king was a dull, uninspiring figure.
Unglamorous: an unglamorous job
Lunch was a decidedly unglamorous affair.
Unedifying: the unedifying sight of the two party leaders screeching at each other
COMPARE edifying

Bland: SYNONYM nondescript

bland background music
Banality: the banality of modern city life
They exchanged banalities for a couple of minutes.
Unflattering: an unflattering dress
unflattering comments
OPPOSITE flattering
Turn-off: The city's crime rate is a serious turn-off to potential investors.
I find beards a real turn-off.
Turn-on: He finds leather a real turn-on.
Uninviting: The water looked cold and uninviting.
OPPOSITE inviting
Unattractive: an unattractive brown colour
Unattractive(2): one of the unattractive aspects of the free market economy
Unappealing: The room was painted in an unappealing shade of brown.
The prospect of studying for another five years was distinctly unappealing.
The idea of hiring a wedding dress is unappealing to many brides.
Uncool: My kids tell me my hairstyle is really uncool.
See: impression: grey, jejune, dry etc.

Soulless: SYNONYM depressing

They live in soulless concrete blocks. see: austere, bleak at: current condition.
see: clinical
Charmless: a charmless industrial town
Grim(3): The house looked grim and dreary in the rain.
the grim walls of the prison
Dour: The city, drab and dour by day, is transformed at night.
The game proved to be a dour struggle, with both men determined to win.
Unwelcoming: She went back to her cold unwelcoming house.
Unforgiving: The island is an unforgiving place in winter. see: harsh conditions.
Rebarbative= objectionable.
Unpleasant: SYNONYM disagreeable
an unpleasant experience
The minerals in the water made it unpleasant to drink.
Unenviable: She was given the unenviable task of informing the losers.
Persona non grata
Unwelcome: an unwelcome visitor
To avoid attracting unwelcome attention he kept his voice down.
OPPOSITE welcome
Unwanted: unwanted advice
unwanted pregnancies
It is very sad when children feel unwanted (= feel that other people do not care
about them). see: unloved.
Undesirable: undesirable consequences/effects
It would be highly undesirable to increase class sizes further.
prostitution and other undesirable practices
These alternatives are economically undesirable.
OPPOSITE desirable
Unpalatable: SYNONYM distasteful
Only then did I learn the unpalatable truth
Brash: It was real gold but it still looked brash and cheap.
Naff: There was a naff band playing.

Favor(v3): The warm climate favours many types of tropical plants.

Hothouse: In the hothouse atmosphere of college there are plenty of opportunities
for falling in love. hotbed, hunting ground, cesspit, hotspot, bastion
Congenial(2): a congenial working environment
His studies in Leiden proved congenial to him.
Hospotable(2): a hospitable climate
OPPOSITE inhospitable
Nourishing: The environment was nourishing to the young girls developing
personality. see: conducive
Pleasant: a pleasant climate/evening/place
What a pleasant surprise!
to live in pleasant surroundings
music that is pleasant to the ear
a pleasant environment to work in
It was pleasant to be alone again.

Worth its salt.
Obeisance: to make/pay obeisance to somebody
The general commands absolute obeisance.
Touch/ tug your forelock to sb
Look up to sb
Genuflect: ~ to sb. see: bow to sb.
Personality cult.
Hero worship.
Hero-worship(v): He hero-worships his elder brother.
Idolize: SYNONYM worship
a pop star idolized by millions of fans
They idolize their kids.
Young children often idolize their parents. see: role model.
Venerate: SYNONYM revere
The monk was subsequently venerated as a saint.
a leader venerated by generations of revolutionaries
Revere: SYNONYM idolize
Her name is revered in Spain.
He is now revered as a national hero.

Stock(10): Their stock is high/low.

Reverence: The poem conveys his deep reverence for nature.
Adoration: He gazed at her with pure adoration.
The painting is called Adoration of the Infant Christ.
Idolatry: football fans whose support for their team borders on idolatry
See: adulation: The band enjoy the adulation of their fans wherever they go.
Esteem(n): She is held in high esteem by her colleagues.
Over the years, he has earned our affection and esteem.
Please accept this small gift as a token of our esteem.
SEE ALSO self-esteem
Regard(n2): He held her in high regard (= had a good opinion of her).
regard for somebody/something I had great regard for his abilities.
Children no longer have proper regard for their parents and teachers.
Awe: awe and respect
awe and wonder
He speaks of her with awe.
It's magnificent, she whispered in awe.
Awe(v): She seemed awed by the presence of so many famous people.

Esteem(v): a highly esteemed scientist

Many of these qualities are esteemed by managers.
He was esteemed as a dedicated and imaginative scholar.
This rose is esteemed among connoisseurs for its colour and scent.
Admire: admire somebody/something I really admire your enthusiasm.
You have to admire the way he handled the situation.
admire somebody/something for something The school is widely admired for its
excellent teaching.
admire somebody for doing something I don't agree with her, but I admire her for
sticking to her principles.
Be/ stand in awe of sth: While Diana was in awe of her grandfather, she adored her
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Sacrosanct: SYNONYM sacred

I'll work till late in the evening, but my weekends are sacrosanct. see: redline,
Hallowed: SYNONYM sacred
one of the theatres most hallowed traditions
Honorific: an honorific title
Honorary: an honorary doctorate/degree

God(3): To her fans she's a god.

Godess: a screen goddess (= a female film/movie star)
Fine(11): He was a fine man.
Father figure: Adam looked up to Bill as a father figure.
Mother figure
Sit at sbs feet.

Fan: movie fans

crowds of football fans
a big fan of Rihanna
fan mail (= letters from fans to the person they admire)
Votary: a votary of John Keats. see: worship, married, wedded.

Infatuation: It isn't love, it's just a passing infatuation.

My infatuation with her continued to grow.
the current infatuation with popular culture, see: passing interest.
See: preference: dabble, flirt with, come along for the ride
See: want: whim.
See: time: excursion etc.
See: relation: puppy love.

Follower(3): She is a leader, not a follower.

In honour of sb | in sbs honour. a ceremony in honour of those killed in the

A banquet was held in her honour.
Honor(1): the guest of honour (= the most important one)
the seat/place of honour (= given to the most important guest)
They stood in silence as a mark of honour to her. see: as a mark of respect.
SEE ALSO maid of honour, matron of honour
Respect(1): I have the greatest respect for your brother.
A two-minute silence was held as a mark of respect.
A deep mutual respect and understanding developed between them.
It was very interesting. Respect! (= used to praise somebody)
Respect(2): to show a lack of respect for authority
He has no respect for her feelings.
Everyone has a right to be treated with respect.
They instilled in their children a respect for Welsh tradition and culture.
OPPOSITE disrespect

Respectful: The onlookers stood at a respectful distance.

We were brought up to be respectful of authority.
OPPOSITE disrespectful
Reverent: SYNONYM respectful
His voice was hushed, almost reverent.
Reverential: His name was always mentioned in almost reverential tones.
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Trifle with sth: He is not a person to be trifled with.

You should not trifle with someones affection.

Well-thought of: Their family has always been well thought of around here.
Prestigious: a prestigious award
a prestigious university
the citys most prestigious and exclusive hotel
Prestige(adj): a prestige job
Estimable: I would never doubt the worthy intentions of that estimable gentleman.
Venerable: a venerable old man
a venerable institution
Reputable: SYNONYM respected
a reputable dealer/company/supplier
COMPARE disreputable
Creditable, credible.

August: an august group of statesmen

He had dared to challenge the views of an august body of imperial historians. see
this and more at Impression.
Be the envy of sth: British television is the envy of the world.
SEE ALSO enviable, envious
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Stature: an actress of considerable stature

The orchestra has grown in stature. see: pigmy.
Exalted: She was the only woman to rise to such an exalted position.
You're moving in very exalted circles!
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 9th edition Oxford University Press, 2015

Salute: SYNONYM acknowledge

The players saluted the fans before leaving the field.
The president saluted the courage of those who had fought for their country.
Salute(n): He raised his hat as a friendly salute.
His first words were a salute to the people of South Africa.
They all raised their glasses in salute.
The occasion was organized as a salute to a century of change.

Status: low status jobs

to have a high social status
Women are only asking to be given equal status with men.
She achieved celebrity status overnight.
See: this at: social condition.
Cachet: SYNONYM prestige
No other brand name has quite the same cachet.
the cachet of the elegant Right Bank hotel
Kudos: SYNONYM prestige
the kudos of playing for such a famous team
Employees enjoy the kudos that the job brings as much as the financial rewards.
Special kudos goes to Patrick Stewart for his role as the captain.
There was considerable kudos attached to being on the advisory board.
You have to give her kudos for keeping it secret.
Prestige: SYNONYM status
personal prestige
There is a lot of prestige attached to owning a car like this.
jobs with low prestige
Doctors have suffered a loss of prestige following a spate of scandals.
Lavish hospitality allows the host to gain prestige.
Owning landed property confers prestige.
The couples prestige was damaged by the allegations.
The post carried great prestige within the police force.
Wearing designer clothes is a matter of personal prestige for many teenagers.
Winning the prize carries immense prestige.
an international company that enjoys immense prestige
the partys prestige among the public
Her contract was not renewed, which meant a loss of money and prestige.
The first prize is the prestige of having your painting exhibited at a top London
The jobs are accorded different levels of prestige.
These games are seen by many as a means of winning status and prestige among their

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