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Pavichaya Sirikayon

Professor J Rodrick
English 115
20 September 2017

Citation 1: (Article on Website)

Author: King Edward Medical University
Title of the article/Title of website: Use of Social Median Tool WhatsApp in
Medical Education
Date Accessed: Jan-Mar 2017
Base on this article, what the result of the survey of student od medical
school uses a social media to learn medicine. This research totally shows the
result of WhatsApp when they use to communicate about their lecture by
dividing them in a male and female group. Then, students have to give their
feedback the researcher after 10 lecture. The results come with the good
feedback that they use a social media to study, only a few people dont familiar
with it. Another source is students do not use only WhatsApp; they also use
another app such as Facebook. Social media has an important role for the most
of the students. They can use it every day every time and everywhere.

Citation 2: (Article on Website)

Author: EDAM
Title of the article/Title of website: Determining Open Education Related Social
Media Usage Trends in Turkey Using a Holistic Social Network Analysis URL:
Date Accessed: May 5, 2017
This research is focused on a social network that put into a group of
people and they did it in Turkey. They are talking about how the social network
is popular and comfortable to use. There are many kinds of social network and
it helps the student to do their work. They can find some resources in picture
audio or even video. Moreover, there have a lot of application to help then
connect to each other such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more.
Additionally, researchers also do the research about Facebook and find many
benefit from it. For example, we can make the group on a page and connect to
each other. We can create a page and promote a commercial. The researchers
found that Facebook can help them succeed in their academic. These show that
social media are very useful and make our life better.

Citation 3: (Article on Website)

Author: Samson Baranga
Title of article: WhatsApp, Facebook Win Cash, for Vacists
Date Accessed: July 29, 2015
From this article, author talk about the effect of the internet can be in the
good or bad way. Social media has an important role today. They explore with
students from 36 school and get some debate result from them. Author find out
that social media has benefited more that penalty but its penalty come with the
strong and worst result which is cyberbullying. However, even though social
network still has a dark side, but there are pretty useful. It feels like with one
sentence on the article said, you cannot do business without social media. It's a
trend that seeks to address the needs of society and engage the community as
part of the future." paragraph 4. His quote is right that social media become one
of our life and we need to use them every day everywhere.