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Job Description

Job Title: Trainee HR Officer

Department: Human Resources
Grade: To be confirmed
Salary: Depends on grade but starting from 17, 026 per annum
Responsible To: Reward Manager/HR Manager

Job Summary And To assist the Reward Manager and the HR Managers in a
Purpose: general HR capacity; to assist in specific projects which
support and inform the HR and University Strategy; to assist in
the implementation of HR policies and procedures necessary
to recruit and retain outstanding staff and undertake generalist
HR work on a day to day basis, guided by the Reward
Manager/HR Managers.

Key Responsibilities : Essential Duties and Responsibilities might typically include

the following but other duties and responsibilities may be

1. Assist in specific project work as directed by the Director of

Human Resources in support of the Universitys HR Strategy.

2. Support the recruitment, selection, appointment and

development of all categories of staff.

3. Provide professional advice and guidance, within their level

of competence, on aspects of HR to university managers and
staff e.g. on employment, development, interpretation and
application of legislative and statutory requirements,
contractual issues, discipline and grievance, etc.

4. Provide advice and support to managers, within their level of

competence, on aspects of the Universitys reward strategies,
policies and procedures including the legal implications of
management decisions regarding these issues.

5. Participate in the wider HR team providing input and support

to other professional areas as and when required.

6. Assist in the implementation, ongoing operation, and further

development of job evaluation, regrading and appeals

7. Maintains a current awareness of current organisational

occupational data; compiles person specifications, job
descriptions and organisation/flow charts, and other
background information as required for management
information purposes.

8. Such other duties as may be determined by the Director of

HR from time to time.
These responsibilities will be achieved through: -

An understanding of the University, its people, current issues

and needs

An ability to communicate effectively with people throughout

the organisation

A willingness to take action and initiate solutions to problems

both new and old

Attaining recognition and respect from others and be seen as

an expert on individual specialisms

Ability to reason, and thus satisfactorily resolve, conflicting or

ambiguous requirements

Ability to provide effective coaching and advice to others both

internal to Human Resources and externally throughout the

Effective representation of the Human Resource function to

all staff.

Key to table

Crit - (E)ssential / (D)esirable Criteria measured through the following:

App Docs CV, covering letter and additional information
Int Interview
Pres / Exer Presentation/Exercise