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1. List the characteristics of software projects.

2. What is contract management?

3. Difference between contract management and technical project management.
4. What do you mean by project breakdown structure?
5. What are the steps involved in identification of project scope and objectives?
6. Give an outline of step wise planning activities for a project with neat
7. Explain with an example how critical path can be identified in precedence
8. Discus the network model represented by the CPM network.
6. How to formulate a network model in projects?
7. Describe with an example how the effect of risk on project schedule is
evaluated using PERT.
8. Explain the function point estimation method with an example.
9. (a)Compare and contrast the project evaluation and review technique (PERT)
with the critical path method (CPM).
(b) Using the information in Table 1, assuming that the project team will work
a standard working week (5 working days in 1 week) and that all tasks will start
as soon as possible:
Task Description Duration (Working Days) Predecessor/s
A Requirement Analysis 5 -
B Systems Design 15 A
C Programming 25 B
D telecoms 15 B
E Hardware Installation 30 B
F Integration 10 C, D
G System Testing 10 E, F
H Training/Support 5 G
I Handover and Go-Live 5 H
(i) Determine the critical path of the project
(ii) Calculate the planned duration of the project in weeks
(iii) Identify any non-critical tasks and the float (free slack) on each.

Hint: The critical path runs through Tasks, A, B, C, F, G, H and I.

The sum of the critical task durations is 75 days - therefore the planned duration
of the project is 15 weeks.
Task D is non-critical with 10 days (2 weeks) float Task E is non-critical with 5
days (1 week) float Award 1 mark for identifying each task and 1 mark for the
correct calculation of float in each case.

10. A project was estimated at 352 Function points. A four person team will be
assigned to this project consisting of an architect, two programmers, and a
tester. The burdened labor rate of the architect is $8,000 per month, the
programmers $6,000 and the tester $5,000. The average productivity for the
team is 8 FP per person month. Which of the following represents the projected
cost of the project?
Hint: No of function points team can complete in one month=(4 people X 8 FPs)=32

Calculate number of months=total Function points/32=11

Cost per month=1(architect)*8000+2(programmer)*6000+1(tester)*5000=$25000

Total cost=25000*11=$275000

11. Given the following optimistic, likely, and pessimistic lines of code, what is
the approximate estimated lines of code for the control center?
Major Software Functions Optimistic Most Likely Pessimistic

Interface with sensors and user 1,500 2,300 3,100

Control center 3,800 5,200 7,200

Alarm activation 4,600 6,900 8,600


Optimistic + 4(Likely) + Pessimistic=5300

12. Discuss the tools and techniques that project managers can use to ensure knowledge and
lessons learned from previous projects are not lost, and can be shared for the benefit of future