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sora Uo Teil. slo pss Qatar General Electricity Water Corporation Technical Affairs - Electricity Projects Department DESIGN MODIFICATION REQUEST CONTRACT NO.: ....643A/2014 CONTRACTOR: ....Siemens WL FCR No : FCR-COM-01-0002 CONSULTANT: .....Energoprojekt Date: 16/06/2016 ‘SUBSTATION NAME: .....Common MODIFICATION REQUESTED BY: ........ Siemens WLL SIGNATURE: Details of Requested Modification: Panels (LCC, RP, LVAC, LVDC, UPS, Battery Charger, ACCP) fixing details are revised based on actual requirements. ‘Affected drawings 1. PH12-3A-12-01-0015 - Building Basic Building Cutout Details (ZS) 2. PH12-3A-25-01-0015 - Building Basic Building Cutout Details (ATC) 3. PH12-34-32-01-00'5 - Building Basic Building Cutout Details (Wakrah South) 4. PH12-3A-34-01-0018 - Buliding Basic Building Cutout Details (Khalifat-2) 5. PH12-3A-91-01-0015 - Building Basic Building Cutout Details (Umm Al Saneem) Received BY! cnn Requested By: SEVAN JAEIC ° STUER Z Contractor Signature: Originator Signature: ... LE Remart Availability of Modified Drawings / Documents at site: Ml Yes [] No Note: Modification drawing is enclosed to this FCR Contractor KAHRAMAA Modification Done & Checked By: Modification Verified & Tested By: Name: so a Consultant: Signature: Name: 1 Signature: ' jnresticied Tears Issue: 0 15.06.2012 Page tof 1 BASE FRAME DETAILS FOR LCC IN GIS BUILDING AND CONTRO|. PANEL IN_CONTROL & RELAY PANEL ROOM (NTS) = = BASE FRAME DETAILS FOR LV AC/DC PANEL (NTS) [BASE FRAME_DETALS FOR UPS HC DETAL BATTERY (Ts) ' PUN ‘SECTION [BASE FRAME DETAILS FOR ACCP—1 PANEL LOCATION-LVAC/DC ROOM (NTS) (ts) Seumaamerenre™ | PHASE 12 |“ vaso billet! SL o-s4= Qatar General Eecrclty & Water Corporation ‘QATAR PONER TRANSMISSION SYSTEM EXPANSION. PHASE 12 SUBSTATIONS nH 2014 || sme [isomer ‘COMMON PH12-34-10-00-0000 =a par ser | a SIEMENS stamens consonrim == 1c 06, earERY crane = from fo Fae [tr aS roarsbcrats ; C = ——=s I