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ana’ Lo peta Qatar Genera Electret & Water Corporation ‘Technical Affairs - Electricity Projects Department DESIGN MODIFICATION REQUEST CONTRACT NO.; ....643A/2014 CONTRACTOR: .....Siemens WLL FCR No : FCR-BHS-01-0005 CONSULTANT: .....Energoprojekt Date: 20/10/2016 ‘SUBSTATION NAME: .....Bul Hemmaid MODIFICATION REQUESTED BY: ....... Siemens WLL SIGNATURE: Details of Requested Modification: Locations of Surge Arrestors are revised in latest revision (Rev.B) based on comments received for DSS ‘substation. However, 6 nos. of SA foundations are already cased on site based on previous, already approved, location. Please find enclosed revised drawing were position of SA is revised (red cloud) based on previous revision (3m from the Gantry CL). ‘Affected drawings: 4. PH12-3A-11-01-0003 Received By: . ee Requested By: EVAR. Ate! C Contractor Signature: Originator Signature: Contractor Modification Done & Checked By: Name: Signature: Dates / | KAHRAMAA Representative: Signature: Unrestricted [OTe eare: | tssue:0 15.04.2012 Page tof 1 ft F-08088 H] s=274301 30 os "PALMS 9 UME om RS EW MI (LS ND ON ERENCE oan 2 Rowe a gee 99-9 5S at facie ea 3 as ‘o_coweucroR nes Sein coro Tm | PHASE 12 kana oan lo Abi ealale gl Lo -st<= Qatar General Eleciicty & Water Corporation | QATAR POWER TRANSMISSION SYSTEM EXPANGION-PHASE SUBSTATIONS |" PACKAGES. S, 2,957 CONTRACT No. GTC! BGN/2018 ————s. {400/131 TRY BUL HEMWAD SUBSTATION PH12-34-11-01-0008 = tet oe a ‘SVEMENS. |SlEMENS CONSORTIUM L i —