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Assignment 1

Student Name : Farhanah Binti Faisal

Matrix Number : 124941

Lecturer Name : Professor Ir. Dr. Mohammad Razip Selamat

(Assignment/Project received without this declaration form will not be graded)

Declaration of Academic Honesty

Academic honesty or academic integrity is a very important virtue that all students should
uphold at all times.

I/We declare that the assignment submitted is not plagiarized and is entirely my/our own
works, and that no part of it has been copied from any work produced by other person(s) /
source(s) or provided by other student(s).

We understand that issuing a false declaration can result in severe penalties and we are
willing to be penalized if any form of copying found valid.

[Farhanah Binti Faisal]

Today 17th December, marks the day that I retired from MMC as a President.
I lived and grown love with this club from my first semester and its hard to let go and not be
in part of it anymore.
Our time was short but it was one of the best moment I lived as a dip student in MIAT.
I wish the very best of luck to the club and the new HiCom for the next year. And as well,
sincerely from the very deepest of my heart I want to apologise to all the HiCom and
everyone for any misconduct and I'm sorry for any enemies I made, the things I've said and
the actions I do that made people hate my management as the President of MMC. I've failed
to satisfy and be a good president but my failure will be my moral life and as well as
precaution for the new HiCom to not repeating my mistakes over again.
From being a common member till the highest position I am truly grateful for all the
memories I've created with the club.
I hope for the club to be more successful than I brought from now in the future.
Thank you guys. Truly do.
Live long and prosper.