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SACE700 Presentation Marking Criteria

70-85 60-69 50-59 40-49 30-39 0-30

Organisation and Excellent organisation . Very good organisation Good organisation (intro, Quite good organisation Poor org. (intro, staging, summing No attempt at organisation.
Cohesion (intro, staging, summing (intro, staging, summing staging, summing up); (intro, staging, summing up); listener has to strain to follow Significantly under time
up); message followed up); message followed message followed with little up); message followed with message; poor links/signposting;
easily with no strain; without strain and effort for strain and effort for the occasional strain and effort poor time management
excellent links/signposting; the listener; very good links/ listener; good for the listener; quite good
excellent time management signposting; very good time links/signposting; good time links/signposting;
management management reasonable time
Content Excellent preparation; Well prepared; Adequate, Adequate preparation; Reasonably prepared; Poorly prepared; Inadequate or Irrelevant info; no analysis
Excellent content, all relevant and interesting Adequate and interest. info., Adequate information, irrelevant info., poorly supported;
supported; excellent info., also well supported; v. mostly well supported and though some parts lack of analysis/evaluation; poor
analysis/evaluation; good analysis/evaluation; v. relevant; good irrelevant or poorly awareness of audience/poor
excellent awareness of good awareness of analysis/evaluation; clear supported; some information transfer
audience/excellent info. audience/ v. good awareness of audience/ analysis/evaluation;
transfer information transfer good information transfer reasonable awareness of
audience/quite good
information transfer
Register and Lexis Excellent register; exc. Appropriate register Appropriate. register; good Mostly appropriate. Register often inappropriate; limited Inappropriate register
vocabulary range; exc. throughout; very good vocabulary range; generally register; reasonable vocabulary; insufficient. explanation; throughout
explanation; avoids jargon range of vocabulary; very good explanation; avoids vocabulary range; sufficient use of jargon
good explanation; avoids jargon explanation; some jargon
Grammar and Accuracy No errors; clear ability to Occasional very minor Errors intrude occasionally; Errors intrude sometimes; Frequent grammar errors; limited Errors make it impossible to
manipulate ling. systems errors; ability to manipulate indications that range of generally limited ability to ability to manipulate beyond basic follow
effortlessly full range of linguistic linguistic systems can be manipulate. basic linguistic structures
systems is evident manipulated systems

Delivery Confident body language; Generally confident Good, mostly confident Quite good body language; Poor body language; audience not Inappropriate body language;
audience fully engaged; language; audience usually body language; audience audience generally fully engaged; mostly script read from script.
script independent, uses engaged; script mostly engaged; script engaged; mostly script dependent; poor
notes effectively; v. good independent, uses notes independent, uses notes independent; reasonable pronunciation/creates many
pronunciation, with only v. well; good pronunciation well; good pronunciation, pronunciation, with some problems for the listener; problem
occasional errors; v. good with some minor errors, with occasional errors; good errors; reasonable pacing, with pacing, volume, pausing;
pacing, volume, pausing; v. which would not usually pacing, volume, pausing; volume, pausing; reason. limited fluency
good fluency impede understanding; v. good fluency fluency
good pacing, volume,
pausing; generally fluent
Visual Support and Excellent visuals V. good, relevant visuals, Good, relevant visuals, well Quite good visuals, quite Limited visual support; poorly No visuals
Academic. Conventions incorporated effortlessly; smoothly incorporated; incorporated; visual aids well incorporated, mostly incorporated; poor use of visuals
confident use of visual aids visual aids used effectively used well relevant; reasonable use of

Handling Questions Excellent comprehension of V. good comprehension; Good comprehension; Quite good Limited comprehension; no No reasonable attempt to
Qs; excellent range of v. good strategies for Good strategies for dealing comprehension; some strategies for dealing with difficult answer questions
strategies to deal with dealing with difficult Qs; v. with difficult Qs; Good strategies for dealing with Qs; poor response to Qs.
difficult Qs. good response to Qs. response to Qs. difficult Qs; quite good
response to Qs.