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Operations Research ........................................7

Plant Engineering............................................10

Production Systems ........................................12

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Manufacturing and Processing

Coming Soon! Process

Product Design for Modeling in
Manufacture and Assembly Composites
Third Edition Manufacturing
Geoffrey Boothroyd Second Edition
Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc., Wakefield, Rhode Island, USA Suresh G. Advani
Peter Dewhurst and Winston A. Knight University of Delaware, Newark,
University of Rhode Island, Kingston, USA USA

Now in its third edition, this volume features new E. Murat Sozer
Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey
problem sets and other helpful material, making
this respected reference work now even more There is a wealth of literature on modeling and
suitable for use in product design and design for simulation of polymer composite manufacturing
manufacture courses. Chapters have been updat- processes. However, existing books neglect to
ed from previous editions with more recent case provide a systematic explanation of how to for-
studies of the application of design for manufac- mulate and apply science-based models in poly-
mer composite manufacturing processes. Process
ture and assembly (DFMA) techniques, important
Modeling in Composites Manufacturing,
industry changes, and emphasis on current trends
Second Edition provides tangible methods to
such as design for power injection molding and optimize this processand it remains a proven,
surface mount devices. Each chapter also includes powerful introduction to the basic principles of
updated cost information on materials, labor, and fluid mechanics and heat transfer.
machine operations.
Includes tools to develop an "experience
Features base" to aid in modeling a composite
manufacturing process
Updates coverage of a wide range of the
most basic forming processes used in industry Building on past developments, this new book:
Serves as a reference text for design and Updates the previous editions coverage of
manufacturing engineers in industry and for process physics and the state of modeling in
courses in product design and design for the field
Explores research derived from experience,
Offers more recent case studies of the appli- intuition, and trial and error to illustrate a
cation of design for manufacture and assem- state-of-the-art understanding of mass,
bly (DFMA) techniques in industry momentum, and energy transfer during com-
posites processing
Includes a comprehensive set of problems
Introduces computer-based solutions using
Contents MATLAB code and flow simulation-based
analysis, which complement closed-form
Selection of Materials and Processes. Product solutions discussed in the book, to help read-
Design for Manual Assembly. Electrical ers understand the role of different material,
Connections and Wire Harness Assembly. Design geometric, and process parameters
for High-Speed Automatic Assembly and Robot
This self-contained primer provides an introduction
Assembly. Printed Circuit Board Design for to modeling of composite manufacturing process-
Manufacture and Assembly. Design for es for anyone working in material science and engi-
Machining. Design for Injection Molding. Design neering, industrial, mechanical, and chemical engi-
for Sheet Metalworking. Design for Die Casting. neering. It introduces a scientific basis for manu-
Design for Powder Metal Processing. Design for facturing, using solved example problems which
Sand Casting. Design for Investment Casting. employ calculations provided in the book. End-of-
Design for Hot Forging. chapter questions and problems and "fill in the
blanks" sections reinforce the content in order to
Catalog no. 89277, December 2010, c. 632 pp.
develop the experience base of the manufacturing,
ISBN: 978-1-4200-8927-1, $129.95 / 82.00
materials, and design engineer or scientists, as well
as seniors and first-year graduate students.
Catalog no. 90828, July 2010, 630 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-9082-6, $149.95 / 95.00

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Manufacturing and Processing

New! Integrated
Advances in Product and
Human Factors, Process Design
Ergonomics, and
and Safety in Development
Manufacturing The Product
and Service Realization Process,
Second Edition
Edward B. Magrab,
Edited by Satyandra K. Gupta, F. Patrick McCluskey,
Waldemar Karwowski and Peter A. Sandborn
University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA
Since publication of the first edition of this vol-
Gavriel Salvendy ume, more than a decade ago, the product real-
Tsinghua University, P.R. China ization process has undergone a number of sig-
Advances in Human Factors, Ergonomics, and nificant changes. Reflecting these advances, this
Safety in Manufacturing and Service second edition presents a thorough treatment of
Industries explores human factors, ergonomics, the modern tools used in the integrated product
and safety issues related to the design of prod- realization process and places that process in its
ucts, processes, and systems, as well as operation new context.
and management of business enterprises in both New in the Second Edition:
manufacturing and service sectors of contempo-
rary industry. With contributions from expert Bio-inspired concept generation and
researchers across five continents and from coun- improvement through TRIZ
tries as far flung as the United Kingdom, the Computing manufacturing cost, costs of
United States, Japan, Sweden, Israel, India, and ownership, and life-cycle costs of products
points in between, the book explores topics such Engineered plastics, ceramics, composites,
as: and smart materials
Standardization Making innovation part of the process
Cognitive engineering New manufacturing methods: in-mold
Total ergonomics management assembly and layered manufacturing
Ergonomic evaluation This book discusses how to translate customer
Control rooms needs into product requirements and specifica-
tions. It then provides methods to determine a
Workload factors products total costs, including cost of ownership,
Occupational biomechanics and covers how to generate and evaluate product
Design of work concepts. The authors examine methods for turn-
ing product concepts into actual products by
Cultural influence
considering development steps such as materials
Psychosocial aspects of work and manufacturing processes selection, assembly
Work activities analysis methods, environmental aspects, reliability, and
aesthetics, to name a few. They also introduce the
Human errors
Design of Experiments and the Six Sigma philos-
Safety and risk analysis ophy as means of attaining quality.
Alarm rate standards To be globally viable, corporations need to pro-
This book will be of special value to researchers duce innovative, visually appealing, quality prod-
and practitioners involved in the design of prod- ucts within shorter development times. Filled with
ucts, processes, systems, and services, which are checklists, guidelines, strategies, and examples,
marketed and used by a variety of organizations this book provides proven methods for creating
around the world. competitively priced quality products.

Catalog no. K11577, July 2010, 1250 pp. Catalog no. 70606, January 2010, 304 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4398-3499-2, $79.95 / 49.99 ISBN: 978-1-4200-7060-6, $119.95 / 76.99

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Manufacturing and Processing

Machining Life Cycle

Technology Costing for
Machine Tools and Engineers
Operations B.S. Dhillon
Helmi A. Youssef and University of Ottawa, Canada
Hassan El-Hofy In todays global economy,
Alexandria University, Egypt
the procurement decisions
A complete analysis of the of many engineering prod-
methods, machine tools, and ucts are not entirely made
operations of a wide range of on initial procurement costs
machining processes, this book presents the fun- alone but on their life cycle costs. Past experi-
damental principles of machining and examines ences indicate that product ownership cost often
traditional and nontraditional methods. After a exceeds procurement cost. Eliminating the need
brief historical overview of the field, the book to consult many different sources, this book
explores design considerations and machine tool assembles useful, up-to-date life cycle costing
requirements and provides a detailed discussion of concepts for various industrial sectors. It explores
modern machine tools. It also reviews metal cut- the economics of life cycle costing, presents intro-
ting machine tools and hexapods and their appli- ductory engineering reliability and maintainabili-
cations, as well as environmentally friendly ty concepts, and includes numerous examples
machine tools and operations. Including review with solutions.
questions and solved problems, the text addresses
Catalog no. K10869, January 2010, 224 pp.
dimensional and form accuracy, surface integrity,
ISBN: 978-1-4398-1688-2, $99.95 / 63.99
machine tool dynamometers, jigs, and fixtures.
Catalog no. 43390, 2008, 672 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-4339-6, $157.95 / 99.00

Strategic Designing
Planning Complex
Models for Systems
Reverse and Foundations of
Closed-Loop Design in the
Supply Chains Functional Domain
Kishore K. Pochampally Erik W. Aslaksen
Sinclair Knight Merz, Sydney,
Southern New Hampshire
University, Manchester, USA
Satish Nukala Emphasizing a top-down approach, this volume
Halliburton Energy Services, Houston, Texas, USA considers the purpose and basic features of
design and how the concept of value can provide
Surendra M. Gupta
a quantitative measure of that wider interaction of
Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
the engineered object with its environment. This
The first complete work published on strategic work proposes a number of functional design ele-
planning of reverse and closed-loop supply chains, ments and develops them in considerable detail,
this book addresses the issues faced by planners outlining how they can be applied as part of a
using efficient models in a variety of decision-mak- coherent design framework. For greater under-
ing situations. It addresses selection of economical standing of the discussed concepts, numerous
used and new products, and the evaluation of col- examples and analogies are included.
lection centers, production and recovery facilities,
Catalog no. AU7533, 2009, 176 pp.
and marketing strategies. It also looks at the selec-
ISBN: 978-1-4200-8753-6, $74.95 / 46.99
tion of potential second-hand markets, and the
achievement of optimal transportation.
Catalog no. 54783, 2009, 292 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-5478-1, $83.95 / 52.99

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Manufacturing and Processing

Lean for the Rapid

Process Prototyping and
Industries Engineering
Dealing with Applications
Complexity A Toolbox for
Peter L. King Prototype
Lean Dynamics LLC, Newark, Development
Delaware, USA
Frank W. Liou
"King truly understands University of Missouri-Rolla, USA
Lean Manufacturing and the intricacies of apply-
ing Lean tools in the process industries; he has Rapid Prototyping and Engineering Applications
mastered the theory and the application of Lean." explores the engineering procedures and practice
Douglas R. Kroeger, past president, IIE Process of applying modern prototyping technologies, such
Industries Division; manufacturing manager, as Rapid Prototyping (RP) and Virtual Prototyping
Nestl Nutrition (VP), to quickly deliver new products with lower
costs and higher quality. Readers will gain a thor-
Drawing on 40 years of experience at one of the ough understanding of using prototyping with
worlds largest chemical and materials manufac- modern technologies and tools. This unique text
turers, Peter King provides the first Lean resource will greatly benefit product development engineers,
written explicitly for the process industries. managers, and students who wish to define and
Focusing on where the needs of the process design a successful product. This book can also be
industry differ from those of parts assembly man- adopted for classroom use and includes a solutions
ufacturing, he discusses the eight wastes manual for qualifying instructors.
described in Lean literature, looking at how they
manifest themselves in process operations. Catalog no. DK098X, 2008, 568 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-8493-3409-2, $146.95 / 93.00
Catalog no. PP7851, 2009, 358 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-7851-0, $49.95 / 30.99

Industrial Coming Soon!

Process Failure Mechanisms of
Control Advanced Welding
Systems Processes
Second Edition Edited by
Dale R. Patrick and X. Sun
Stephen W. Fardo Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland,
Eastern Kentucky University, Washington, USA
Richmond, USA
With its distinguished editor and international
This book provides a basic approach to under- team of contributors, this book is a standard ref-
standing and effectively applying industrial erence for anyone using modern and advanced
process control based on the systems concept. It welding processes in the automotive, shipbuild-
provides an overview of an operating system, ing, oil, gas, and metal fabrication industries. It
then divides it into sections for individual discus- provides a critical analysis of advanced welding
sion. It covers topics including the operating sys- techniques and their potential failure mecha-
tem, process control, pressure systems, thermal nisms. The book also covers applications to
systems, and level determining systems. It also fatigue life predictions.
addresses flow process systems, analytical process
systems, microprocessor systems, automated Catalog no. N10210, October 2010, 368 pp.
processes, and robotic systems. ISBN: 978-1-4398-3172-4, $209.95 / 135.00

Catalog no. N10114, 2009, 476 pp.

ISBN: 978-1-4398-1576-2, $115.00 / 76.99

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Operations Research

Coming Soon! Coming Soon!

The Supply Markov Chains and Decision
Chain in Processes for Engineers and
Manufacturing, Managers
Distribution, Theodore J. Sheskin
and Cleveland State University, Industrial Engineering
Department, Ohio, USA
Presenting an introduction to finite Markov chains
Modeling, and Markov decision processes, with applications
Optimization, and in engineering and management, this book intro-
Applications duces discrete-time, finite-state Markov chains,
Edited by and Markov decision processes. The text
describes both algorithms and applications,
Kenneth D. Lawrence enabling readers to understand the logical basis
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, USA
for the algorithms and be able to apply them. The
Ronald K. Klimberg and Virginia M. Miori applications address problems in government,
Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA business, and nonprofit sectors. The author uses
This book focuses on the use of relevant research to Markov models to approximate the random
solve significant problems within the supply chain behavior of complex systems in diverse areas,
integration process. The text presents both tactical such as management, production, science, edu-
and operational models that address a wide variety cation, health services, finance, and marketing.
of organizational issues, including high-level pro- Features
duction schedules, product sourcing, network
alignment, distribution center layouts, transporta- Presents major algorithms for Markov chains
tion operations with consistent demand, inventory based on state reduction
planning, and day-to-day operations planning.
Includes Markov models for a wide range of
Leading contributors from industry and academia
applications in production, science, education,
also provide real-world business applications and healthcare, marketing, and management
case studies that feature some of the modeling
solutions discussed in the chapters. Illustrates a model of Markov decision process
in development, based on seasonal demand
Features for a production
Discusses how to solve significant problems Discusses Markov chains with profit functions
within the supply chain integration process
Uses several Markov models based on pub-
Presents state-of-the-art research on manufac- lished applications of operations research
turing, distribution, and transportation
Addresses a wide range of organizational issues Contents

Contents (Abridged) Basic concepts of Markov chains

Irreducible Markov chains
Multicrteria Decision-Making in the Ethanol
Production Problem. The Automation and Reducible Markov chains
Heuristic Optimization of a Caseless Filter Line in
Algorithms based on state reduction
the Dairy Industry. Optimization of Pallative
Medical Services: Supply Chain and the Ethical Markov decision processes
Implications. Using Hierarchical Planning to Markov chain models
Explore Supply Chain Flexibility. Transforming
U.S. Army Supply Chains. A Determination of Markov decision models
the Optimal Level of Collaboration between a Catalog no. 51113, October 2010, c. 408 pp.
Contractor and Its Suppliers under Demand ISBN: 978-1-4200-5111-7, $99.95 / 63.99
Uncertainty. Online Auction Models and their
Impact on Sourcing and Supply Management
Catalog no. AU945X, September 2010, c. 320 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-7945-6, $89.95 / 57.99

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Operations Research

Newest Edition of Probability

a Bestseller! Models in
Operations Operations
Research Research
Calculations C. Richard Cassady
Handbook University of Arkansas,
Fayetteville, USA
Second Edition
Joel A. Nachlas
Dennis Blumenfeld Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA
General Motors, Warren,
Michigan, USA "Highly recommended."
R. Bharath, emeritus, Northern Michigan University,
Completely revised and updated, this bestselling in CHOICE
handbook presents analytical results and formulas
needed in the science applications of operations Balancing applications with mathematical rigor,
research and management. It provides quick cal- this book introduces the use of probability to
culations and insight into system performance. define models that have applications in industrial
The material is organized by topic and presented engineering and operations research. With a con-
in a concise format that gives the reader ready cise review of the key components of probability
access to a wide range of results in a single vol- theory, this reference offers coverage of all basic
ume. This second edition adds a wealth of infor- model forms, probability modeling fundamentals,
mation, including new chapters on reliability the- and analysis of multiple and random variables
ory results, order statistics, heuristic search meth- analysis. It addresses Bernoulli processes, discrete-
ods, and probability relationships. It also offers time Markov chains, Poisson processes, renewal
invaluable information on production systems processes, continuous-time Markov chains, and
modeling and priority queuing. queueing theory. Also useful as a classroom text,
this book includes a solutions manual for qualify-
Catalog no. 52403, January 2010, 256 pp., Soft Cover ing instructors.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-5240-4, $69.95 / 44.99
Catalog no. 54899, 2009, 224 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-5489-7, $99.95 / 40.99
Discovery from
Sensor Data Manufacturing
Edited by Facilities
Auroop R. Ganguly, Location, Planning,
Joo Gama, and Design,
Olufemi A. Omitaomu, Third Edition
Mohamed Medhat Gaber,
and Ranga Raju Vatsavai Dileep R. Sule
Louisiana Tech University,
Addressing the issues challenging the sensor com- Ruston, USA
munity, this book presents innovative solutions in From plant layout and materials handling to qual-
offline data mining and real-time analysis of sensor ity function deployment and design considera-
or geographically distributed data. Illustrated with tions, this book explores topics crucial to the effi-
case studies, it discusses the challenges and ciency of a well-planned facility. It provides the
requirements for sensor data-based knowledge information and analytical tools necessary to move
discovery solutions in high-priority application. from product designs to production plans, and it
The book then explores the fusion between het- then details planning techniques needed to build
erogeneous data streams from multiple sensor a manufacturing facility in which safety, efficiency,
types and applications in science, engineering, and profit are interdependent. The book also
and security. Assembling the work of researchers includes new mathematical methods and prob-
from academia, government, and the private sec- lems. This professional reference includes a solu-
tor, this book delineates the application of knowl- tions manual that allows qualifying instructors to
edge modeling in data-intensive operations. adopt it for classroom use.
Catalog no. 82329, 2009, 215 pp. Catalog no. 44222, 2009, 824 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-8232-6, $94.95 / 60.99 ISBN: 978-1-4200-4422-5, $131.95 / 51.99

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Operations Research

Computational Production
Economic Planning and
Analysis for Industrial
Engineering Scheduling
and Industry Examples, Case
Adedeji B. Badiru Studies and
Air Force Institute of Technology, Applications,
Dayton, Ohio, USA Second Edition
Olufemi A. Omitaomu Dileep R. Sule
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, USA Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, USA
Industry saturation and mounting competition covers practical algorithms of planning and
continue to generate growing interest in the scheduling [and] numerical examples are provided.
development of economic analysis techniques tai- Vitaly A. Strusevich, in Zentralblatt MATH
lored to industrial and engineering projects. This
A comprehensive reference for the broad range of
book addresses such methods by providing direct
problems encountered in the field, this second
computational tools, techniques, models, and
edition covers single machine scheduling, proce-
approaches for economic analysis directed specif-
dures for common due dates, flowshop problems,
ically at problems encountered in industry. The
and more. Other topics include: industrial
authors supply downloadable software called
sequencing for tool scheduling on NC machine,
ENGINEA that enables readers to easily perform
component tape assemblies on a sequencer, and a
the various techniques outlined in the text, such
sequencing feeder for component tape assembly.
as investment justification, breakeven analysis,
and replacement analysis. Catalog no. 44206, 2008, 560 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-4420-1, $99.95 / 66.99
Catalog no. 7477, 2007, 304 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-8493-7477-7, $83.95 / 52.99

Research and
Optimization Management
Modelling Science
A Practical Handbook
Approach Edited by
Ruhul A. Sarker and A. Ravi Ravindran
Charles S. Newton Pennsylvania State University,
University of New South Wales, University Park, USA
Canberra, Australia
Drawing on contributions from a group of inter-
Illustrating the use of modelling in the decision national experts, this handbook meets the analyt-
making process, this book uses powerful exam-
ical decision-making needs of those in both gov-
ples to present a wide range of techniques in a
ernment and industry. Setting itself apart from
straightforward manner and analyze the formula-
tion and modeling of some well-known theoreti- other books in the field, this resource is diverse,
cal and practical problems. The authors discuss detailed, and easy to understand, helping readers
software packages used to work optimization to simplify and make practical use of this sophisti-
models without the fuss of higher math and com- cated discipline and master associated tech-
plex solution methods, drawing from their expe- niques. Carefully crafted to meet the needs of
rience in applying them to practical problem solv- non-experts, it offers a well-organized overview of
ing and dealing with common implementation operations research and management methods,
difficulties. This reference can also be adopted for as well as analysis of proven developments in
classroom use and includes a solutions manual for OR/MSwithout requiring an extensive back-
qualifying instructors. ground in mathematics and statistics.
Catalog no. 43102, 2008, 504 pp. Catalog no. 9721, 2008, 904 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-4310-5, $135.95 / 86.00 ISBN: 978-0-8493-9721-9, $135.95 / 86.00

For more information and complete contents, visit www.crcpress.com 9

Plant Engineering

Logistics Introduction to
Engineering Logistics
Handbook Engineering
Edited by Edited by
G. Don Taylor G. Don Taylor
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and
State University, Blacksburg, USA State University, Blacksburg, USA

Taking a unique engineering Despite its importance,

approach, the Logistics logistics engineering often
Engineering Handbook provides comprehen- lags industry requirements, especially in terms of
sive coverage of traditional methods and contem- engineering-based needs. Filling the gap between
porary topics. The book delineates basic concepts education and practice, this comprehensive vol-
and practices, provides a tutorial for common ume covers the most basic material in the field of
problems and solution techniques, and discusses logistics engineering, making it suitable for those
topics directly related to the logistics market. It who require an overview of the topic. It discusses
covers background information that defines engi- logistics from historical and economic perspec-
neering logistics, activities and implementation, tives, covers the basic tools required for the study
transportation management, enabling technolo- and practice of logistics, and reviews the metrics
gies, and emerging trends. Each chapter includes that can be used to evaluate progress.
either a brief case study overview of an industrial-
Catalog no. 88513, 2009, 320 pp.
ly motivated problem or a tutorial using fabricat-
ISBN: 978-1-4200-8851-9, $94.95 / 60.99
ed data designed to highlight important issues.
Catalog no. 3053, 2008, 640 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-8493-3053-7, $135.95 / 86.00

Third Edition of New!

a Bestseller!
Facilities Design Building
Third Edition
Sunderesh S. Heragu
University of Louisville, Kentucky,
Protection of Capital
USA Assets
Delineating the proper Herbert W. Stanford, III, PE
design, layout, and location Consultant
of facilities, this book strikes This book details the requirements for designing,
an optimal balance between theory and the prac- implementing, and managing programs and pro-
tical aspects of implementing preliminary designs cedures for the maintenance of major building
development through analytical models. The elements. It covers everything from the founda-
author provides multimedia tools, new software, tion to the roof, including interior and exterior
and additional exercise problems. The text pres- support systems and sitework elements. Topics
ents analytical performance evaluation models discussed include the concept of facilities as
and tests them using software available for down- assets, planned replacement versus major renova-
load online. An appendix offers queuing and tion, preventative maintenance, special mainte-
queuing models along with simulation examples, nance considerations, and designing for building
and each chapter includes a set of review ques- maintenance. Appendices provide filter applica-
tions for self-study. This professional reference tion guidelines, dilution ventilation requirements,
includes a solutions manual that allows qualifying maintenance staff job descriptions, and other
instructors to adopt it for classroom use. supplemental material.
Catalog no. 66269, 2008, 624 pp. Catalog no. N10282, July 2010, 300 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-6626-5, $131.95 / 51.99 ISBN: 978-1-4398-4553-0, $99.95 / 63.99

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Plant Engineering

Coming Soon!
Understanding and Lubrication for
Mitigating Ageing in Industrial
Nuclear Power Plants Facilities
Materials and Operational Aspects of
Second Edition
Plant Life Management (PLiM)
Heinz Bloch
Edited by
Consultant, West Des Moines,
P.G. Tipping Iowa, USA
Formerly of Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate
Completely revised, this edition addresses oil
(HSK), Switzerland
analysis, energy conservation aspects of lube oil
Plant life management (PLiM) is essential for plant application and selection, and bearing protector
operators and regulators who must assess the seals. Information on synthesized hydrocarbons
condition of nuclear power plants and establish and oil mist lubrication is thoroughly revised. The
safe, long-term plant operations. This book criti- author deals with the full scope of industrial lubri-
cally reviews the fundamental aging-degradation cants, including general purpose oils, hydraulic
mechanisms that affect plant structures, systems, fluids, food-grade and environmentally friendly
and components (SSC). It also provides relevant lubricants, synthetic lubricants, greases, pastes,
analysis, modeling methods, and mitigation waxes, and tribosystems. The book details lubri-
paths. Coverage of plant maintenance and cation strategies for electric motor bearings, gear
replacement routes is extended through chapters lubrication, compressors and gas engines, and
on the development of advanced materials and steam and gas turbines. Other topics include
components, as well as through reactor-type spe- proper lubricant handling and storage, as well as
cific PLiM practices. effective industrial plant oil analysis practices.

Catalog no. N10020, August 2010, c. 840 pp. Catalog no. FP7151, 2009, 500 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4398-0125-3, $289.95 / 179.00 ISBN: 978-1-4200-7151-1, $179.95 / 95.00

Coming Soon! Managers

Bioalcohol Production Guide to
Biochemical Conversion of Preventive
Lignocellulosic Biomass Building
Edited by Maintenance
K. Waldron Ryan Cruzan
Institute of Food Research, UK Certified Educational Facilities
Manager, New Jersey, USA
This book provides a comprehensive and timely
reference on the biochemical conversion of ligno- This is a comprehensive guide to developing an
cellulosic biomass for the production of fuel alco- effective preventive maintenance program for any
hols, expertly reviewing the development of the facility. Topics include facility inspection and assess-
entire second-generation bioalcohol production ment, effective lubrication practices, commercial
chain which employs highly efficient biochemical roofing repair, indoor air quality management, and
production techniques. The book covers the applicable government codes. The book also
process engineering, technology, modeling, and addresses standards and regulations, detailed pre-
integration of the entire production chain, from ventive maintenance procedures, and mainte-
feedstock pretreatment on to hydrolysis, to fer- nance scheduling. Specific maintenance approach-
mentation, and on to purification. The book pri- es are examined for more than 100 types of equip-
marily covers the production of bioethanol, but ment and building components. In addition, it cov-
extends into coverage of the production of ers the economic value of preventive maintenance,
longer-chain bioalcohols that will be elemental to management and motivation of the preventive
future utilization of biofuels. maintenance team, and setting up a computerized
maintenance management system (CMMS).
Catalog no. N10038, September 2010
c. 496 pp., ISBN: 978-1-4398-0171-0 Catalog no. N10108, 2009, 300 pp.
$249.95 / 159.00 ISBN: 978-1-4398-1431-4, $98.00 / 63.99

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Production Systems

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
Handbook of
Lean Industrial
Manufacturing Engineering
Business Bottom-Line
John X. Wang
Formulas, and
Lean Six Sigma Institute of Calculations
Technology, Marion, Iowa, USA Adedeji B. Badiru
Written by an expert with firsthand experience of Air Force Institute of Technology,
the limitations of traditional Lean manufacturing, Dayton, Ohio, USA
this book demonstrates how an awareness of man- Olufemi A. Omitaomu
ufacturing business metrics is absolutely essential for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, USA
every Lean manufacturing practitioner. The author
Industrial engineering practitioners dont have to
outlines case studies relating world events and man-
be computational expertsthey just have to
ufacturing efficiency and presents Lean manufactur-
know where to get the computational resources
ing strategies and techniques designed to acceler-
that they need. This book provides access to
ate responses to current and future events at man-
those resources. It consists of several sections,
ufacturing facilities around the world. The book
each focusing on a particular specialization area
introduces key methods for harnessing market
of industrial engineering, such as basic and engi-
forces by following the Three Golden Rules:
neering math, production engineering, engineer-
Management, Production, and Inventory Costs.
ing economics, ergonomics, systems and data
Features engineering, project engineering, and simulation
and statistical calculations. The book elucidates
Defines how to turn the difficult challenge of the underlying equations that facilitate the under-
understanding leverage points for generating
standing required to improve design processes.
bottom-line results into a systematic process
that can be used over and over Features
Explores how lean manufacturing increases Focuses specifically on industrial engineering
manufacturing income and reliability and calculations
improves customer satisfaction and delivery
performance consistently Includes contributions from acclaimed indus-
trial engineering researchers and authors
Contents (Abridged) Provides an optimal combination of theory
Introduction: Four Stages of Big Picture Lean and practice
Manufacturing. Put Business Bottom-Line First: Presents equations in succinct format for easy
Transfer Function for Production Cost. application
Understanding the Voice of Customers: The
Essential Elements. Balance Production and
Demand: Value Stream Mapping. From Computational Foundations of Industrial
Lognormal to Cobb-Douglas Distribution: Lean Engineering. Basic Mathematical Calculations.
Production Analysis. How Demand Fluctuation Statistical Distributions, Methods, and
and Exogenous Shocks Influence Bottom-Line. Applications. Computations with Descriptive
The Three Golden Rules of Big Picture Lean Statistics. Computations for Economic Analysis.
Manufacturing. Three Golden Rules: Industrial Production Calculations. Forecasting
Management, Production, and Inventory Costs. Calculations. Six Sigma and Lean. Risk
Catalog no. 86022, August 2010, c. 288 pp. Computations. Computations for Project
ISBN: 978-1-4200-8602-7, $89.95 / 57.99 Analysis. Product Shape and Geometrical
Calculations. General Engineering Calculations.
Catalog no. 76272, September 2010, c. 912 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-7627-1, $129.95 / 82.00

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Production Systems

Coming Soon! Coming Soon!

Modern Construction Systems Engineering Tools
Lean Project Delivery and Integrated and Methods
Practices Edited by
Lincoln Harding Forbes and Ali K. Kamrani and Maryam Azimi
Syed M. Ahmed University of Houston, Texas, USA
College of Engineering, Florida International University, Waste, inadequate system performance, cost over-
Miami, USA
runs, and schedule problems often result from a
Co-authored by Lincoln Forbes, highly regarded failure to apply advanced systems engineering
both for his leadership and innovation in the field of early in project development. Systems engineer-
industrial engineering, this text preaches a practical ing is a systematic method to manage the formu-
approach that considers ways to improve construc- lation, analysis, and interpretation of what a sys-
tion processes in both traditional and lean environ- tem will produce and whether the outcome is the
ments. For non-lean environments, he explains how one that is desired. This book provides detailed
discussions on engineering design and manage-
industrial engineering techniques can improve cost
ment processes within system lifecycles. The text
effectiveness and quality by optimizing at the task
addresses various issues of systems engineering
level. For lean environments, he provides a frame- fundamentals, emphasizing an integrated
work for integrating various techniques that will approach. The author presents methods, frame-
optimize performance to an even greater extent at works, techniques, and tools for designing, imple-
the project level. These techniques enhance the use menting, and managing large-scale systems.
of resources to improve the quality of the built envi-
ronment and with it, profitability. Features

Features Presents real-world case studies of systems

engineering applications from service, auto-
Presents an overview of Lean concepts and motive, and aerospace industries
how designs based on these concepts can Provides the latest research in systems engi-
enhance project outcomes neering and the latest methods of systems
Explains the role of the industrial engineer in engineering applications
construction Features contributions from expert system
engineers with extensive experience and
Details the application of tools and techniques backgrounds
to improve performance at the activity level
Demonstrates how to implement continuous
Discusses emerging technology applications testing methods to a system
Covers safety management including Emphasizes how engineers must look at the
ergonomic applications integration of systems to ensure that a sys-
tem is working properly
Provides quality initiatives in the construction
environment Contents
Contents Systems and Complex Systems. Systems
Engineering Processes and Methodologies.
Introduction to the Construction Industry. Requirement Analysis and Methodologies. Systems
Quality/Productivity Improvement Initiatives in Analysis and Architecture. Functional Analysis and
Construction. Lean Theory. How Performance Architecture. Design Analysis and Architecture.
Improvement Tools and Techniques Improve Process Modeling and Re-engineering. Project
Performance at the Activity Level in a Traditional Management and Work Breakdown Structure.
(Non-Lean) Construction Environment. Interface Definition and Analysis. Graphical
Technology Applications. Human Resource Modeling Tools and Methods. Trade-Off Studies
Topics. How IE Tools and Techniques Integrate and Risk Analysis. Logistics and Supply Chain
with Lean Concepts to Maximize Performance at Management. Testing, Verification and Validations.
the Project Level in a Lean Environment. New Reliability, Maintainability and Serviceability.
Procurement and Delivery Methods. Overview of Economical Analysis. Software Systems
Engineering. Systems Simulation Modeling and
Emerging Construction Technologies.
Analysis. Configuration Management.
Catalog no. 6312X, October 2010, c. 488 pp.
Catalog no. K10460, December 2010, c. 376 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-6312-7, $129.95 / 82.00
ISBN: 978-1-4398-0926-6, $89.95 / 57.99

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Production Systems

Workforce New!
Cross Training Moving from
Edited by Project
David A. Nembhard Management to
Pennsylvania State University,
University Park, USA
In todays ultra-competitive
global business environ- A Practical Guide to
ment, it is becoming Leading Groups
increasingly important for R. Camper Bull
companies to reduce spending while simultane- Armiger International, Madison, New Jersey, USA
ously improving their efficiency and productivity.
There have been many books written about
To achieve this goal, many organizations are opt-
project management, but this is the first I have
ing to implement cross training programs in
seen that focuses on project leadership Once
order to maximize the potential of their existing
you read this book, youll know what it takes to
workforce, thus avoiding the need to outsource.
be a better leader at work, at home, and in other
Filling a gap in the literature on the subject,
aspects of your life. So buckle up and enjoy the
Workforce Cross Training presents a pioneering
ride. I think youll walk away with a new per-
overview of the established research on this topic
spective on project leadership.
and provides invaluable insight into the design of
From the foreword by John Hinshaw, CIO, The
successful cross training programs.
Boeing Company
Featuring contributions from a team of experts,
For managers to truly excel in a position of lead-
this text integrates information from a wide vari-
ership, they must increase efficiency and develop
ety of disciplines including human factors, indus-
the soft skills necessary to inspire people to do
trial engineering, operations management, and
more with less. Providing a series of practical and
behavioral psychology. The authors examine the
tested lessons, this book offers a coherent and
use of cross training programs in various work
effective way of tactfully directing project man-
environments including serial production sys-
agers. Written by a highly successful author, this
tems, call centers, and manufacturing industries.
book offers real-world examples, survey materials
Discussion includes best practices of cross training
(including a questionnaire for high-performance
methods and the future opportunities offered by
teams), and exercises related to conflict resolu-
cross training programs.
tion, conflict continuum, and team effectiveness.
Features A complementary website contains download-
able documents and a podcast that continually
Integrates knowledge from a wide variety of reinforces the material.
disciplines including industrial engineering,
operations management, and behavioral psy- Features
Defines social responsibility
Includes a benchmark for workforce planning
practice based on current knowledge Covers the theory, strategy, and tactics that
create high-performing teams and organiza-
Provides a comprehensive summary of the tions
range of workforce cross training issues
Explains how the new ISO 26000 standard is
Contains descriptions of best practices, effec- impacting the market place
tive research models, and results
Covers current academic research trends and
A single resource featuring an in-depth summary findings
of the policies, methods, and results of cross train-
ing, this book delivers a much needed source of Reviews prioritization and risk mitigation
guidance for creating effective workforce cross- Includes examples of methods of improve-
training programs. ment for social responsibility risks
Catalog no. 3632, 2007, 352 pp. Catalog no. K11303, April 2010, 298 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-8493-3632-4, $109.95 / 69.99 ISBN: 978-1-4398-2667-6, $79.95 / 49.99

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Production Systems

New! New!
Project Social
Execution Responsibility
A Practical Approach Failure Mode Effects
to Industrial and and Analysis
Commercial Project Holly Alison Duckworth
Management Gilbert, Arizona, USA
Dr. Chitram Lutchman Rosemond Ann Moore
Calgary, Alberta, Canada University of Texas, USA
Focusing primarily on the project execution phase With wild stock market swings due to unethical
of a project, this book provides a practical behavior, fuel price escalation due to increased
approach for executing large industrial and com- demand, and climate disasters due to global
mercial projects. The author identifies people, warming, operating in a socially responsible man-
processes, and system readiness as key compo- ner is quickly moving from the realm of a nice
nents of an overall process so that projects can be idea to an actual business imperative. Taking a
executed within budget and on schedule. He also continuous improvement approach to social
identifies strong leadership behaviors, stakeholder responsibility, Social Responsibility: Failure
relations and management as key requirements Mode Effects and Analysis offers a process for
for successful project execution. An easy to follow driving actions that can be taken by those inter-
road map, the book discusses practical tools and ested in the doing of rather than the talking
processes which can be adapted for varying scales about, who are ready to move toward making
of projects and in many different industries. positive change.
Features Features
Explores practical, tested recommendations Presents useful information that is based on
for managing projects during execution hands-on, action oriented shop-floor work
Covers three important components peo- Taps into the authors experience with con-
ple, processes, and systems for managing the tinuous improvement as a Six Sigma Master
execution stage of the project Black Belt to help readers easily remove
waste from the workplace
Provides early warning for schedule delays
and cost overruns allowing for proactive cor- Provides methods and strategies that work
rective actions
Although many books cover market response and
Contents interest in this global concern, this book provides
a path that organizations can employ.
The Project Cycle. Practical Workforce Demonstrating how to use FMEA, the authors
Management Tips. Practical Work Process define social responsibility, explain the ramifica-
Management Tips for Success in Project tions of the new ISO 26000 standards in the mar-
Execution. The Readiness Processes - An ketplace, and provide problem-solving methods
Overview. People Readiness. Process Readiness. that can be put to immediate use.
Stakeholder Management. Managing the
Budgets. Situ-Transformational Leadership Catalog no. K10208, March 2010, 201 pp.
Behaviors: A Model for the Future. Conclusion. ISBN: 978-1-4398-0372-1, $79.95 / 49.99
References. Glossary of Terms. Appendices.
Catalog no. K11755, July 2010, 252 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4398-3863-1, $79.95 / 49.99

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Production Systems

New Edition of a
Bestseller! New!
System System
Management Synthesis
Planning, Enterprise Product and Process
Identity, and Design
Deployment, Jeffrey O. Grady
Second Edition JOG System Engineering, Inc.,
San Diego, California, USA
Jeffrey O. Grady
JOG System Engineering, Inc., San Diego, California, USA Unlike most engineers, system engineers focus on
the knowledge base needed to develop good sys-
This reference demonstrates how to make sys- tems in a cross-functional fashion rather than
tems development work for any organization. deeply on isolated topics. They are often said to
Updated with new chapters, examples, and fig- be a mile wide and an inch deep in what they do
ures, it discusses the optimum marriage between
know. System Synthesis: Product and Process
specific program planning and a companys
Design provides insight into complex problems,
generic identity. The author focuses on the man-
agement aspects of the functional departments focusing on the boundary conditions that exist
and programs and highlights the areas that must between the knowledge domains of the special-
be improved in order to implement outstanding ized engineers populating a program and the
systems capability. product domains related to the product being
developed by different teams on a program.
This book:
Applying his 45 years of experience, Grady
Presents numerous templates and
downloadable learning tools Examinesfrom a system engineer's perspec-
Includes a detailed example of a common tivethe system development process, focus-
process model and discusses how to ing on three key activities (product design,
document one procurement, and manufacturing) that must
Covers two sets of program planning strings take place in between completion of require-
based on the product entity structure and ments and verification of work
organizes management techniques for the Delineates the role of the system engineer in
three fundamental system developments design, material procurement, and manufac-
efforts: requirements analysis, synthesis, and turing, clearly describing key tasks such as
verification trade studies and interface integration
Recognizing the three areas involved in the devel- Filling the void often found in system engineering
opment of any new or updated systemthe sys-
books relative to design, procurement, and man-
tem under development, the enterprise itself, and
ufacturing, this book explores integration work as
the program within the enterprise responsible for
the development workthis book examines how it relates to the three synthesis activities. It dis-
all three of these systems should be developed cusses integration, optimization, and coordina-
using the principals of system engineering. tion of program, product, and process design,
Clearly identifying the important elements of the provides coverage that partitions all interfaces
enterprise and program information sets that into three manageable subsets, and covers how
have to be skillfully manipulated, it covers strate- to manage and technically integrate each. The
gies that help organizations already using a sys- book defines the primary benefit system engi-
tems approach fine-tune their systems and give neers bring to the party as their ability to perform
those not using a systems approach the tools to integration work, optimizing the design process
develop systems of their own. to achieve goals that others cannot envision.
Catalog no. K11061, May 2010, 628 pp. Catalog no. K11032, May 2010, 574 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4398-2013-1, $119.95 / 76.99 ISBN: 978-1-4398-1961-6, $119.95 / 76.99

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Production Systems

Lean Six Sigma Conveyors

in Service Application,
Applications and Selection, and
Case Studies Integration
Edited by Patrick M. McGuire
Glidepath, LLC, Grand Prairie,
Sandra L. Furterer Texas, USA
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Bentonville,
Arkansas and Southern This is probably the first
Polytechnic State University, book in 40 years to compre-
Marietta, Georgia, USA hensively discuss conveyors,
As the breadth and depth of tools available has a topic that seems mundane until the need arises
increased across the Lean Six Sigma landscape, to move material from point A to point B without
their integrated application has become more manual intervention. This book presents key
complex. Filled with case studies using real-world information for determining which type of con-
data, Lean Six Sigma in Service: Applications veyor to purchase and how to use it to meet
and Case Studies demonstrates how to integrate given transport needs. It discusses requirements
a suite of tools to make sense of an unstructured for specific products or materials and environ-
problem and focus on what is critical to mental factors, including extreme temperatures.
customers. Each chapter covers a specific type of conveyor
including chain, belt, and gravity varieties, high-
This book: lighting the primary features such as load capaci-
ty and rate and operation.
Employs a clean, clear writing style that is
not overly technical to describe the Six Sigma Catalog no. K10216, January 2010, 210 pp.
DMAIC and Design for Six Sigma IDDOV ISBN: 978-1-4398-0388-2, $89.95 / 57.99
problem solving approaches and how they
can be applied to service and transaction-
related processes
Uses case studies to illustrate the application Inventory
of Lean Six Sigma tools to a wide variety of Management
processes and problems related to areas such
as financial process improvement, designing Non-Classical Views
a recruiting process, managing a colleges Edited by
assets, and improving educational processes
Mohamad Y. Jaber
Presents a wide variety of tools, including Ryerson University, Toronto,
Pareto analysis, cause and effect analysis, fail- Ontario, Canada
ure mode and effects analysis, statistical
Classical inventory manage-
process control, SIPOC, process flow charts,
ment focuses on cost mini-
project management tools, cost of quality
analysis, and Lean tools, such as 5S, 8 wastes, mization as a performance measure, one in which
and the 5 whys many cost parameters are difficult to estimate and
inventory system costs are hidden. Constantly
Ultimately, the Lean Six Sigma team must show changing in response to international competi-
improvement against the metrics that assess cus- tion and new technology, inventory management
tomer satisfaction. This book includes strategies requires a new collection of performance meas-
for integrating Lean Six Sigma tools into measur- ures that represent situations more realistically.
able improvement processes and eliminating the
Establishing the foundation for new areas of
root causes of problems. Presenting tangible
research, this book focuses on the need to design
examples to illustrate an alternative approach to
the material, the book provides an instant under- inventory systems that enable flexibility, to devel-
standing of how others have successfully applied op performance measures, other than cost, to
Lean Six Sigma tools. This understanding then control inventory, and to view inventory as a con-
translates into processes that can be applied to tributor to customer value creation.
any service organization. Catalog no. 79972, January 2010, 242 pp.
Catalog no. 78887, 2009, 468 pp. ISBN: 978-1-4200-7997-5, $79.95 / 49.99
ISBN: 978-1-4200-7888-6, $79.95 / 48.99

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Production Systems

Global Real Options in

Engineering Engineering
Design, Decision Design,
Making, and Operations, and
Carlos Acosta,
Edited by
V. Jorge Leon,
Charles Conrad, and Harriet Black Nembhard
Cesar O. Malave Pennsylvania State University,
University Park, USA
As globalization increases, todays companies
expect to hire engineers who are effective in a
Mehmet Aktan
Ataturk Universitesi, Erzurum, Turkey
global business environment. Although you can
find many books covering globalization, most of Real options methodology has long been pro-
them are aimed at business, management, or posed as an approach to making business deci-
social sciences. Developed with engineers in sions, and the field of engineering is no excep-
mind, Global Engineering: Design, Decision tion. Exploring its value in the evaluation and
Making, and Communication covers the theo- optimization of engineering systems under uncer-
ry, models, and decision-making tools required to tainty, this book presents and synthesizes the
incorporate globalization into engineering work. body of knowledge in the area of real options for
engineering systems. Providing case studies at the
Written by a multidisciplinary team of experts in end of each application chapter, it covers engi-
industrial, mechanical, and manufacturing engi- neering applications across different disciplines
neering and organizational communications, this such as industrial and civil engineering, and com-
book: puter science. It also includes step-by-step com-
putations of real options valuation.
Serves as a primer on how to improve
designs, make better decisions, and commu- Catalog no. 71696, January 2010, 253 pp.
nicate more effectively in an international ISBN: 978-1-4200-7169-6, $79.95 / 49.99
working environment
Reflects the authors multidisciplinary per-
spective and their experience in working on Logistics
projects around the world A Practical
Uses a case study format based on system Introduction
improvement projects and real industrial Erick C. Jones
projects, ranging from design to supply chain University of Nebraska, Lincoln,
and logistics problems USA

The challenge that engineers face in a global envi- Christopher A. Chung

ronment results from the need to be aware of Seabrook, Texas, USA
interdependencies and to be able to determine Examining both past and future directions for
which ones are most important in each situation. RFID technology, this book presents an integrated
Unique in its focus on engineering, this book pro- logistics model along with a diversity of RFID
vides a framework for how to better design, make applications, in areas ranging from the tracking of
decisions, and communicate in the new era of people and animals to toll roads. It addresses
global competition. Useful as a reference, this both active and passive system component test-
book can also be adopted for classroom use and ing models and examines best practices for logis-
includes a solutions manual for qualifying instruc- tics integration. The text also covers mandates
tors. and standards, making it an ideal reference for
Catalog no. K10580, January 2010, 256 pp. either practitioners and instructors. The book con-
ISBN: 978-1-4398-1155-9, $89.95 / 57.99 tains Technical Notes sections, enabling readers
to move on to general concepts if that is their
immediate need but easily find technical informa-
tion on a case-by-case basis.
Catalog no. 9385, 2008, 520 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-8493-8526-1, $125.95 / 79.99

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Quality Control and Reliability

Coming Soon! New!

Asset Practical
Management Reliability
Excellence Engineering
Optimizing Equipment and Analysis for
Life-Cycle Decisions, System Design
Second Edition
and Life-Cycle
Edited by
John D. Campbell
William Wessels
Andrew K.S. Jardine University of Alabama, Huntsville, USA
University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Joel McGlynn Written for practicing engineers, Practical
IBM Global Business Services, Denver, Colorado, USA
Reliability Engineering and Analysis for
System Design and Life-Cycle Sustainment
During the eight years since the publication of departs from the mainstream stance on time-to-
Maintenance Excellence: Optimizing Equipment failure-based reliability engineering and analysis.
Life-Cycle Decisions, the business environment has It takes a far more analytical approach than those
changed drastically. Globalization, consolidation, textbooks that rely on exponential probability dis-
and changes in technology challenge asset man- tribution to characterize failure.
agement and maintenance professionals to be
more efficient. Reflecting developments in main- Instead, the author, who has been a reliability
tenance standards, approaches, and the use of engineer since 1975, focuses on those probability
technology to promote cost-effectiveness and distributions that more accurately describe the
efficiency, the second edition has been renamed true behavior of failure. He emphasizes failure that
Asset Management Excellence: Optimizing results from wear, while considering systems, the
Equipment Life-Cycle Decisions. individual components within those systems, and
New in the Second Edition: the environmental forces exerted on them.

Two new chapters on maintenance Dependable Products Are No Accident:

management fundamentals Follow a Clear Path to the Creation of
Coverage of leadership issues, the Consistently Reliable Products
implementation of new processes, and
change management Taking a step-by-step approach that is augment-
ed with current tables to configure wear, load,
Discussion of the design stage and key distribution, and other essential factors, this book
factors for successful implementation explores design elements required for reliability
Updated case studies and dependable systems integration and sustain-
Introduction to new software packages that ment. It then discusses failure mechanisms,
optimize a variety of maintenance and modes, and effectsas well as operator aware-
replacement decisions ness and participationand also delves into relia-
bility failure modeling based on time-to-failure
Although there have been patterns and trends
that have emerged around the world in asset data considering a variety of approaches.
management, the root principles are the same Catalog no. 94394, April 2010, 497 pp.
personnel with tools go out to address the needs ISBN: 978-1-4200-9439-8, $129.95 / 82.00
of maintaining assets. However, many of the
tools, technologies, and thought processes have
evolved and matured to allow a rethinking of the
deeper maintenance processes. For this edition, a
new set of authors and contributors have revisit-
ed the content, updated information, and added
new content based on the passage of time,
changes in thinking, and the introduction and
improvement in technologies.
Catalog no. 0300, August 2010, c. 398 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-8493-0300-5, $99.95 / 63.99

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Quality Control and Reliability

New! New!
Includes CD-ROM
What Works for
GE May Not Standardized
Work for You Work for
Using Human Noncyclical
Systems Dynamics to Processes
Build a Culture of Joseph Niederstadt
Process Improvement Gates Corporation, Suzhou,
Lawrence Solow P.R. of China
3-D Change, Inc., Westampton, New Jersey, USA While it is a given that most Lean companies
Brenda Fake adopt methods to standardize cyclical activities,
O-2 Optimizing Organizations, San Diego, California, USA they often fail to apply the same rigor to non-
cyclical work, believing that it cannot be meas-
" a must-read book for anyone involved in
ured. Standardized Work for Noncyclical
Lean, Six Sigma or other process improvement
Processes cuts to the core of this mistaken belief
and shows you how to measure nonrepeating job
Kristine Quade, author of Dynamical Leadership:
processes and eliminate waste associated with
Building Adaptive Capacity for Uncertain Times (2010)
noncyclical activities.
This informative book provides new tools for
managing and sustaining process improvements Taking a hands-on approach reflective of his time
in todays complex non-linear environments and as an operator on the line, Joseph Niederstadt lays
helps readers apply new, relevant theory to their out the methods he has instituted successfully in
own management practices. With more than 50 more than 30 factories around the world. He
combined years of change management and defines and details a proven process for building
process improvement consulting experience, the consistent quality products at reduced costs, and
authors offer valuable practical insights for creat- includes coverage of activities involving multiple
ing dynamic organizational change. machine job setters, maintenance, stockers, and
quality auditors. When implemented correctly
The first section of the book describes the key
bodies of knowledge and process improvement this method can help you increase utilization to
processes (Lean, Six Sigma, and Human Systems 85 percent through intelligent data collection.
Dynamics) used throughout the text. The book Presenting a wealth of process charts and
visual reference tools, the book illustrates
Focuses on the case story of TryinHard how to:
Marine, a manufacturer of sophisticated
navigation systems Identify abnormalities and waste
Highlights the dynamics of a typical linear Foster teamwork and knowledge sharing
process improvement implementation, and
chaos theory as it applies to groups Promote a safe work environment

Presents ways to combat a range of complex, Ensure a balanced workload

non-linear, and emergent organizational Establish a baseline for continuous improve-
issues as they arise during the implementa- ments
tion of a Six Sigma initiative
Throughout the text, the author references blank
Explains how to assess readiness to begin a forms and offers numerous examples of what the
process improvement initiative forms should look like when populated with the
Introducing additional tools and concepts that proper data. The CD that accompanies the book
enable adaptive action at all levels of an organiza- includes e-versions of all the forms, as well as
tion, this book provides useful information that can color versions of images found in the text.
be applied to any organization.
Catalog no. K11219, June 2010, 120 pp.
Catalog no. K11248, May 2010, 206 pp. Soft Cover, ISBN: 978-1-4398-2550-1
ISBN: 978-1-4398-2599-0, $39.95 / 25.99 $39.95 / 25.99

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Quality Control and Reliability

New! New!
Advances in Advances in
Occupational, Human Factors
Social, and and Ergonomics
Organizational in Healthcare
Ergonomics Edited by
Edited by Vincent G. Duffy
Peter Vink Purdue University, Indiana, USA
TNO, AS Hoofddorp, The Netherlands Based on recent research, Advances in Human
Jussi Kantola Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare discuss-
University of Turku, Salo, Finland es how to improve quality, safety, efficiency, and
A review of the latest research and an exploration effectiveness in patient care through the applica-
of future trends, Advances in Occupational, tion of human factors and ergonomics principles.
Social, and Organizational Ergonomics covers With contributions from experts around the
the optimization of sociotechnical systems, includ- world, this book provides guidance on the design
ing their organizational structures, policies, and and application of systems and devices for effec-
processes. A quick review of the contents reveals tive and safe healthcare delivery from both
the breadth and depth of the coverage, which patient and staff perspectives.
provides insights from global experts. The book
examines the modern workplace and the changes Topics include:
that have taken place in it. Challenges and Opportunities
Topics include: Patient and Staff Safety
Healthcare Quality
Crew Resource Management Patient Satisfaction
Work Design Proactive Design
Design of Working Times Error Prevention
Teamwork Standardization
Participatory Design Modeling and Simulation
Community Ergonomics
Risk Assessment and Reduction
Cooperative Work
New Work Paradigms Medical Device Development
Organizational Culture Telemedicine
Virtual Organizations The range of authoritative chapters covers every-
Telework thing from the proper design of bed rails to the
Quality management most efficient design of operating rooms, from
As business becomes progressively more global, the development of quality products to the rating
the demand for innovation and productivity of staff patient interaction. The contributors
increases yet the need for a healthy workforce and explore ways to prevent elderly patient falls and
ergonomically designed workspaces does not ways to make best use of electronic health
decrease. In all situations, humans interact with records. They examine staff interactions with
their environment, and the need for knowledge patients, computers, and medical devices as well
and knowing how to apply it is constant. With as how to improve organizational aspects in a
articles ranging in perspective from the individual healthcare setting and approaches to modeling
to the multi-organizational and coverage of set- and analysis targeting work aspects specific to
tings as varied as the factory floor, construction healthcare. Up-to-date and cutting-edge, this
sites, traditional and flexible office spaces, and vir-
book can help you increase efficiency and
tual environments, this book not only contributes
improve overall patient care and service delivery.
to knowledge development, but also to its wise
and expert application. Catalog no. K11576, June 2010, 900 pp.
Catalog no. K11582, July 2010, 860 pp. ISBN: 978-1-4398-3497-8, $79.95 / 49.99
ISBN: 978-1-4398-3507-4, $79.95 / 49.99

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Quality Control and Reliability

Coming Soon! Acceptance

Quality Management in Sampling in
Construction Projects Quality Control
Abdul Razzak Rumane Second Edition
Engineer, Consultant, SSH International Engineering Edward G. Schilling
Consultants, Kuwait Rochester Institute of
Concise and easy to read, this reference presents Technology, New York, USA
information on how to approach quality assur- Dean V. Neubauer
ance for construction projects. Containing quick Corning Incorporated,
reference tables and a wealth of figures, the book Horseheads, New York, USA
presents valuable quality-related data and guide- " equally useful for both practitioners and
lines, with coverage that spans from project researchers in the arena of statistical quality con-
inception through to issuance of a completion trol. At the end of each chapter, there are some
certificate. problems, with the solutions given at the end of the
text a nice addition to your personal library!"
Use this book to: Technometrics
Learn about different types of contract deliv- "Schillings first edition of Acceptance Sampling
erable systems in Quality Control is a classic, and is considered
by many as a must-have book for anyone work-
Anticipate costs involved with quality ing in quality control. The second edition, co-
Develop ways to assess your quality efforts authored with Dean Neubauer, updates and
improves upon the first."
In addition to covering standard procedures and Journal of Quality Technology
concepts, the author introduces and discusses a
wide range of state-of-the-art-tools and Integrating theory and practice, this comprehensive
approaches professionals can use to develop the book encompasses the most widely used accept-
ance sampling techniques. This edition introduces
Integrated Quality Management System most
the fundamentals of probability theory and includes
suitable for their specific project. These include:
coverage of ISO 2859 and 3951 standards and the
Six Sigma ASTM version (E2234) of MIL-STD-105E, along with
TRIZ a section on credit-based sampling plans. It also
Total Quality Management stresses the role of sampling schemes with switch-
ing rules and extensively discusses accept zero
ISO 9000 plans, including TNT, credit-based, the Nelson
ISO 14000 Environmental Management monograph for c=0, and MIL-STD-1916.
OHSAS 18000 Features
Covers the entire field of acceptance sam-
This information is also valuable for instructors pling, integrating both theory and practice
who wish to provide engineering students with Introduces the fundamentals of probability
an in-depth knowledge about current practices theory
and familiarize them with the vernacular used in Presents various standards, including those
discussing quality assurance practices within the from the ISO, MIL-STD, and ASTM
construction industry. Examines the new definition of acceptable
Catalog no. K11759, October 2010, c. 360 pp. quality level as well as changes in switching
ISBN: 978-1-4398-3871-6, $89.95 / 57.99 rules
Explores how acceptance control is used in
international trade
Deals with many derivative plans in a histori-
cal perspective to simplify comparison and
Discusses how to set quality levels
Includes problems at the end of each chapter
with solutions at the end of the text
Catalog no. C9527, 2009, 700 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-58488-952-6, $119.95 / 72.99

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Quality Control and Reliability

Human Second Edition

Reliability, of a Bestseller!
Error, and Product
Human Factors Reliability,
in Engineering Maintainability,
Maintenance and
with Reference to Supportability
Aviation and Power Handbook
Generation Second Edition
B.S. Dhillon Edited by
University of Ottawa, Canada
Michael Pecht
Of the billions of dollars spent on plant manage- University of Maryland, College Park, USA
ment and operation annually, an estimated 80
percent of the total amount is spent to rectify the The second edition of the bestselling Product
chronic failure of systems, machines, and Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability
Handbook helps professionals identify the short-
humans. Although information on human relia-
comings in the reliability practices of their organi-
bility, error, and human factors in engineering
zations and empowers them to take actions to
maintenance is scattered throughout journals and overcome them.
proceedings, no single resource covers all of these
topics within a maintenance safety framework. The book begins by discussing product effective-
Consulting different and diverse sources can not ness and its related functions, presents the mathe-
only make finding information laborious and time matical theory for reliability, and introduces statis-
consuming, but also cause delays on the job. tical inference concepts as ways to analyze proba-
bilistic models from observational data. Later
Human Reliability, Error, and Human Factors chapters introduce basic types of probability distri-
in Engineering Maintenance with Reference butions; present the concepts of confidence inter-
to Aviation and Power Generation: val; focus on reliability assessment; and examine
software reliability, quality, and safety.
Gives engineers a tool for meeting the
increasing problem of human error Use FMMEA to identify failure mechanisms
Draws from a myriad of sources to provide Reflecting developments in the field, the book
quick and easy access to information that can introduces the methodology known as Failure
then be immediately applied to actual prob- Modes, Mechanisms, and Effects Analysis (FMMEA)
lems in the field to identify potential failure mechanisms. Shifting to
a practical stance, the book delineates steps that
Includes examples and their solutions to illus- must be taken to develop a product that meets reli-
trate engineering safety management at ability objectives. It describes how to combine reli-
work and gives readers a view of the intensity ability information from parts and subsystems to
of developments in the area compute system level reliability, presents methods
The authors clear, concise, user-friendly style for evaluating reliability in fault-tolerant conditions,
breaks the information down into understandable and details methods for modeling and analyzing
failures of repairable products.
and applicable concepts. This book not only pro-
vides up-to-date coverage of the on-going efforts Topics in the Second Edition Include:
in human reliability, error, and human factors in
Confidence Interval on Reliability Metrics and
engineering maintenance, but also covers useful
their Relationships with Measures of Product
developments in the general areas of human fac- Quality
tors, reliability, and error. This information can
Process Control and Process Capability and
then be translated into increased maintenance
their Relationship with Product Reliability
safety that has a positive impact on the bottom
System Reliability, including Redundancy
Catalog no. 9879, 2009, 480 pp.
Catalog no. K10213, 2009, 200 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-8493-9879-7, $99.95 / 60.99
ISBN: 978-1-4398-0383-7, $89.95 / 54.99

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Quality Control and Reliability

New Edition of a Reliability

Bestseller! Analysis and
Reliability Prediction with
Engineering Warranty Data
and Risk Issues, Strategies,
Analysis and Methods
A Practical Guide, Bharatendra K. Rai
Second Edition University of Massachusetts, USA

Mohammad Modarres Nanua Singh

Consultant, Michigan, USA
and Mark Kaminskiy
University of Maryland, College Park, USA This easy-to-understand guide helps readers suc-
Vasiliy Krivtsov cessfully interpret warranty data to make accurate
Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan, USA
predictions. It discusses practical issues associated
with the modeling and analysis of warranty data
Reliability Engineering and Risk Analysis: A and includes a number of useful strategies to
Practical Guide, Second Edition has already reduce costs of warranties. The authors offer a
introduced a generation of engineers to the prac- step-by-step approach with flowcharts to extract
tical methods and techniques used in reliability meaningful information from the warranty data,
and risk studies applicable to numerous disci- demonstrating each approach with detailed
plines. Written for both practicing professionals application examples. They also illustrate the use
and engineering students, this comprehensive of neural networks in predicting warranty per-
overview of reliability and risk analysis techniques formance and show how other statistical method-
has been fully updated, expanded, and revised to ologies can help support strategic, tactical, and
meet current needs. It concentrates on reliability operational types of managerial decision making.
analysis of complex systems and their compo-
Catalog no. K10183, 2009, 184 pp.
nents and also presents basic risk analysis tech-
ISBN: 978-1-4398-0325-7, $79.95 / 48.99
The prediction of failures involves uncertainty,
and problems associated with failures are inher- Models of
ently probabilistic. Their solution requires optimal Network
tools to analyze strength of evidence and under- Reliability
stand failure events and processes to gauge con-
fidence in a designs reliability.
Combinatorics, and
Tools to Proactively Predict Failure Monte Carlo
Since reliability analysis is a multi-disciplinary sub- Ilya B. Gertsbakh
ject, the scope of this book applies to most engi- Ben Gurion University, Beer
neering disciplines, and its content is primarily Sheva, Israel
based on the materials used in undergraduate Yoseph Shpungin
and graduate-level courses at the University of Shamoon College of Engineering, Beer Sheva, Israel
Maryland. This book has greatly benefited from
its authors' industrial experience. It balances a Unique in its approach, this volume provides a
mixture of basic theory and applications and pres- brief introduction to Monte Carlo methods and a
ents a large number of examples to illustrate var- concise exposition of Reliability Theory ideas.
ious technical subjects. A proven educational tool, From there, it investigates a collection of principal
this bestselling classic will serve anyone working network reliability models problems and solu-
on real-life failure analysis and prediction prob- tionspresented in the form of efficient Monte
lems. It includes a solutions manual for qualifying Carlo algorithms. Complete with many illustra-
instructors, and is also useful as a professional ref- tions, numerical examples, and tables, this is an
erence. ideal resource for practical self study. Also useful
as a professional reference, this book includes a
Catalog no. 9247, January 2010, 471 pp. solutions manual for qualifying instructors.
ISBN: 978-0-8493-9247-4, $99.95 / 39.99
Catalog no. K10902, January 2010, 217 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4398-1741-4, $79.95 / 49.99

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Quality Control and Reliability

Reliability The Weibull

Technology, Distribution
A Handbook
Human Error,
Horst Rinne
and Quality in University of Giessen
Health Care Compiling findings from
B.S. Dhillon many scientific journals and
University of Ottawa, Ontario, research papers, this hand-
Canada book focuses on the origin,
A compilation of data from a wide variety of statistical properties, and
sources, this book discusses medical device main- related distributions of the Weibull distribution. It
tenance, human error reporting systems and also presents various approaches to estimate the
models for predicting human reliability and error, parameters of this distribution under all possible
patient safety, quality methods, and steps for situations of sampling data as well as approaches
improving quality in healthcare. Highlights to parameter and goodness-of-fit testing. The
include a chapter on mathematical concepts and author provides illustrative examples from the
another chapter containing introductory material biological, environmental, health, physical, and
on reliability technology, human error, and quali- social sciences and lists several statistical software
ty considered essential to understanding materials packages capable of performing Weibull analysis.
presented in subsequent chapters. The book con- The extensive bibliography includes 1,200
tains examples, their solutions, and end-of-chap- research papers on the theory and application of
ter problems. the Weibull distribution.
Catalog no. 65580, 2008, 216 pp. Catalog no. C7436, 2009, 808 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-6558-9, $89.95 / 57.99 ISBN: 978-1-4200-8743-7, $99.95 / 66.99

Configuration Engineering
Management Design Reliability
Implementation, Applications
Principles, and For the Aerospace,
Applications for Automotive and Ship
Manufacturing Industries
Industries Edited by
Joseph Sorrentino Efstratios Nikolaidis,
Lean Quality Systems, Dana Dan M. Ghiocel, and
Point, California Suren Singhal
This authoritative guide emphasizes that configu- Highlighting the competitive advantage available
ration management is driven by designers, not by from using risk-based reliability design in the
the often unpredictable whims of end-users. It aerospace, automotive, defense, and shipbuilding
also addresses ways to overcome missing tribal industries, this book provides an overview of how
wisdom the tendency to fall into the new- to apply probabilistic approaches and reliability
newer-newest syndrome, always looking for the methods to engineering problems. Engineers
next great technology or software. The book con- from the industry and national labs and universi-
tains more than 60 reader-friendly tables, figures, ty researchers present success stories and quanti-
and checklists to help bolster understanding and fy the benefits of reliability design for their organ-
provides an unprecedented overview of this izations. They demonstrate how to convince col-
groundbreaking management style. The text leagues and management of the potential bene-
presents case studies in which an understanding fits of these approaches in allowing their organi-
of configuration management principles would zations to accrue significant benefits and increase
have saved valuable time and financial resources. dramatically their competitiveness.
Catalog no. 75128, 2009, 123 pp. Catalog no. 51326, 2008, 376 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-7512-0, $73.95 / 46.99 ISBN: 978-1-4200-5132-2, $135.95 / 86.00

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New! New!
Intelligent Process Plants
Energy Field A Handbook for
Manufacturing Inherently Safer
Interdisciplinary Design, Second
Process Innovations Edition
Trevor Kletz
Edited by
Paul Amyotte
Wenwu Zhang
Dalhousie University, Canada
GE Global Research Center,
Schenectady, New York, USA How far will an ounce of prevention really go?
While the answer to that question may never be
Edited by a prominent researcher with contribu-
truly known, Process Plants: A Handbook for
tions from experts in their individual areas,
Inherently Safer Design, Second Edition takes us
Intelligent Energy Field Manufacturing: several steps closer. The book demonstrates not
Interdisciplinary Process Innovations explores a just the importance of prevention, but the impor-
new philosophy of engineering. An in-depth intro- tance of designing with prevention in mind. It
duction to intelligent Energy Field Manufacturing emphasizes the role of inherent safety in process
(EFM), this book explores a fresh engineering safety management systems and in ensuring an
methodology that not only integrates but goes appropriate process safety culture. Keeping the
beyond methodologies such as Design for Six easy to understand style that made the first edition
Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Concurrent so popular, this book clearly delineates practical,
Engineering, TRIZ, green and sustainable manu- everyday issues and complex technical ones.
facturing, and more. This book gives a systematic
The second edition provides:
introduction to classic nonmechanical manufac-
turing processes as well as offering big pictures of Coverage of new inherent safety metrics and
some technical frontiers in modern engineering. how to measure the degree or level of inher-
ent safety
This book: New examples of application of the various
Explains how any manufacturing process is principles of inherently safer design and 20
actually a process of injecting human intelli- new figures
gence into the interaction between material New emphasis on the role of inherently safer
and the various energy fields in order to trans- design in process safety management sys-
fer the material into desired configurations tems and in ensuring an appropriate process
safety culture
Discusses technological innovation, dynamic
M-PIE flows, the generalities of energy fields, Discussion of dust explosion risk reduction by
logic functional materials and intelligence, the means of inherently safer approaches
open scheme of intelligent EFM implementa- A new chapter on case study development,
tion, and the principles of intelligent EFM providing a comprehensive approach to the
prevention and mitigation of process inci-
Takes a highly interdisciplinary approach that
dents by timely incorporation of inherently
includes research frontiers such as micro/nano
safer design
fabrication, high strain rate processes, laser
shock forming, materials science and engi- This updated version of a classic examines how to
neering, bioengineering, etc. incorporate inherently safer design into process
Addresses the so called nontraditional man- industry activities, revising and updating informa-
ufacturing processes, which covers waterjet tion based on recent research and developments.
machining, laser material processing, ultrason- A how-to resource at its core, the book includes
ic material processing, EDM/ECM, etc. numerous examples that illustrate the principles
of inherently safer design and how to apply them
Rich in illustrative pictures, figures, and tables that in practice. It explains how to measure the inher-
make technical materials more absorbable, this ent safeness of a process, referencing metric tools
volume cuts across multiple engineering disci- that have been developed during the past decade
plines. and the tried and true methods that have become
industry standbys.
Catalog no. 71017, July 2010, 728 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-7101-6, $149.95 / 95.00 Catalog no. K10249, May 2010, 384 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4398-0455-1, $99.95 / 63.99

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Safety, Health,
Engineering and
Mega-Systems Environmental
The Challenge of
Systems Engineering
in the Information A Practical Guide
Age Simon W. Pain
Solway Consulting Group,
Renee Stevens Dalbeattie, Scotland, UK
MITRE, McLean, Virginia, USA
Many competent organizations have extensive
With their ability to cross traditional boundaries and safety, health, and environmental protocols in
achieve a level of functionality greater than their place, but still find that things go wrong. Having
component elements, mega-systems have helped good quality instructions is only half the battle.
coporations and government organizations around An equally crucial part of a good quality process
the world resolve complex challenges that they oth- is auditing, the step that ensures compliance with
erwise couldnt address with stand-alone systems. the procedures. Safety, Health, and
Engineering Mega-Systems: The Challenge of Environmental Auditing: A Practical Guide
Systems Engineering in the Information Age provides down to earth guidance on improving
provides a clear understanding of the engineering safety, health, and environmental performance,
of this class of systemsa process that demands supplying a starting point for developing auditing
consideration of increasing program scale and the protocols and knowing how to implement them.
rapid change of underlying technologies.
In contrast to the overly-academic and uninspir-
This book: ing tone of many auditing books, this text gives
accessible, user-friendly advice in a step-by-step
Examines commercial and government appli-
manner. Based on novel auditing techniques
cations of mega-systems to provide insight
designed to overcome common problems in the
into the contemporary challenges of engi-
neering these systems in three critical dimen- audit process, this book:
sions: engineering processes, management Emphasizes accurate auditing that is repre-
processes sentative and repeatable
Presents two case studies in engineering Makes key information easily accessible to
mega-systems that illustrate valuable lessons refresh your memory prior to or during an
learned and highlight emerging practices audit.
Supplies the understanding and the tools Provides a set of audit protocols covering 60
needed to begin engineering, characterizing, different aspects of environmental, health,
and acquiring mega-systems across multiple and safety management, and frequently
dimensions used, practical administrative checklists useful
Written by Renee Stevens, a Senior Principal for planning and conducting the audit
Engineer at The MITRE Corporation with decades The book integrates the concepts of safety,
of experience analyzing, engineering, and acquir- health, and environmental auditing into a com-
ing large-scale systems for the the U.S. Department mon approach of loss prevention. Based on the
of Defense and other government agencies, this authors 16 years of developing and teaching EHS
book explains how the engineering of mega-sys- auditing techniques, it conveys the practical tricks
tems is inherently different from that of large-scale of the trade in an interesting and memorable way.
monolithic systems. It supplies the vocabulary and Not only does the book advise on the human fac-
framework needed to explore the issues relevant to tor elements of successful auditing, but it also
mega-systems. This framework then evolves into provides a detailed methodology, both on paper
the Profiler diagnostic tool that helps you under- and in simple-to-use software, that shows organi-
stand the nature and context of the system at hand zations how to conduct their own audits in an
and, on that basis, select the most appropriate effective manner.
processes, tools, and techniques.
Catalog no. K11449, April 2010, 230 pp.
Catalog no. AU6663, July 2010, 254 pp. ISBN: 978-1-4398-2947-9, $89.95 / 57.99
ISBN: 978-1-4200-7666-0, $89.95 / 54.99

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Modeling and
Coming Soon!
Supply Chain Reverse
Leadership Engineering
Setting the Technology of
Conditions for Reinvention
Excellence Wego Wang
University of Massachusetts,
Joseph L Walden Lowell, USA
Supply Chain Leadership
Institute, Kansas City, Missouri, USA Written to advance the technology of reinvention
Applying his 30 years of supply chain experience and improve the competitiveness of commercial
and exemplary leadership, Joe Walden invites sup- parts in the aftermarket, this volume discusses the
ply chain managers to step up and become supply proper measuring and analyses required to repro-
chain leaders in pursuit of new levels of excellence. duce or repair an original equipment manufactur-
In addition to providing a roadmap to leadership er (OEM) part using modern reverse engineering
for supply chain professionals, the book fills a gap technologies. Covering regulations that govern
in most university curriculums by serving as a prac- this practice, the author includes numerous real-
tical manual on leadership. The book details the world examples and enables readers to determine
qualities considered benchmarks for measuring if a duplicated or repaired part can meet the
leadership success. It also provides a historical look design functionality of the original. Going beyond
at leadership in supply chain management com- industrial manufacturing, this volume also looks
plemented by original interviews with leaders in at the use of reverse engineering in academic
industry and government across three continents. research and legal and forensic analyses.
Features Catalog no. K10314, September 2010, c. 330 pp.
Provides detailed instruction on how supply ISBN: 978-1-4398-0630-2, $139.95 / 89.00
chain managers can become supply chain
Offers a detailed historical look at the charac-
teristics of successful leaders What Every
Demonstrates how the characteristics and Engineer Should
benchmarks are expressed in complex and
diverse organizations Know about
Setting the Foundation. What Is Leadership, and Adrian B. Biran
How Does It Differ from Management? Sun Tzu Technion -- Israel Institute of
on Leadership. Six Sigma Leadership. LEADER- Technology, Israel
SHIP: The Attributes of Leadership. L1: Loyalty.
E+1: Ethics and Honesty. A3: Attitude, Aptitude, Using examples from mathematics, mechanical
Accountability. D5: Determination, Dedication, and electrical engineering, and control and signal
Discipline, Devotion, Decisiveness. E4: Equality, processing, this book provides an introduction to
Example, Expectations, Enthusiasm. R3: Respect, MATLAB and Simulink and examines the advan-
Responsibility, Reliability. S2: Self- tages and limitations of both. The author demon-
Development/Employee Development, Serving strates how to visualize the results of calculations
Leadership. H5: Humor, Happiness, Health, in various kinds of graphical representations, how
Humility, Heart. I3: Integrity, Inspiration to write useful script files and functions for solving
Supply Chain Intelligence and Supply Chain specific problems, how to avoid disastrous com-
Leadership Integrity. P4: Professional Pride, putational errors, and how to insert calculations
Planning, Passion, People. Applications. and graphs into technical reports produced by
Coaching, Teaching, Mentoring. Benchmarking either MS Word or LaTeX. Companion software
Leadership and Leadership Metrics. Conclusions with functions and script files is available online.
and Final Thoughts. Appendix 1. Index.
Catalog no. K10511, July 2010, 449 pp.
Catalog no. AU397X, 2009, 216 pp. Soft Cover, ISBN: 978-1-4398-1020-0
ISBN: 978-1-4200-8397-2, $79.95 / 48.99 $69.95 / 44.99

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Getting Design
Stories from Right
My Sensei A Systems Approach
Two Decades of
Peter L. Jackson
Lessons Learned Cornell University, Ithaca, New
Implementing York, USA
Classroom-tested and indus-
Systems try-reviewed, this text takes
Steve Hoeft readers through the steps of
Altarum Institute, Ann Arbor, customer-focused design. It
Michigan, USA integrates aspects from both design and systems
In the tradition of Taoist philosophers and Zen engineering to provide a solid understanding of
masters, Steve Hoeft tells the stories he learned the fundamental principles and best practices in
from his Toyota Production System (TPS) master these areas. The author examines software engi-
teachers. Sometimes enigmatic, sometimes neering from a behavioral perspective that results
funny, but always powerful and enlightening, in an object-oriented methodology. He also pres-
these stories of continuous improvement and ents a holistic view of design by covering project
Lean implementation are organized around the management and scheduling. Through case stud-
Toyota House framework. ies and useful design challenges, the text encour-
ages readers to create an initial product design
After covering historical and foundational aspects and project plan. Numerous relevant spreadsheet
of TPS, the stories go on to illustrate a wealth of files are available on the books website.
essential topics encompassing the timeless,
unchanging principles of Just-In-Time, Built in Catalog no. K10556, January 2010, 392 pp.
Quality, and Respect for People, and delves into ISBN: 978-1-4398-1115-3, $79.95 / 49.99
specifics on many tools like kanban, Quick
Changeover, and A3 Problem Solving.
"Steve is one of the few leaders in the US that is
truly a TPS expert. He has not only written the Architecture
way to be successful but he also demonstrated it and Principles
successfully within various companies while of Systems
keeping TPS pure and simple.
Phil Lardiere, President Pendleton Group Inc., and
author of X C.E. Dickerson
Loughborough University,
Ideal for individual learning and reflection as well Leicestershire, UK
as for use with groups, Stories From My Sensei
provides key insights into how and how-not-to D.N. Mavris
implement TPS principles. Reflection questions Georgia Institute of Technology,
Atlanta, USA
accompany each story to help readers apply the
lessons to their own situationssituations that Rooted in the long-standing practices of engi-
will ultimately become the basis of stories handed neering, science, and mathematics, this book
down to the next generation. gives readers the foundation and elementary
methods to step into the domain of model-based
Catalog no. K10850, January 2010, 180 pp.
architecture and systems engineering practices. It
ISBN: 978-1-4398-1654-7, $29.95 / 18.99
explores the fundamentals of systems architec-
ture, describes how it fits into systems engineer-
ing, explains the role of a systems architect, and
provides succinct recommendations on how sys-
tems architecture should be practiced.
Catalog no. AU7253, January 2010, c. 496 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-4200-7253-2, $89.95 / 54.99

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Principles of Project
Supply Chain Management of
Management Complex and
Richard E. Crandall and Embedded
Charlie C. Chen Systems
Appalachian State University,
Boone, North Carolina, USA Ensuring Product
William R. Crandall Integrity and
University of North Carolina, Program Quality
Pembroke, USA Kim H. Pries
Going beyond the usual supply chain text, Stoneridge Electronics North America, El Paso, Texas, USA
Principles of Supply Chain Management not Jon M. Quigley
only details the individual components of the sup- Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
ply chain but also illustrates how the pieces must Featuring techniques from the Department of
come together for an effective supply chain. Defense and the automotive industry, this refer-
Providing the logic behind why supply chain ence explains how to deliver a reliable, complex
management is essential, the text examines how system or product to market. The book provides
supply chains are evolving, looks ahead to future a step-by-step tutorial on how to secure quality in
developments, and also: complex products by incorporating various tech-
niques for embedded software development.
Provides a balanced look at supply chains Each step in the development process is covered
with a focus on where it needs to be the in detail with supplementary case studies that
customer illustrate potential challenges in each phase of
Describes the forward supply chain (from the development and provide a base for deriving
supplier to the customer) and the reverse future solutions.
supply chain (recycling) Catalog no. AU7205, 2009, 376 pp.
Reviews contemporary sustainability concepts ISBN: 978-1-4200-7205-1, $94.95 / 60.99
including triple bottom line, cradle-to-grave,
and cradle-to-cradle Introduction to
Includes extensive discussions on retailing, Precision
distribution, and manufacturing topics Machine Design
Details supply chain flows of physical goods, and Error
information, and funds Assessment
Highlights the need for coordinated change Edited by
in technology, infrastructure, and cultures Samir Mekid
among supply chain members
King Fahd University of Petroleum
Focusing on the customer and working backward and Minerals, Saudi Arabia
from the point of distribution all the way back to Ultra-precision machines are now capable of sub-
the point of origin, including the extractive indus- nanometer accuracy, but unique challenges con-
tries of mining and agriculture, the text provides tinue to arise due to their tight specifications.
numerous examples and case histories to outline a Addressing the challenges involved in the design
proven approach for achieving effective supply process, this text explains how to devise an over-
chain integration. This self-contained resource all design strategy for precision systems and how
provides readers with a realistic appraisal of the to identify errors affecting accuracy. It also defines
state of the art in supply chain management and suitable metrology for inspection and perform-
the understanding needed to build and manage ance evaluation. Both a reference for profession-
effective supply chains in a wide-range of indus- als looking to stay abreast of this developing field,
tries. Most importantly, it emphasizes the need for as well as a textbook for engineering students,
building and maintaining cooperation and collab- this work reviews design fundamentals and offers
access to essential information including interna-
oration among all members of the supply chain.
tional standards.
Catalog no. 91077, January 2010, 645 pp.
Catalog no. 7886, 2009, 302 pp.
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The Latest Developments in
Maintenance Standards, Approaches,
and Use of Technology

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