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Checked File Instructions

What is the Check My File feature?

The Check My File feature allows you to validate your Inventory File Template before creating or upda
your listings in the Amazon catalogue.

The feature detects errors in the file, and adds information and formatting that allows you to identify
that triggered errors and warnings. You can then correct the errors and warnings in the same file, an
upload the corrected file to create or update your listings on Amazon.

The Check My File feature helps sellers to:

- Identify and correct common errors
- Identify and correct quality alerts

Note: The Check My File feature does not update or create listings, even if no errors or warnings are

Print this page

This page contains information you need in order to review your file for errors and suggestions detec
the feature, make corrections, and upload your corrected Inventory File Template to Amazon. We
recommend that you print this page so you can refer to it when needed.

Save a copy of this file as an Excel worksheet on your hard drive. Then review the Template tab in yo
checked file for detected errors and suggestions using the guidelines below.

Are you using the latest template version?

We continue to improve and publish new category-specific Inventory File Templates that include new
attributes, valid values, and other changes.

Navigate to Seller Central>Inventory>Add Products via Upload>Download template to download the

version for your products.

Errors, warnings, and suggestions

On the Template tab of the checked file, columns A and B will show the following information:

# of attributes with errors

Number of errors found for a specific SKU/row. Errors will block your listings from being created on A

Review the entire row to identify errors, which are highlighted in orange and show the error message
comment box. To read the message in the comment box, move your cursor over the highlighted cell.
may need to expand the comment box to see the entire message.
# of attributes with other suggestions

Number of warnings or suggestions found for a specific SKU/row. Warnings or suggestions will not blo
your listings from being created on Amazon. However, if you fix warnings or suggestions, customers
discover your products more easily.

Review the entire row to identify warnings or suggestions. Warnings are highlighted in yellow and sho
warning message in a comment box. Amazon may also suggest changes to your file based on the dat
youve provided. These suggestions are highlighted in blue and details are provided in a comment bo
read the message in the comment box, move your cursor over the highlighted cell. You may need to
the comment box to see the entire message.

Once you have finished reviewing and correcting the file

When you have finished making corrections to your product data in the Template tab, save the file as
(tab-delimited) (*.txt) file. Excel saves the active sheet only (the Template tab) as a text file.

This is your inventory file that you will upload through Inventory>Add Products via Upload in Seller C

Still have questions?

See seller Help.
Checked File Summary
Number of records checked 0
Number of records with errors 2
Number of records with warnings 1

Type of error Number of errors

90005 1
Total number of errors 1

Type of warning Number of warnings

90004 1
Total number of warnings 1

Total errors and warnings 2

Error message example
There are too many unmappable bytes in the file. Further listings containing invalid characters will be ignored and will not have

Warning message example

On line 18, character 7 contains the invalid value 0x8d, which has been removed. Causes may include unsupported symbols tha
be ignored and will not have error messages.

de unsupported symbols that display as extra spaces or as unexpected characters. To cease receiving this warning message, remove these
warning message, remove these invalid characters and resubmit your feed.
C "
} !1A Qa "q 2 #B R$3br
#3R br
$4% &'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz
} )=@ z(
( ( OU QE QE QFz( Fz( g =
l 6{( ( Fz( g3g> lP Q@ 6Fz 6{( S g =
KEH Q E;g =nz6{{+SQ@ ! g2 E:@ Q@ GOFz 6z6{} @2( N
m:@ Q@ Q@ } QE QEH Q@ } QE QE } (
( L@ QE QE QE QEH c E P E P L*( (( E 2} )P ( ( ( ( m ( S
m:@ 3g> R>AQE
Q E?ge =P
)J? lQ@ S^ ( ( u % Q@ Q@ QR hQT h=6 E O (=
(EH QT LA#(AC(@ EH E 1+( QE =O E> e2-QE @ QE } 2~z6{ (P E? rQ QKq#/
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!A>M= G;6? [: .('~0S3?8 v' o>0 n  ?
](E mJ( x o_9f 8 s m#u|N* ] >,xnLo V+s
(l Gn S hw*
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