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Nama : Risky Sulaiman

NPM : 166020301111030

Daftar Penelitian Akuntansi Forensik dan Budaya

No. Judul Autor Tahun Jurnal

1 Corporate culture and the occurrence of Normah Omar, Procedia Economics and Finance
financial statement fraud : a review of Zulaikha Amirah
literature 2015
Johari, Suhaily
2 The Rise of Fraud Examination and Wilson E. Herbert, Society for science and education
Forensic Accounting in Africa: The Nigerian Ioraver N. Tsegba,
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Francis Onyilo
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endroiu and 2013
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5 Corporate Crime: A Comparison of Culture Economics & Business Journal: Inquiries &
at Enron and Satyam Deepti Khedekar 2010 Perspectives
6 Cultural Implications for the Appraisal Cross Cultural Management: An International
Process Stephan Groeschl 2003 Journal Volume 10 Number 1 (of four
issues) 2003
7 Implementing innovative financial models in different cultures: A comparative
Mauricio Cross
of China
& Strategic
and Mexico
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8 National culture and fraud risk: exploratory Dessalegn Getie Journal of Financial Reporting and
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9 Mind the gap, progress towards developing Journal of Financial Crime ISSN: 1359-0790
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Rasheed Babalola
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Understanding the behavioral side of Hendi Yogi 17 Issue: 3, pp.306-326
corruption in Indonesia Prabowo

20 Effect of Place of Incorporation, Chinese Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies

Culture, and Business Practices on Josephine Chui-ling Special Issue: The Special Issue on Finance
Corporate Fraud: Evidence from Hong Kong Pang, Simon Ming- 2017 and Ethics Volume 46, Issue 2, pages 221
Listed Companies sum Lo 245,