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Heat absorption due to
Data gathering
Inconsistent frequency insulation issues minuscule error
The System is undergoing a of recording data Difference in temperature with the
slight fatigue due to more than suction of compressor and Human
5 hrs. of nonstop usage discharge of evaporator fatigue Errors in the
Differential Frictional losses
in data on piping due to
System errors computation flowing R-22 Fluctuating
flow of Gathering
Moisture is possibly present in Inconsistent wattage
Ref Effect accuracy during
the evaporator and frost has Inconsistent the experiment
developed in evaporator coils Cooling effort was affected
load errors Performance Test of
ED - 5840
COP - 3.8415
Low Cooling COP - 4.5
load capacity EC - 0.75980
Rounding off Ventilation of
Insufficient errors the room was EC - 0.7 - 0.9
volume of R-22 Insulations in the Computational Not properly undesirable System was
piping that are errors calibration of inside of a non
inefficient measuring Noise level was ideal room for
Difficulty of reading
device unbearable such experiment
gauges in analog devices Heat absorption Inaccurate sometimes
was present Data gathered
Data gathering errors resulting
to errors computation



As you can see from the above chart, the Man has In the Pareto Chart above, you can easily see the causes of possible
errors in the experiment done with the ED - 5840 in a graphical manner. The frequencies or the number of possible errors
within each category from the Fish Bone Diagram were all graphed accordingly and properly.

easily the most number of possible errors/frequencies that can happen to group while doing the experiment. This just
translates that out of all the errors that can happen to the group, the errors within the Man category are easily much more
susceptible compared to any other errors listed below every category but Man.

Following the Man is the Method. This shows that all the errors done in the process on how the each member of the group
did their assigned task definitely affects the outcome of the experiment. And this kind of errors are also very susceptible to
the group whose focus and interest in doing the experiment was lacking.

Measurement errors was the third to list of the errors that can damage the result and the overall findings of the experiment.
These kinds of errors are the errors that are due to inefficiency of the measuring instruments and the unavoidable errors
done by the members of the group out of their understanding.

Fourth to the most influential errors that has been described in the Pareto chart was the Machine. These are the errors that
are unverifiable by the members of the group because these errors are the small inefficiencies of the machine, leaks and

The fifth parametric errors shown in the chart was the Materials error. These kind of errors are errors that are brought by
the measuring tools down to the refrigerant itself. And the last errors that barely affects the outcome of the experiment are
Surrounding errors. These kind of errors are the inaccuracy in the temperature, pressure and friction differences.