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The Energy Flows Through Us

The Energy Flows Through Us


Speed Control and Well Monitoring Package for

Rod Pump Applications Key Features

For wells that require the next level in pump control, Optimizes pump down for maximum production per cycle
Lufkins Variable Speed Drive unites pump-off control  rogrammable interstroke speed changes for
precise speed control
with the ability to fluctuate pump speed for enhanced
Automatic pump override prevents mechanical damage
productivity on every stroke. Fully integrated Lufkin
 omprehensive well diagnostics for anticipating
Well Manager technology provides accurate and production complications
immediate downhole information the Drive uses to  n-site and remote access to user-defined parameters
match pump rate to the wells inflow in real time. for additional safety and control
Even as conditions change, the Variable Speed Drive  odbus programming allows adjustment via unit LCD
ensures your pump runs at an optimal speed for peak display or remote SCADA interface
production.  rotects equipment from damage and thermal
motor overload

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Variable Speed Drive

Real Time Stroke Management Analysis

Load (LB)
4623 Current Stroke Set Point


2660 The Variable Speed Drive with Lufkin Well


No change
Manager technology gives you ultimate
within optimal
performance range control when your well cant be shut down.
Current Pump Fillage
-12248 Current Pump Fillage Speed is increased if
fillage rises above limit
Speed is decreased if fillage
drops below limit Protects Your Equipment and Investment

85% Pump Fillage Setpoint
minus deadband
95% Pump Fillage Setpoint
plus deadband
The Variable Speed Drive (VSD) protects your equipment by adjusting
0 18 37 56 75 pump speed as well conditions change to avoid working load
Position (IN)
violations or motor overload. An incorporated Lufkin Well Manager
A real-time stroke management analysis shows how the LWM with (LWM) monitors all aspects of production, such as pump fillage and
VSD continually monitors, analyzes, records, and adjusts pump torque, while the VSD uses that information to choose the best pump
speed to match any variations within a well.
speed, facilitiating sustained pumping and improving productivity.

RPC Ver. 6.14 CS: 06206EC1 07-25-2011 14:02

RPC Status Screen
Lufkin VSDs are the ideal solution for
RTU Address 0145
Current Well State Pumping-Normal Mode
Elapsed Time 000:07:17 Fluid with high sanding
Control Mode VSD-DH
Operation Mode Normal
Minimum Pump Strokes 005 Heavy crude production
Downtime 000:05(hh:mm)
Guage Off Time(GOT) 00:00
Steam flood operations
Run Yesterday 100 % 24:00 (hh:mm)
Run Since GOT 099 % 14:10 (hh:mm)
Liquid Oil Water TBGas
Low bottom-hole pressure
bbls bbls bbls mscf
SWT Since GOT 0149.8 0134.9 0014.9 112.5 Pump sticking
Yesterday SWT 0235.7 0212.2 0023.5 172.8
Inst SWT (per day) 0277.7 0250.0 0027.7 175.7
Projected SWT (per day) 0251.0 0225.9 0025.1 188.6
Pump Fillage 089.57 %
Pumping Speed 06.94 spm
VFD Speed Command 0050.0 Hz
VFD Output Speed 049.93 Hz
Customize to Your Well Conditions
The VSD cabinet arrives wired with LWM technology, so even
workers with limited experience can set up the unit and activate
User-friendly LCD display lets you choose default Quick Start settings
or adjust VSD and LWM parameters as needed. Quick Start programming to view and edit default parameters that
are appropriate for most well conditions. For situations that require
Display Type: SURFACE & DOWNHOLE precise control, settings can be fine-tuned on the fly using the
Current State: Pumping-Normal Mode .... 000:02:15
cabinet LCD monitor or a remote SCADA interface. Easily customized
Load(lbs) Curr Load
32979 13524 monitoring and speed settings also give you the option to program
28898 103.41
28898 PeakLoad the unit to automatically stop, settle at a pre-defined speed, or travel
20735 32273 at different interstroke speeds all to match your well conditions.
16653 33000
12572 Min Load
8490 13321 The VSD system stays in tune with your wells production by
4408 12000 constantly adjusting pump speed based on dynamometer card
327 Pmp Fillage
Set %090.0 readings. It will also slow a pumping unit just enough to avoid
Curr 098.9
Consec 013 working load violations, helping manage rod float problems and
Calc Fluid
Load 6310
0 42 84 127 169 peak rod load issues with heavy oil.
Position (in) SPM 06.93
[DELETE]-Clear Screen

System automatically adjusts speed based on dynamometer card

readings for optimal production and pump down.

2 Lufkin.com/Automation
2013 Lufkin Industries LLC. All rights reserved. OF11-0002-R01
Variable Speed Drive

Variable Speed Drive Specifications

Power Rating 10-200 HP, 7.5-150 kw
Voltage 460 V (+10%, -20%) or 600 V (+10, -15%)
Power Supply Frequency 50/60 Hz (5%)
Phase Three Phase or Single Phase (derated to 50%)
Voltage 0-Max input voltage
Rated Output
Frequency Range 0.01-500 Hz

Overload Current Rating 150% for 60 seconds, 165% for 2 seconds

Dynamic Braking Circuit Built-in IGBT 7
Motor Control Sensorless Vector or V/Hz
Protection Built-in surge protection that meets UL 1449, Rev 3

460 V 10-150 HP: Built-in EMI noise filter (EN5501

Built-in Filter
Class A, EN61800-3 category 3 compliant)
460 V 25-100 HP (18.5-75 kW),
Built-in DC Reactor
Built-in DC Link Reactor
460 V 125-200 HP (90-112.5 kW),
Attached AC Reactor
Cooling Method Forced air
Ambient Temperature/ -40 to 60C (derate above 50C), 0-95% relative
Relative Humidity humidity, non-condensing (as integrated package)
Enclosure NEMA 3R
Full output to 1,000 m (3,281 ft) elevation
Derate 1% for each additional 100 m (328 ft)

Lufkin Well Manager Features

2500+ status registers
Peak/min load Pump fillage

Production trending and event logs

60 day history Programmable oil cut
Pump leakage Last 400 point load

Surface and downhole dynamometer

cards (current & historical)

Remote control via SCADA interface

Modbus master programming

Advanced RTU features

Expanded I/O Logic expression
Register logging, AGA 3/NX-19 gas
calculator, alarms flow calculation

2013 Lufkin Industries LLC. All rights reserved. OF11-0002-R01 3
Variable Speed Drive

Front Side
Additional Equipment for
Even Better Performance

Harmonic Filters
Where power quality may be of concern,
Lufkin passive and active harmonic filters
reduce harmonics levels below 10 percent.
Call us to ask about harmonics mitigation
C options that could work for you.

Dynamic Braking Resistors

Add a Dynamic Braking Resistor (DBR) kit
to prevent over-speeding during negative
torque cycles. Lufkin DBR kits are easily
installed and available for a variety of well
conditions. Each kit includes cooling fans
and a thermal protection unit.

Lufkin VSDs are available in five cabinet sizes to meet your site requirements.

460V 600V Dimensions: in (mm) Weight

HP Range HP Range A B C D E lb (kg)
34 36 70 31 20 335
10-30 10-30
(864) (914) (1778) (787) (508) (151)
46 24 70 34 22 415
40-50 N/A
(1168) (610) (1778) (864) (559) (188)
46 24 70 34 24 495
60-100 40-100
(1168) (610) (1778) (864) (610) (224)
52 18 70 38 26 645
125-150 N/A
(1321) (457) (1778) (965) (660) (269)
62 10 72 38 26 845
200 N/A
(1575) (254) (1778) (965) (660) (384)

The DBR mounts to the top of the VSD

cabinet for effective, out-of-the-way operation.

Automation Headquarters
811 Willow Oak Drive
Missouri City, Texas 77489

p: (281) 495-1100
f: (281) 495-6333
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