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Pre-Checks before unmounting the Datastore:

1.If the LUN is being used as a VMFS datastore, all objects (such as virtual machines,
snapshots, and templates) stored on the VMFS datastore are unregistered or moved
to another datastore using storage vMotion. You can Browse the datastore and
verify no objects are placed on the datatsore.

2. Ensure the Datastore is not used for vSphere HA heartbeat.

3. Ensure the Datastore is not part of a Datastore cluster and not managed by
Storage DRS.

4. Datastore should not be used as a Diagnostic coredump partition.

5. Storage I/O control should be disabled for the datastore.

6. No third-party scripts or utilities are accessing the datastore.

7. If the LUN is being used as an RDM, remove the RDM from the virtual machine.
Click Edit Settings, highlight the RDM hard disk, and click Remove. Select Delete
from disk if it is not selected, and click OK. Note: This destroys the mapping file, but
not the LUN content.

Procedure to Remove Datastore or LUN from ESXi 5.X hosts:

1. Ensure you have reviewed all the pre-checks as mentioned above for the datastore
,which you are going to unmount.

2. Select the ESXi host-> Configuration-> Storage-> Datastores. Note down the
naa id for that datastore. Which starts something like

Image thanks to shabiryusuf.wordpress.com

3.Right-click the Datatsore, which you want to unmount and Select Unmount.
Image thanks to shabiryusuf.wordpress.com

4. Confirm Datastore unmount pre-check is all marked with Green Check mark and
click on OK. Monitor the recent tasks and Wait till the VMFS volume shows as
thanks to shabiryusuf.wordpress.com

5.Select the ESXi host-> Configuration-> Storage-> Devices. Match the devices
with the naa.id (naa.XXXXXXXX) which you have noted down in step 2 with the
Identifier. Select the device which has same naa.id as the unmounted
datastore. Right-click the device and Detach. Verify all the Green checks and click
on Ok to detach the LUN

Image thanks to shabiryusuf.wordpress.com

6. Repeat the same steps for all ESXi hosts, where you want to unpresent this

7. Inform your storage administrator to physically unpresent the LUN from the ESXi
host using the appropriate array tools. You can even share naa.id of the LUN with
your storage administrator to easily identify from the storage end.

8. Rescan the ESXi host and verify detached LUNs are disappeared from the ESXi

Thats it. I hope this post helps you understand the detailed procedure to properly
remove the Datastore or LUN from your ESXi host. Thanks for Reading!!!. Be Social
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