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1 Fashion victims?


victims Zakupy iusugi

1 The most expensive item of clothing in the world was sold Which of these items of clothing
at an auction for more than 4.5 million dollars. What was it? do you wear on your feet?
a Cristiano Ronaldos shirt b Marilyn Monroes dress

T-shirt shirt skirt coat trousers
c Beyoncs hat shorts jeans trainers boots jacket
2 Why do we call denim trousers jeans? shoes socks vest
a Because Italian sailors in Genoa (called Gnes in French)
wore similar trousers.

b Because Mr Jean invented them.
c Because they come from the Scottish town of Jeantown.


Materials and patterns 4 Complete the sentences with the words from

the box. Write the answers in your notebook.
1 Copy and complete the table with the words
from the box. out of up for
cotton flowery leather tie-dyed tartan denim 1 I usually get rid the clothes I dont
wool plain silk striped velvet checked need any more.

patterns materials
FR 2 Its a good idea to go shopping after Christmas
to hunt some bargains.
3 My old shoes were badly worn ,
so I threw them away.
2 Listen, check and repeat. 4 Many modern mobile phones will end
in rubbish bins after a few years.

LOOK 5 Your voice Describe what these people are

Order of adjectives wearing. Use the correct order of adjectives.
Read the rule and complete the phrases
1 your teacher

with the words in italics. Write the

answers in your notebook. 2 the person sitting next to you
3 the people in the photos on page 11
In English the order of adjectives is fixed:

pattern + material, e.g. plain denim jacket.

1 2
wool plain silk tartan 3
1 scarf
2 sweater

3 Look at photos 17. Complete each

sentence with two words (pattern
and material) from exercise 1. Write

the answers in your notebook. Then

listen and check.
1 Hes wearing a jacket. 6
2 Shes wearing a 5
T-shirt. 7
3 I like your pyjamas!
4 Thats a nice scarf.

5 Hes wearing a shirt.

6 Shes wearing a jacket.
7 These boots are really

8 Vocabulary plus Unit 1, p116

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The secret life of clothes: where do they all end up?

There are more than 10,000 charity shops in the UK, where you can find
everything from plain cotton shirts, leather shoes, denim jeans and silk
scarves to arange of retro fashions. If youre looking for atie-dyed T-shirt

or aflowery dress, avelvet jacket or some tartan trousers, then charity
shops are the best place to hunt for abargain!

What are you wearing today? Do you ever think about where
those clothes will end up when you dont want them anymore? d
British consumers get rid of more than amillion tonnes of clothes About half of these cast-offs end up in landfills
every year. thats more than enough shoes and clothes to fill

Wembley stadium! Fortunately, however, more and
more people recycle their unwanted clothes by
Of course, some of our cast-offs are too worn out for other people
donating them to charity.
to wear. So what happens to them? Some of them become rags
that are used in industry. The rest become fibres that are used in e
arange of products, such as soft toys, home insulation, and even However, high street charity shops dont sell all
paper moneyFR
In the world
the clothes that people donate. Where do the rest
end up? Well, about 70% of them are exported to
Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. There
of throwaway is abig market in these places for what people
fashion, nothing inGhana call dead white mans clothes as few
isever wasted! people there believe that aliving person would
throw away anything that good.

Remember the 3 Rs!

d so many clothes?
REDUCE do you really nee ions!
ssure to wear the latest fash
REUSE dont feel under pre

you arent using any mor e

RECYCLE take the clothes
1 Look at the photos and read the title of the text. toacharity shop.
What do you think the text is about?

2 Read the text and put the paragraphs in the correct 5 Read the text again and answer the questions.
order. Write the answers in your notebook. Then listen 1 How do some people recycle the clothes they
and check. dont need?
2 What can you find in charity shops?
3 Find these numbers in the text. What do they refer to?

3 Why dont charity shops sell all the clothes they

In your notebook, write a sentence to explain each one. get from people?
a million 10,000 70% 4 What are second-hand clothes called in Ghana?

5 What happens to the clothes which are too worn

4 Words in context Find words and phrases 16 in
the text and match them with the correct definitions 6 Your voice Ask and answer the questions
af. Write the answers in your notebook. in pairs.
1 cast-offs 3 rags 5 insulation 1 How do you recycle the clothes you dont need?
2 landfill 4 fibre 6 throwaway 2 Where do you hunt for bargains?

3 What do you think about buying second-hand

a small pieces of material used for cleaning
b material that protects something from heat or cold
4 Do teenagers feel under pressure to buy
c a large hole in the ground for rubbish the latest fashions? Why (not)?
d clothes you dont need or want 5 Why do some people throw their clothes away
e made to be used for a short time only instead of donating them to charity?

f a long piece of something similar to a hair that can

be made into e.g. clothes

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Language Focus 1

Present simple and present continuous
1 Look at the table and complete the rules by writing: 4 Complete the sentences with the present
present simple or present continuous. Write the simple or the present continuous form of

answers in your notebook. these verbs. Write the answers in your
People often recycle their unwanted clothes. sit (not) study (not) understand rain

The sale ends next week. (not) wear not speak
High street charity shops dont sell all the clothes they
1 Generally, I formal clothes, but
I an elegant black dress for the
Do you really need so many clothes? party next week.
Yes, I do. / No, I dont.
2 Jake at the back of the class today,
PRESENT CONTINUOUS but he usually at the front.
If youre looking for a velvet jacket, visit a charity shop. 3 Jane Spanish at all, so she

Were collecting clothes and toys for charity this weekend. Spanish now.
Give away the clothes you arent using any more. 4 We geography every day. We
Are you wearing this shirt for the party? geography now.
Yes, I am. / No, Im not. 5 It hardly ever here, but it
We dont usually use the present continuous with state verbs:
like love hate know think believe need want see hear
agree promise understand
FR 6 I usually most of what my English
teacher says, but today I anything.

1 We use the to talk about things that 5 In your notebook, write questions with
are happening at the moment or to talk about future the prompts. Use the present simple or
arrangements. the present continuous.
2 We use the to talk about habits and 1 What / you / do / this weekend?
routines or to talk about fixed events which are part of 2 How often / you / study English?
a schedule.
3 What time / you / go out / tonight?
2 Complete the sentences with the present simple 4 What / your teacher / wear / today?

or the present continuous form of the verbs in 5 What time / school / finish / on Friday?
brackets. Write the answers in your notebook. 6 How / you / usually / travel to school?
1 I (give) a presentation about eco-friendly 7 you / believe / me / now?

clothes next week. 8 you / need / any new clothes / now?

2 (you / wear) a uniform to school?
4 Tomek
(you / often / hunt) for bargains?
(want) to buy some clothes in the
Christmas sales.
6 Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions

5 Its sad that most of our clothes just (end) in exercise 5. Use full sentences.
up in the rubbish bin.
6 (you / agree) that we should recycle our What are you doing this weekend?

old clothes? Im taking my cat to the vet.

7 I (not / do) anything special this Saturday.
8 What time (the supermarket / open)?

3 Choose the correct alternatives. Write the answers

in your notebook.
Similarly, Milan Fashion Week 4generally bans/

is generally banning super-thin models. But

the organisers of London Fashion Week 5arent

wanting / dont want toban size zero models.
Do size zero models encourage anorexia? Its true that 17-year-old model Paula Rigg says: I 6think /
eating disorders 1become / are becoming a big problem. am thinking the fashion industry needs to wake
In some countries, the fashion industry 2istrying / tries up. A lot of young people 7see/ are seeing

tostop this Madrid Fashion Week, for example, skinny models on the catwalk and think they
neveruses / isnt using size zero models. should be like that. What do you think?


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Listening Vocabulary 2

1 Look at the photos and answer the questions. Compound nouns: fashion
1 Where are the models? 4 Match the words from the box with words 19
2 What are they wearing? to make compound nouns. Write the answers

in your notebook.
Student Fashion Week hand hair head ear nose cat nail
make shoe


1 rings 2 style 3 band


FR 4 bag 5 laces 6 varnish

Its that time

of year again! 7 stud 8 walk 9 -up
Students from all over
Britain are showing their 5 PRONUNCIATION: word stress
designs. Our reporter,
Jerry Simpson, isthere a Listen to the words and check your answers

totell us allthe news. to exercise 4. Is the stress on the first or

second part?
b Listen and repeat.

2 Listen to the report. In what order does it describe

the models in the photos? Write the answers LOOK
in your notebook.
Compound nouns
TEST TRAINER Read the rule and find one example of each spelling

in exercise 4. Write the answers in your notebook.

3 Listen again. Choose the correct option: A, B, or C.
Compound nouns consist of two or more words.
Write the answers in your notebook. They are written in three ways:
1 The reporter is 4 The prize for the as one word: 1

A on a catwalk. best collection is as two words: 2

B at Student Fashion Week A 13,000. with a hyphen: 3
show. B 3,000.
C at a celebrities show. C 30,000. 6 Complete the sentences with the compound nouns
2 The first model 5 Victoria Turpin from exercise 4. Write the answers in your notebook.
A looks really good. is one of the 1 I always wear red on my nails.
B is Jean Sorin. A models. 2 You need a lot of money if you want to buy

C shows the autumn collection. B designers. a Louis Vuitton .

3 The second model C judges. 3 Your fringe is too long. Why dont you wear
A presents the spring 6 The reporter a ?
collection. sounds 4 I am going to wear this new necklace and matching
B looks very attractive. A excited. .

C may feel uncomfortable B indifferent. 5 Im going to the hairdressers tomorrow

on the catwalk. C bored. I want to change my .


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1 Fashion in the UK

British consumers spend about 60 billion on clothes and shoes ayear

Culture Today
thats an average of 900 for each person per year (the EU average is

700). Its not surprising that fashion and textiles are huge industries
which employ more than 600,000 people in the UK!

The world of British fashion The history of British fashion Fashion museums Fashion colleges

1 The world of
Many UK fashion brands are famous

around the world. For example,
Burberry is afashion house which is
famous for its coats and handbags.
Dr. Martens boots, originally
designed by aGerman doctor, have
been made in Britain since 1960.
And people have loved Marks &

Spencer since 1884!

Britain has along history of talented
fashion designers, from Paul Smith
and Alexander McQueen to Stella
McCartney and Victoria Beckham.
Vivienne Westwood is adesigner who
is famous for developing punk fashion.
Punk challenged the stereotypes of
style with its ripped T-shirts and tartan
trousers, nose studs and mohican 3 4
hairstyles. Reality shows such as Next Top This is one of the big
Model are popular in the UK. In these four fashion shows,
programmes, adozen contestants along with New York,
live together in ahouse where they Paris and Milan. For afew
learn skills such as dealing with days each February and September,
photographers, agencies and make-up London is the place where more than

artists, and modelling on the catwalk. 150 designers show their collections.
The person who wins usually receives These are the new trends that
amodelling contract and gets the influence high street fashion around

chance to start his or her career in the the world!

modelling industry.

1 Read the text quickly and put headings AE c clothing which is torn or with holes in it
into gaps 14. There is one extra heading. d to question if something is right

Write the answers in your notebook. e a company that creates new styles of clothing
A Designers D Fashion trends f the industry of making clothes
B London Fashion Week E TV programmes
4 Read the text again and answer the questions.

C Trendy British brands

1 How many people are employed in the fashion
2 Read and listen to check your answers industry in England?
to exercise 1. 2 How old is Marks & Spencer?
3 What made Vivienne Westwood famous?
3 Words in context Find words and phrases 16 4 How many contestants are there in the Next Top
in the text and match them with the correct Model TV programme?
definitions af. Write the answers in your

5 When does London Fashion Week take place?

1 textiles 4 ripped 5 Your voice Work in groups.
2 fashion house 5 dozen Discuss the question below.
3 challenge 6 contestant In Britain, young people spend over 200 on clothes
per year. Do you think its important to follow fashion,

a a person that takes part in a competition

b twelve or around twelve or is it a waste of money?


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Language Focus 2

Relative pronouns
1 Read the examples and the rules in 4 Work in pairs. Use the words from the box
the table. Then complete the rules below. to answer the quiz questions in exercise 3.

Write the answers in your notebook.
China a maxi skirt South Africa
RELATIVE PRONOUNS a fashion blogger a mohican a cap sleeve

The person who wins usually receives a modelling contract.
Burberry is a fashion house which is famous for its coats
and handbags.
London is the place where more than 150 designers show Speaking
their collections.
These are the new trends that inuence high street fashion. 5 Your voice Finish the sentences. Use relative
We use relative pronouns to give extra information pronouns and your own ideas. Write the answers
about people, things or places. in your notebook.

Relative pronouns join two sentences. To school, I always wear clothes which are comfortable.
1 We use for people, for 1 I like people .
things and for places. 2 I enjoy going to places .
2 We can also use instead of who or 3 I never wear clothes .
which. 4 I admire people .

2 Match the beginnings of the sentences with their

endings. Write the answers in your notebook.
FR 5 I like films .

6 Work in groups. Say the sentences from exercise 5

1 Vivienne Westwood is a designer and try to find three people who agree with you.
2 Fashion is an industry
3 The Next Top Model participants live together
Ilike people who are easygoing.
in a house Idont.
4 Victoria Beckham was a pop star
Ilike people who are easygoing.
5 The boots
a which employs over half a million people in the UK.
So do I.

b who is famous for developing punk fashion.

c which were designed by a German doctor are called Unit Grammar Check
Dr. Martens.

d where they learn how to become models. USE OF ENGLISH

e who is a fashion designer now.
7 Translate the Polish parts of sentences 17 into
3 Complete the questions with who, which English. You must use no more than four words.
or where. Write the answers in your notebook. Do not change any of the words given in English.
Write the answers in your notebook.

1 I bought my sister a (tartanowy szalik z weny, ktry)

What do you know cost over 20.
about the fashion world? 2 Alyssa (nie zna adnych) contestants

from the reality show.

3 I think my parents usually know better than me,
What do you call Whats the name of but in this case, I (nie zgadzam si)
aperson 1 the country 4 they with them at all.
writes about fashion produce most mohair? 4 Dylan is (nie ma na sobie kwiecistej)
on the Internet? the skirt 5 is long shirt today.
the hairstyle 2 enough to touch the 5 How often (nosisz) headband?

punks have? ground? 6 Do you ever (kupujesz ubrania, ktre)

you can find in a second-hand shop?
asleeve 3 is the country 6
7 What (mylisz o) the fashion
somewhere between mostcotton is accessories that your friend is wearing now?
sleeveless and short? produced?


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An email giving opinion
1 Read the email below. Does the writer like the advert? 3 Work in pairs. Discuss the opinions
in exercise 2.

In my opinion, advertising is awaste of money.
Hello Tom, What do you think?
In the last class, you asked us to write an email to you

describing an advert we like or dont like, so here is my 4 Think about an advert you like or dislike.
description. Im also attaching apicture. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions
In this advert, there are two models: awoman and aman. below.
The woman is wearing blue denim shorts and a plain yellow
cotton top. The man is wearing greydenim jeans and a 1 What kind of product is the advert for?
brown cotton shirt. Theyre holding hands and standing on 2 What does the advert show?
the beach. They arent talking, but they seem to be enjoying 3 Who does the advert target?
themselves. 4 Do you like the advert? Why (not)?

This is an advert for acompany which sells jeans. It seems
to me that they are trying to sell clothes to young people
because the models in the picture are young and active. WRITING PLAN
Ilike this advert because it reminds me of going to the beach
on holiday. But Idont think that people actually remember 1 Read the task below.

adverts when they go shopping and buy clothes. In my

opinion, they just buy things which they like in the shop.
See you in the next class,
Zadanie testujce
Przebywasz na obozie jzykowym. Twj lektor jzyka
angielskiego zada jako prac domow napisanie e-maila
Chloe z opisem reklamy, ktr lubisz lub ktrej nie lubisz.
Napisz do niego e-mail, a w nim:
opisz, co przedstawia reklama;
napisz, do kogo jest ona adresowana;
wyjanij, dlaczego ci si podoba / nie podoba.
Podpisz si jako XYZ. Rozwi swoj wypowied w kadym
z trzech podpunktw, pamitajc, e dugo e-maila
powinna wynosi od 50 do 100 sw. Oceniana jest
umiejtno penego przekazania informacji, spjno,

bogactwo jzykowe oraz poprawno jzykowa.

2 Plan the email. Use the model in exercise 1 and


the questions in exercise 4 to help you.

3 Write your email. Include answers to all

the questions.


Giving opinion
Gdy piszesz e-mail, w ktrym masz wyrazi
Look at the expressions and translate them into
swoj opini, pamitaj, aby poda kilka
Polish. Write the answers in your notebook.
argumentw na jej uzasadnienie, tak aby

Which ones can you find in the text?

przekona do niej czytelnika.
I think that 1 I dont think that 4
In my opinion, 2 It seems to me that 5
Check your writing:
As far as I can see, 3 I believe that 6
use the present simple and present continuous
2 Complete the sentences with the expressions use at least two relative pronouns
from the Look box so that they are true for you. use at least two of the expressions from the

Write the answers in your notebook. Look box to give your opinion
1 advertising is a waste of money.
2 some adverts are very clever.
3 there are adverts everywhere.
4 a lot of adverts target young people.

5 adverts influence people when they

go shopping.


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Language in Action

Making a complaint
a b c d
1 Look at the problems with these
clothes and accessories. Match

phrases 14 with pictures ad.
Write the answers in your notebook.
1 It shrank in the wash.

2 Its got a hole in it.
3 Theyre broken.
4 Its got a stain on it.

2 Look at the dialogue below. Ruths responses have been mixed up. Match Ruths lines
with the shop assistants lines. Write the answers in your notebook.

Shop assistant Ruth
1 Hello, can I help you? a Cash.

2 Oh. Whats the matter with it? b Yes, here it is.

3 I see. Have you got the receipt? c Yes, theres a problem with this T-shirt.

4 Thanks. Do you want to change it for another one? d Thanks very much.
5 OK. Did you pay by cash or card? e No, thanks. Id like a refund, please.
6 There you go. Thats 8.50. f Its got a hole in it. Here on the back, look.

3 Listen to the dialogue and check your answers. 6 Work in pairs. Imagine one of you is a customer
who has one of the problems from exercise 1,

Then read the dialogue in pairs.

and the other one is a shop assistant. Complete
4 Listen to another dialogue. Correct the wrong the dialogue with the phrases from exercises 2
information in each sentence. Write the answers and 5. Write the answers in your notebook.

in your notebook. A Hello, can I help you?

1 Liam is returning a pair of jeans to the shop. B Yes, theres a 1 .
2 Hes returning them because they dont fit. A Oh. Whats 2 ?
B 3
3 They cost 19.99.
A I see. Have you got 4 ?
4 Liam wants to change them for some different ones.
B Yes, here it is.
A Thanks. Do you want to 5 ?
5 In your notebook, translate the mini dialogues

B No, thanks. Id like 6 .

into English.
A OK. Did you 7 ?
1 A Co si stao z tymi spodniami? B Cash.
B Zbiegy si w praniu. A There you go. Thats 8 .
2 A Czy pacia pani gotwk? BPaciam kart. B Thanks very much.
3 A Czy ma pan paragon? BTak, prosz.

4 A Czy chce je pani wymieni na inn par? 7 Work in pairs. Student A: open your book at page
B Nie, poprosz o zwrot pienidzy. 121. Student B: open your book at page 122.


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Test Practice Poziom podstawowy

Rozumienie ze suchu
1 Copy and complete the table with these words. 4 Listen again and in your notebook write down
One word does not belong to any category. the words that describe Sams and Alexs clothes

What does this word describe? and accessories.

silk leather earrings shrank striped

nose stud tartan headband hole velvet Zadanie testujce

mohican flowery stain tie-dyed handbag Usyszysz dwukrotnie rozmow dwch osb
denim cotton na temat problemw z zakupionymi towarami.
Na podstawie informacji zawartych w nagraniu
MATERIALS PATTERNS dopasuj do kadej osoby (14) problem, jaki
ma z ubraniem bd dodatkami (AE). Zapisz
odpowiedzi w zeszycie. Uwaga! Jeden problem
zosta podany dodatkowo i nie pasuje do adnej

Who? What?
1 Brandon A It shrank.
ACCESSORIES DEFECTS 2 Emma B Its got a hole in it.
FR3 Noah
4 Grace
C Its broken.
D Its got some stains.
E Its lost its colour.

1 2 3 4

5 Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

2 Decide which words from exercise 1 can be 1 Have you (or someone you know) ever asked for
used to describe a hippie and which to describe a refund? What was the problem? Did you/they
a punk. get the refund? If not, what happened?

2 What would you wear to a fancy dress party?


3 Listen to two people talking to each other about


the way they dress. Decide which name is the

boys and which is the girls.

Sam (a hippie) Alex (a punk)



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Test Practice Poziom rozszerzony

5 Listen to the dialogue and choose the correct
Rozumienie ze suchu
endings of sentences 13 in exercise 4.
1 Work in pairs. What do you know about these Write the answers in your notebook.
urban tribes?

6 Listen to the dialogue again. In your notebook,
hoodies indies hippies write down the words and phrases which helped
you choose the correct answers. How is the same
information rephrased in the questions?

Zadanie testujce
Usyszysz dwukrotnie dwa teksty. Na podstawie
informacji zawartych w nagraniu w zadaniach 16
z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz waciw (A, B

albo C). Zapisz odpowiedzi w zeszycie. Uwaga!
Zadania 13 odnosz si do pierwszego tekstu,
a zadania 46 do drugiego tekstu.

Przed zaznaczeniem odpowiedzi wysuchaj
nagrania do koca, gdy niektre pytania
sprawdzaj oglne zrozumienie tekstu.

2 Listen to the presentation and make notes in

your notebook. What is the presentation about? Tekst 1
Usyszysz fragment programu radiowego.
3 Read the questions on the text in exercise 2. 1 The average size of women in America is:
Work in pairs and answer as many questions A16B14C12

as possible.
2 How many fashion designers who dont want to
1 What did the term emo use to mean? use plus-size models are mentioned?

2 How do emos usually dress? A oneBtwoCnone

3 What kind of hairstyle is popular with emos? 3 The aim of the programme is to
4 What is the common stereotype of an emo? A criticise plus-size modelling.
B praise plus-size modelling.
4 Read sentences 13 below. Which sentence C give information on plus-size modelling.
concentrates on

a detailed information? Tekst 2

b general idea? Usyszysz prezentacj.
c the place where the people are talking? 4 Hipsters

A like watching television.

1 Kate and Nicole are talking about B seem to never watch TV.
A skinny models. C want to look like television stars.
B what to wear to a birthday party. 5 The most important thing for a hipster is to
C lessons. A wear used clothes.
2 Kate thinks she cant wear the jeans in the picture B be different from the rest of society.
because she C like vintage things.

A cant afford them. Bis too big. 6 The presentation is something Kevin had to
C isnt tall enough. prepare
3 Kate and Nicole are A as a team project in class.
A at school.Bin a shopping mall. B for a competition.
C at home. C as homework.


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Self Check

Materials and patterns 5 Complete the text with the present simple or the
present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.
1 Match patterns 16 with the words from the box.
Write the answers in your notebook.

Write the answers in your notebook.
My cousin Carrie usually 1 (wear) jeans,
flowery striped tie-dyed tartan but now she 2 (wear) awhite dress. She
checked plain 3
(get) married today. I4

(think) she looks fantastic. Carrie usually 5
1 2 3 (go) to the hairdressers, but today the hairdresser
(style) her hair at home. It is agreat
dayfor Carrie. 6

6 In your notebook, write questions for these

4 5 6 answers. Use the present simple or the present

1 ? They live in London.
2 ? Shes wearing a white dress.
6 3 ? Theyre going to the cinema.
4 ? The film starts at eight oclock. 4
Compound nouns: fashion FR
2 In your notebook, write a compound noun for Relative pronouns
each definition. Use one word from each box.
7 Complete the sentences with who, which
hand hair ear rings bag style or where. Write the answers in your notebook.
shoe cat walk laces 1 Most people have got friends like
the same kind of music.
1 Jewellery which people wear in their ears. 2 Goths often wear clothes are black.
2 The way that you wear your hair. 3 Nu-ravers are people listen to rave
3 Girls and women usually carry one of these. music.
4 You can see models on this. 4 My friends go to clubs

5 You tie your trainers and other shoes with them. is played. 4


Language in Action Cumulative grammar 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

3 What would you say in the following situations? 8 Choose the correct alternatives.
Use the words in brackets. Write the answers Write the answers in your notebook.
in your notebook. The solar bikini

1 Jak sprzedawca zapyta o dowd zakupu? (GOT) This hi tech bikini 1contains / is containing small solar
2 Bluzka skurczya si w praniu. Jak powiesz o tym panels 2which / who can power your iPod, so you
sprzedawcy? (SHRANK/SHRUNK) can listen to music all day while youre on the beach.
3 Powiedz sprzedawcy, e chciaby/chciaaby Andrew Schneider, the designer 3where / who

otrzyma zwrot pienidzy. (WOULD LIKE) 3 suggested the idea, 4works / is working on a pair of
solar shorts, too. Apparently, they can create enough
Present simple and present continuous energy to cool your drinks. Obviously, the solar panels
only work in places 5which / where the sun shines. But
4 Write sentences in your notebook. Use the
Schneider 6doesnt think / isnt thinking thats a problem
present simple or the present continuous. because people hardly ever 7go / goes to the beach
1 We / do / a test / at the moment. if it isnt sunny. Just be careful if you 8are liking / like

2 We / do / a test / after every unit. swimming. Remember to dry your bikini completely
3 It / not rain / here / today. before you plug in your music! 8
4 It / hardly ever / rain / here. 4

36 40 Excellent! 20 29 Good 0 11 Poor


30 35 Very good! 12 19 Fair

18 Project Unit 1, p118

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Wordlist sownictwo obowizujce na tecie

average (n) /v()rd/ rednia receipt (n) /rsit/ paragon
ban (v) /bn/ zakazywa, zabrania recycle (v) /risak()l/ przetwarza,
cap sleeve (n) /kp sliv/ krtki, kimonowy ponownie
rkaw wykorzystywa
cast-offs (n) /kstfs/ niepotrzebne reduce (v) /rdjus/ redukowa
uywane ubrania refund (n) /rifnd/ zwrot pienidzy

catwalk (n) /ktwk/ wybieg (na pokazach reuse (v) /rijuz/ ponownie
mody) wykorzysta
challenge (v) /tlnd/ kwestionowa (co), ripped (adj) /rpt/ podarty
sprzeciwia si rubbish bin (n) /rb bn/ kosz na mieci

shoelaces (n) /ulesz/ sznurowada
checked (adj) /tekt/ kraciasty, wkratk
shrink (v) /rk/ skurczy si
clothing (n) /kl/ odzie, ubranie
silk (n, adj) /slk/ jedwab; jedwabny
contestant (n) /kntestnt/ uczestnik/
uczestniczka skinny (adj) /skni/ chudy
konkursu sleeve (n) /sliv/ rkaw
cotton (n, adj) /kt()n/ bawena; baweniany sleeveless (adj) /slivls/ bez rkaww
deal with (v) /dil w/ radzi sobie z stain (n) /sten/ plama
denim (n, adj) /denm/ dins; dinsowy striped (adj) /strapt/ pasiasty, wpasy

dozen (det) /dz()n/ tuzin tartan (n, adj) /t(r)t()n/ szkocka kratka;
earrings (n) /rz/ kolczyki wszkock kratk
eating disorder (n) /it ds(r)d(r)/ zaburzenie textiles (n) /tekstalz/ przemys tekstylny,
odywiania tekstylia
employ (v) /mpl/ zatrudnia throw away (v) /r we/ wyrzuca
encourage (v) /nkrd/ zachca throwaway (adj) /rwe/ jednorazowego
end up (v)

fashion house (n)

/end p/

/f()n has/
skoczy, tra,
wyldowa (gdzie)
dom mody
tie-dyed (adj)

trendy (adj)
/ta dad/

fashion victim (n) /f()n vktm/ oara mody
urban (adj) /(r)bn/ miejski
bre (n) /fab(r)/ wkno
urban tribe (n) /(r)bn trab/ miejska subkultura
owery (adj) /flari/ kwiecisty, wkwiaty modzieowa
fringe (n) /frnd/ grzywka velvet (n, adj) /velvt/ aksamit; aksamitny
get rid of (v) /et rd v/ pozby si (kogo/ wool (n) /wl/ wena
worn out (adj) /w(r)n at/ znoszony, zuyty
goth (n) // osoba lubica rock
hairstyle (n) /he(r)stal/ fryzura

handbag (n) /hn(d)b/ torebka

headband (n) /hedbnd/ opaska na gow
high street charity /ha strit trti p/ sklep organizacji

shop (n) charytatywnej

na gwnej ulicy
hoodie (n) /hdi/ osoba lubica
muzyk ikultur
rapow ihip-hopow USEFUL EXPRESSIONS
hunt for bargains /hnt f(r) b(r)nz/ polowa na okazje
Did you pay by cash or card? Czy paci pan / pacia pani

indie (n) /ndi/ osoba lubica

muzyk niezalen gotwk czy kart?
inuence (v) /nfluns/ wpywa na (kogo/ Do you want to change it for Czy chce go/j pan/pani
co) another one? wymieni na inny/inn?
Have you got the receipt? Czy ma pan/pani paragon?
insulation (n) /nsjle()n/ izolacja

Id like arefund, please. Poprosz ozwrot pienidzy.

judge (n) /dd/ sdzia
It shrank in the wash. Zbieg/Zbiega si wpraniu.
landll (n) /ln(d)fl/ wysypisko mieci
Its got ahole in it. Jest wnim/niej dziura.
leather (n, adj) /le(r)/ skra; skrzany Its got astain on it. Jest poplamiony/poplamiona.
make-up (n) /mekp/ makija Theres aproblem with this/ Mam problem ztym/t/tymi
maxi skirt (n) /mksi sk(r)t/ duga spdnica these
mohican (n) /mhikn/ irokez (rodzaj They are broken. S popsute/zamane.
fryzury) Whats the matter with it/ Co si znim/ni/nimi stao?
/nel v(r)n/ them?

nail varnish (n) lakier do paznokci

non-commercial (adj) /nnkm(r)()l/ niekomercyjny As far as Ican see, Ztego, co widz
nose stud (n) /nz std/ kolczyk do nosa Ibelieve that Sdz/Uwaam, e
plain (adj) /plen/ gadki Idont think that Nie sdz, e
praise (v) /prez/ zachwala Ithink that Myl, e
rag (n) /r/ szmata In my opinion, Moim zdaniem
It seems to me that Wydaje mi si, e

range (n) /rend/ wybr, asortyment


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