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Skarbrand is cast out of the Realm of Chaos and This week, its an Age of Sigmar showcase.
into the pages of White Dwarf! That and all the
latest relases from Black Library and Forge World. ARMIES ON PARADE
ISSUE 87 Into the finishing straight and a few of our most
26 SEPTEMBER 2015 CODEX: APOCRYPHA eager painters have finished already.
But how did Skarbrand come to earn the ire of his
GAMES-WORKSHOP.COM patron? How did he find his way into the Mortal THE RULES
BLACKLIBRARY.COM Realms and what havoc will he wreak there now? A datasheet and a warscroll for the Exiled One,
FORGEWORLD.CO.UK Skarbrand himself.
Whats red, bloody, filled with rage, and easy to THE WEEK IN WHITE DWARF
follow? Thats right, our stage-by-stage painting Comment, opinion and trivia in reaction to this
guide for Skarbrand! weeks releases and happenings.
Few are those with the insane courage required to This fearsome paragon of Khornes creed arrives on
challenge Khorne the Blood God and fewer still are our earthly plane this week in the form of a
those strong enough to survive to tell the tale. spectacularly bestial new Citadel miniature
Skarbrand the Bloodthirster is one such being, a accompanied in this issue of White Dwarf by an
Greater Daemon of unsurpassed martial skill who has exclusive painting guide, a terrific Codex: Apocrypha
paid a steep price for his arrogance, hurled across the that tells Skarbrands story, a Chaos Daemons
Mortal Realms by Khorne with such devastating force datasheet for Warhammer 40,000 and his warscroll for
that all that remains is a tattered monster of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Truly, this week is a
unyielding and unthinking rage, an avatar of celebration of the Exiled One! Just cheer quietly in
apocalyptic ruin against whom few can stand. case he hears you see you next week!


Skarbrand is wrath incarnate, a creature of murderous violence unleashed from the Brass
Realm to reap skulls and souls in a storm of rage. Once he was the greatest of Khornes
generals, the mightiest of all Bloodthirsters, until an act of betrayal saw him cast out
Skarbrand is a paragon of violence, a Skarbrand has existed solely as an avatar 1 In perpetual exile,
Skarbrand must now fight
whirlwind of bloodshed and destruction in of incandescent fury, devoid of every wherever his master
whom the Blood God once rejoiced. emotion save only rage. No longer his wishes, and Khorne has
Nations were smashed to splinters by patrons chosen warlord, Skarbrand is an cruel designs upon the
Mortal Realm. Here
Skarbrands mighty axes, Carnage and outcast, an exile from Khornes domain. Skarbrand leads a
Slaughter, and the armies of the other daemonic cohort into
gods quaked and quailed at his coming. The new Skarbrand model is a towering battle against the
Hallowed Knights a tide
Limitless glory was heaped upon him. But figure, an immensely muscled killing of blood and wrath that
foolish pride proved his undoing machine who embodies the insensate threatens to sweep even
Skarbrand was tricked by Tzeentch, the wrath of the Blood God. Since he was Sigmars most devoted
worshippers aside in a
flames of his hubris fanned into an inferno hurled from the Brass Realm by his raging welter of bloodletting.
such that Skarbrand turned his fell axes god, Skarbrand has been earthbound, his
upon his master, an act of betrayal that wings wrecked by the brutal impact that
saw the champion of Khorne laid low. saw him carve a furrow through the Realm
of Chaos. Skarbrands once mighty wings
In his rage Khorne throttled Skarbrand, are now tattered and torn, shredded
choking every last vestige of personality membrane and cracked spurs bound by
from within him, before casting him out lengths of iron chain. His crown of curving
from the Brass Citadel and into the Realm horns is cracked and smashed and the skin
of Chaos. Since that ill-fated day, of his face is bared to the bone from his

1 Skarbrand grips a pair of
Daemon axes in his
gnarled fists. Trapped
within each blade is a
Greater Daemon of
Khorne, its power and
rage added to
Skarbrands as he uses
them to hack and chop
his way through the foe.

2 The strange metal of

Skarbrands brazen axes
has been warped and
twisted by the Daemons
within them. Eyes leer
out from the blades with
malicious intent, the axes
possessing a thirst that
can only be slaked by
blood. Read more about
the origins of these axes
in Codex: Apocrypha,

3 Skarbrands muscular
legs are spiked with
1 2
horns that jut forth from
the flesh. Almost every
aspect of his body can be
used as a weapon, even
the dewclaws on the
back of his hooves (and
the blade on his shin
armour) are designed
with killing in mind.

4 The Blood God knows no

mercy and will grant
Skarbrand no succour,
regardless of the
unfathomable carnage
the outcast Bloodthirster
causes in his name.
Despite an age of battle
Skarbrand still bears the 3 4
wounds inflicted upon
him when Khorne cast
him out of his domain. It
seems likely they will
never heal. Skarbrands
torn face, bared skull,
broken teeth and cracked
horns all speak of the
Blood Gods ire.

5 The greatest evidence of

Khornes punishment is
Skarbrands wings. Once
mighty pinioned things,
they are now tattered
remnants with ragged
leather stretched and
torn between broken
spurs. Lengths of spiked
chain span the sorrowful
ruin, piercing the spines
to keep them from
unfolding further. Within
the breaks in the torn
flesh, cracked shards of
bones are visible.

upper jaw past his ominously staring eye. transformed them; their very metal drips 6 Even the anointed
Daemon hunters of the
One of his razor-sharp fangs has even been with hate and thirsts for blood. Its easy to Imperium must fear
smashed out, leaving a gaping hole in his imagine Skarbrand raining a flurry of Skarbrand. The Grey
snarling maw. When the Blood God hurls berserk blows on his victims with these Knights may have the
arcane wargear and
you from the highest towers of the Brass deadly weapons, arms thrashing back and psychic mastery required
Citadel, the wounds stay with you forth in a welter of blood. to vanquish the Daemons
of Chaos, but against a
being as powerful as
For Skarbrand, there is no more soaring Now exiled, Skarbrand remains a true Skarbrand only terminal
into battle. Instead he strides to war with veteran of Khornes armies. The scars and violence will be enough
the inexorable advance of a blood mad unhealed wounds across his body speak to halt his rampage.
killer, twin axes clutched to his sides; in not only of his fall, but of an eternity of On the burning world of
gnarled fists he clutches them, Slaughter battle. Cracked armour plates show his Phaedes Ekron, Grey
and Carnage, their heads hideous exile there is no artisan to fix his wargear, Knights Task Force Pure
Steel finally catches up
daemonic visages, their blades snarling nor would his wrath-filled persona permit with Skarbrand long
masses of teeth. These are no mortal axes it if there were. enough to bring him to
either each contains the bound essence battle Justicar Tarn
making the ultimate
of a Bloodthirster. That he could bind such For more on Skarbrands history, check out Codex: sacrifice as Skarbrand
powerful rivals to his will is a testament to Apocrypha here, and here for the full rules for both butchers his way clear of
Skarbrands once transcendent power. The Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer the ambush.
nature of the beings within the axes has 40,000.

BLADE OF PURITY By David Annandale
Audio Drama | 80 minutes

Hot on the heels of last weeks Blade of Purity combines two audio dramas,
FURTHER READING True Name and Incorruptible, for a
The most obvious Sons of Titan (which is on sale
recommendation to double-header of Grey Knights action by
accompany Blade of Purity
today) comes Blade of Purity, a Black Library stalwart David Annandale.
must be Sons of Titan, which pair of Grey Knights audio dramas Both stories are set in the aftermath of the
goes on sale today its a
cracking volume packed with that sees Styer and his squad of Grey Knights violent intervention in the
the two audio dramas in
Grey Knights confront a Daemon Sanctus Reach. Still reeling from the
Blade of Purity (in story form),
physical and psychological toll of those
sandwiched between lord and purge an infested ship. battles they, and their allies (Inquisitor
Maledictus and The
Mourning Tower well Furia foremost among them), find
worth a read.
themselves locking horns with some of the
Another recommendation, if galaxys direst foes.
youve an appetite for more
David Annandale, must be his
sensationally good In True Name Epistolary Gared, a Grey
Commissar Yarrick stories. Knights Librarian, must face the psychic
Yarrick: Imperial Creed and
Yarrick: Chains of Golgotha
assault of the Father of Plagues, Kugath, in
are not to be missed! a battle for the souls of his entire squad. In
Incorruptible the action sees the
survivors of the previous tale seek out a
These Black Library books
and audio CDs are also
missing companion aboard an adrift Grey
available as eBooks and MP3 Knights vessel. Both stories are packed
downloads. For more with insights into the nature of the Grey
information visit:
Knights, riveting action and superb voice acting all in all 80 minutes of immersive
Daemon-smashing adventure.


Want a fresh dose of Warhammer
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Library digital short stories.
Every Monday the mysterious masters of
the Black Library unleash a new digital
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whether its a tale of reconquest and
heroism from Warhammer Age of Sigmar,
betrayal in the Horus Heresy or explosive
action from Warhammer 40,000 there will
be action and intrigue aplenty.

Recent digital short stories added to include an ongoing saga
(told in snappy instalments) about the
elite Deathwatch Space Marines and their
[DIGITAL_EDITIONS] desperate special operations style
These digital short missions. The Solace of Rage and Fall of
stories and many other the Gnawing Gate take the action into the
eBooks are available Age of Sigmar, as the Realmgate Wars
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The Age of Sigmar continues this
week as Warhammer Visions 21 is
available to order. Feast your eyes
on the latest Stormcast Eternals
and Khorne Bloodbound releases,
as we present 180 pages packed
with fantastic Citadel miniatures.
Warhammer Visions 21 casts a spotlight on
the latest reinforcements in the battle for
the Mortal Realms with new models for
both Sigmars servants and the scions of
Chaos with the fantastic Stormcast hero
the Celestant-Prime leading the charge. As
well as this pictorial review, the magazine
is bursting with Citadel miniatures from
both Golden Demon 2014 and The Fang
painting competition in Stockholm (trust
us, you dont want to miss these stunning
competition entries). There is also a slew
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Craftworld Telennar and the Stormhosts of
Azyr and great stuff from Blanchitsu. Dont
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Warhammer Visions is available in print from Games Workshop
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Forge World make highly-detailed resin models, large-scale kits and books that explore
the worlds of Warhammer. This week, the legions of the Machine God are reinforced with
the presence of a Magos Macrotek Enginseer and the Mechanicum Taghmata Army List.


1 A small reactor is set into The Magos Macrotek Enginseers oversee
the Magoss back,
powering his enhanced
the machine furnaces of the forge worlds;
body and weapons. they are the most common of the Magos of
the Mechanicum, the masters of
2 Connective umbilicals let
the Magos commune
manufacture. On the battlefield they
with the machines he is shepherd the mighty war engines of the
repairing, returning them Taghmata Omnissiah, providing immediate
to full function.
and crucial repairs to damaged vehicles
3 A heavily armoured and machines. To undertake these tasks
1 2
carapace protects the they are equipped with servo arms to
Servo-automata. In the
carapace there is also a
enable heavy lifting and a shoal of Servo-
reactor, which bears the automata. These Cybernetica creations can
sign of the Mechanicum. assist their master in his battlefield
The Servo-automatas
smithing, unflinchingly seeing to their task
tools are capable of even under fire.
tearing flesh as easily as
repairing machines.
The Magos Macrotek Enginseer and
For more on these products, Servo-automata are a set of five models
visit: who fight for the Taghmata armies.
3 4
At the outbreak of the Horus Heresy, the their place within the esoteric organisation 1 The striking red cover of
The Horus Heresy:
Taghmata Omnissiah was the principle of the Mechanicum and the unfolding Mechanicum Taghmata
fighting force of the Mechanicum an array schism devouring the Imperium, followed Army Lists matches the
of semi-independent forge world armies by complete army lists. Speaking of rules other books in Forge
Worlds army lists series.
boasting some of the galaxys most deadly content, the book also includes the core The deep red and gloss
war machines, from devastating cybernetic missions for playing battles in the Age of varnished details looks
Battle-automata to the dread war engines Darkness. With these and your copy of gorgeous up close.
of the Ordo Reductor. The forge worlds Warhammer 40,000 youve got everything The armies of the
were dragged into the fighting of the Horus you need to fight battles in the Horus Taghmata Omnissiah are
Heresy, whether they were defending their Heresy with your Mechanicum miniatures described in unstinting
detail, revealing the
sovereignty against former allies or acting and without having to lug your collection curious, deadly nature of
as aggressors in the unfolding war. of Horus Heresy books everywhere you go. the feudal forces at the
Mechanicums disposal.
The Mechanicum Taghmata Army List is Whether youre an existing collector of Army lists cover Forge
the latest in Forge Worlds range of Horus Forge Worlds gorgeous Horus Heresy Worlds Mechanicum
Heresy Army List books, the ultimate books or just fancy dipping your toe into range of Horus Heresy
models, enabling you to
companion for using Mechanicum forces in collecting a Mechanicum army, this is the unleash them in your Age
Age of Darkness games. Within its 124 book for you. of Darkness battles.
pages youll find everything you need to
unleash a Taghmata Omnissiah army, along
with two exciting variants, the Legio-
Cybernetica Battle Cohort and the Ordo
Reductor War Covenant. The book also
contains rules for the Legio Titanicus
Battle Titans including the mighty Mars
Warlord Titan and the world-shattering
war machines of the Centurio Ordinatus.

The book introduces each of these armies

with their own background, explaining

1 3
CODEX: Skarbrand was once the most favoured of all Khornes servants, the
APOCRYPHA mightiest of his Bloodthirsters and foremost amongst his legions. But
Skarband knew not only rage, but also hubris and ambition
THE EXILED ONE Once, long before the ascension of
Anggrath or Rathrrex, Skarbrand was the
greatest of Khornes Daemons.
raging fires of ambition within Skarbrand.
Was Skarbrand not undefeated? Was
Skarbrand not unstoppable? It was in this
way that Skarbrand one day dared to
There is but one pathway to Khornes challenge his rightful master.
favour that of endless battle. None piled
more skulls before the Brass Throne than As Khorne gazed out over his kingdoms,
did Skarbrand. It was he who tore down Skarbrand struck the Blood God with all
Slaaneshs first palace, he who slew his might. Although the Greater Daemon
Nurgles great poxviathan, and he who led delivered a blow that would crumble
the Blood Legions to triumph after mountains or shatter a star itself, the strike
triumph. Relentlessly, Skarbrand carved a did little more than draw Khornes gaze
gore-ridden trail of victories, forever and stir his matchless fury.
seeking out the next challenge worthy of
his martial attentions. At last, after
slaughter untold, only the greatest of his The Blood God
fellow Bloodthirsters remained as worthy
rivals. Thus Skarbrand sought them out
hurled Skarbrand from
and, at the Battle of Infernus Plains,
overpowered even the mightiest of his
the top of the Brass
rivals. As a conqueror he stood atop the Citadel, sending him
piled dead, capturing the soul stuffs of the
two most powerful of the defeated and into exile.
binding them into weapon form. Thus were
born Slaughter and Carnage, Skarbrands Seizing Skarbrand, Khorne cursed his
matchless axes, blades that crave blood as name, crushing him so tightly that there
insatiably their wielder. was nothing left within, save only blackest
rage. The Blood God hurled Skarbrand
Looking down from his Brass Throne, from the top of the Brass Citadel, sending
Khorne saw the defeat of his greatest his fallen champion into exile.
Bloodthirsters. The act pleased him, for
the god of rage and battle cares not from Like a fiery comet, Skarbrand hurtled
whence the blood flows, only that it does through the realms, his impact gouging a
so. And in that way did Skarbrand ascend canyon through them all. It took Skarbrand
to the head of the Blood Gods legions, eight days to crawl, roaring, from the
becoming the right hand of almighty craterous pit of his final landing, his wings
Khorne himself. Victory followed victory, in tatters, his body still smoking. Gone was
and Khornes supremacy seemed assured. the Greater Daemons pride, for his very
being had been broken and squeezed out.
Ever mischievous and jealous of his The only thing that remained of Skarbrand
brothers growing power, Tzeentch looked was purest rage. He had become wrath
upon Khornes greatest champion and was incarnate a senseless maelstrom of
troubled. The Great Conspirator foresaw violence. Skarbrands mere presence
his own realm assailed by a red tide, with broke discipline, instilling savage loathing
1 Skarbrand is a creature of
mindless rage. Standing
Skarbrand at their fore. In those visions and red hate into all who came near.
atop a Chaos Dreadhold, the crystal labyrinth was shattered, its Within the maddening aura, even firm
Skarbrand is a scourge intricate matrix cracking beneath flaming allies might tear each other apart.
almost as deadly to the
Dreadholds defenders as
hooves. So did the Changer of the Ways
to those who seek to secretly enter the skull realm, his whispers In exile Skarbrand stalked the realms,
throw it down. fuelling the embers of hubris and stoking having no purpose save to vent his

unquenchable fury. Where he went, he was gifted the mastery of the Brass Chain, 1 A Knight-Venator of the
Hammers of Sigmar
brought war, leaving behind a trail of for he desired to show the Blood God that descends, a star-fated
devastation. None had ever served he too could control immeasurable fury. arrow nocked as his
Khorne so completely, for Skarbrand Using his coven of Gaunt Summoners, brother Knights celestial
lantern throws the Light
reaped mountains of skulls and spilt Archaon can have Skarbrand realmshifted of Sigmar upon
oceans of blood for the master he had out of his bindings. Many times Archaon Skarbrand. Yet even
betrayed. Despite this, Khorne neither has unleashed Skarbrand to destroy these will be no match
for Skarbrands boundless
forgot nor forgave. Not yet has the Lord of provinces and crush enemies. Skarbrand wrath and furious rage
Skulls rescinded his punishment. From his has done that and more besides,
Brass Throne Khorne watches his former frequently continuing his rampage to 2 Skarbrand is a scourge of
the Mortal Realms, an
favourite, occasionally plucking the destroy those that fight alongside him apocalyptic force of
Greater Daemon up to set him upon some before the necessary spells can be cast to destruction sent by
new path of bloodletting. once again return the Greater Daemon to Khorne to fight alongside
his daemonic hordes. Can
his chains in Bloodkeep. Well does Khorne the Stormcast Eternals
Sometimes Khorne hurls Skarbrand where know that a gift such as Skarbrand is a halt his bloody progress?
his rage might aid the Blood Gods cause. two-edged blade, as dangerous to the
3 This classic piece of art
When Khornes eye fell upon the Mortal Everchosen as to those Archaon wishes to by John Blanche captures
Realms, he wanted them for his own. So see slaughtered. To offer such dangerous Skarbrands inexorable
was Skarbrand hurled into the fiery realm blessings pleases the Blood God, who advance perfectly, wings
smouldering with black
of Aqshy, there to unwittingly wreak havoc knows that no matter how the fates unfold, smoke and flame.
in Khornes name. At other times, with oceans of blood will flow
memories of Skarbrands impudence fresh,
Khorne hurls the Exiled One to seeming
oblivion, launching him upon some
hopeless task, pitting his rage against the
stars and tides. Skarbrand has been forced
to fight his way out of the Garden of Nurgle
and spent eternities battling the illusion
armies of Tzeentch a battle where even
endless slaughter could not achieve
victory. At such times the bellowing howls
of Skarbrands frustration can be heard in
the Brass Citadel itself, and Khorne is
much amused.

Khorne is not the only one who seeks to

exploit Skarbrands endless fury. When
Archaon saw his own armies assailed by
the living embodiment of rage, he
beseeched Khorne to rein in such wanton
destruction. The idea pleased Khorne,
perhaps only because it further punished
the Exiled One. Thus did Khorne himself
alloy hellfire with his own indomitable will
to forge the Brass Chain the only bonds
known capable of holding Skarbrand.

Skarbrand was imprisoned within the

innermost citadel of the eight-walled
fortress of Bloodkeep. For centuries the
Greater Daemon shook the mountainsides
as he struggled to break the Brass Chain
that bound him. At his whim, Khorne still
plucks forth his champion, hurling him into
battle like wrathful judgment. Archaon too
PAINT SPLATTER Blood Red Flesh Crown of Horns
1 1

Basecoat: Mephiston Red Basecoat: Steel Legion Drab

XL Base M Base

2 2

Wash: Agrax Earthshade Layer: Baneblade Brown

L Shade M Layer

3 3

Drybrush: Mephiston Red Wash: Nuln Oil

M Dry M Shade
KHORNES OUTCAST Paint Splatter provides handy tips
Just because and stage-by-stage painting
Skarbrand is an exile 4 4
doesnt mean he has to guides for the weeks key releases.
look different from the This week we look at the
Daemons and warriors embodiment of rage: Skarbrand.
he fights alongside, so
our Skarbrand model The Bloodthirsters are the mightiest of Drybrush: Evil Sunz Scarlet Layer: Karak Stone
matches the existing Khornes servants, and Skarbrand is a S Dry S Layer
Studio collection of singular example of that deadly fraternity.
Chaos Daemons. If you When painting him the Studio army
have a Bloodbound or painting team recommend starting out 5 5
Daemon army already, with the skin, which is by far the largest
consider using some of area of the model in this example they
their colours when you used Mephiston Red, painted on with an
paint Skarbrand, XL Base brush, although if you have an
perhaps echoing your airbrush you could as easily use the
Layer: Fire Dragon Bright Layer: Screaming Skull
army colours on his Mephiston Red Citadel Air paint, or
armour or brass trim. XS Artificer Layer XS Artificer Layer
Mephiston Red spray if you have it.
There are a couple of other things to bear Also, the choice of colours is very
in mind, too: firstly, notice on Skarbrands important. Retributor Armour for the brass
horns, in the second stage, the layering trim gives the metal a bright, warm finish
only extends two thirds of the way along when layered with Sycorax Bronze, while
the horn. When this has been shaded and the cool black of Skarbrands armour has a
Next week: the
highlighted it creates a natural-looking contrasting effect, balancing the overall
rising storm.
gradient on the horns. tone of the model nicely.

Brass Trim Bared Skull Silver Metal Black Trim Beard

1 1 1 1 1

Basecoat: Retributor Armour Basecoat: Rakarth Flesh Basecoat: Leadbelcher Basecoat: Abaddon Black Basecoat: Abaddon Black
S Base S Base M Base M Base S Base

2 2 2 2 2

Wash: Reikland Fleshshade Wash: Seraphim Sepia Wash: Nuln Oil Layer: Dark Reaper Layer: Mechanicus Standard Grey
M Wash M Shade M Shade S Layer L Layer

3 3 3 3 3

Layer: Sycorax Bronze Layer: Screaming Skull Drybrush: Necron Compound Layer: Administratum Grey Layer: Dawnstone
S Layer S Layer S Dry XS Artificer Layer XS Artificer Layer


Skarbrands eyes are mismatched in
colour, the eye on his wounded side a
pale, glazed blue, while the other burns
with yellow hate. The blue eye was
Layer: Runefang Steel Layer: White Scar painted with Celestra Grey, glazed with
XS Artificer Layer XS Artificer Layer Guilliman Blue and then highlighted with
White Scar. The yellow was basecoated
with Rhinox Hide, highlighted with Yriel
Yellow and given an even finer highlight
of White Scar.

Because the area is so tiny, its worth

painting the eyes with an XS Artificer
Layer brush, and doing them before the
final highlights on Skarbrands face.
As we enter the Age of Sigmar, many of us, like collectors everywhere, have been building
and painting new miniatures to add to our collections or even starting whole new armies.
Here are a few of our favourite units from across the Mortal Realms.


The Knights of Azyr were among the first of south of the River Magmus to join the
Sigmars Stormhosts to be deployed to the battle. Though heavily outnumbered, the
Mortal Realms, their armoured bodies Knights of Azyr never retreated, the
smashing into the lava fields of the Kinclave of Helmgart holding the north
Brimstone Peninsula. While Vandus end of the bridge while their Prosecutor
Hammerhand fought to re-open the brethren assailed the ravenous horde from
Igneous Gate, the Knights of Azyr were behind. It was Sagicon Hammerborne,
1 The Celestine Brethren,
Prosecutors of the
tasked with holding the Obsidian Bridge however, who won the day for the Knights
Angelus Conclave. They alongside warriors from the Anvils of the of Azyr. Accepting a challenge from an
all wear the sombre grey Heldenhammer. As the Stormcast Eternals Exalted Deathbringer, the Lord-Relictor
armour of the Knights of
Azyr, who were created
clashed with the Goretide of Korghos hammered the champion of Khorne to the
during one of Malluss Khul, the Obsidian Bridge was assailed by ground before throwing his ruined body
darker phases. thousands of Bloodreavers trying to get into the lava river below.


2 The Kinclave of Helmgart,

Liberators of the
Redeemer Conclave.
More than half their
number were slain during
the battle on the Obsidian
Bridge, their bodies
returning to Sigmaron as
pillars of celestial light.

3 Lord-Relictor Sagicon
Hammerborne. Its said
that no one has seen his
face since his reforging,
not even his brothers
within the Stormhost.
1 Zumas skin is almost It was during the dark days of the Age of When Sigmars Stormhosts descended to
white, a sign that he is
destined for greatness.
Chaos that the Scar-Veteran known as the Mortal Realms, Zuma and his Saurus
Xocos skin, meanwhile, Zuma Itzquintli proved himself worthy of warriors were summoned to the foetid
shimmers between the Old Ones favour. In the cataclysmic jungles of Ghyran, where Nurgles rot had
purple and blue, her scaly
hide radiating waves of
battle for the Allpoints he slew many taken hold. Undaunted by the stench of
celestial energy. followers of the Dark Gods before Sigmars corruption, Zuma led his Seraphon to
Grand Alliance crumbled, the crucial battle, driving Nurgles servants out of
Realmgate lost to the forces of Chaos. their conquered lands and into the path of
Spirited away by his Slann masters, Zuma Sigmars Hallowed Knights. Duty done,
bears a hatred for the followers of Chaos Zuma and his Seraphon disappeared in a
that has burned in his soul ever since. blinding flash of celestial light.

The Irondrakes known as the Fire Seekers The Fire Seekers have been tasked by the 1 The Fire Seekers are led
by Old Redbeard, an
are some of the many dispossessed Lord of Ale with finding the sacred flame Ironwarden of fearsome
duardin roaming the Mortal Realms. Where used to brew the infamous ale, and are notoriety and temper.
many duardin fight to settle ancient currently scouring the Realm of Fire for it.
2 The Fire Seekers march
grudges, or seek revenge for the deaths of Despite razing several Chaos Dreadholds, across the blasted
their ancestors, the Fire Seekers are they found no sign of the flame. Furious, wastelands of the
motivated by a desire to reclaim what is they marched south, right into the path of Brimstone Peninsula.
Their bases are painted
lost. Having joined the roving warband of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer. Though with Martian Ironearth to
the Lord of Ale, they, and others like them, distrustful of the Stormcast Eternals, the give the impression of a
seek to recreate the legendary Six Axes, an Fire Seekers have since formed a grudging land ravaged by lava
flows and firestorms.
ale of uncommon strength and flavour. alliance with them. For now, at least

Armies on Parade is a celebration of collecting and painting Citadel miniatures, your
opportunity to build and paint a new army for your collection. With the Parade Day fast
approaching, two more of our painters have completed their armies ready for display.


Whether Chaos Space Marines, Tau, Elves One of the great features of Andys army is
or Orks, Andy Keddie always favours a nice the unified colour scheme that hes used HOW TO TAKE PART
Anyone can take part in
bright colour scheme for his armies. This across the models, board and buildings. Armies on Parade. All you
year hes opted for Bad Moon Orks, the The bright yellow armour worn by the Orks need to do is paint an
army and take it in to one
snazziest Orks around (Flash Gitz acts as a spot colour to draw attention to of our stores on 24
excepted, of course). the miniatures, while their bases are October the Parade
painted the same colour as the road to tie Day. The only restriction
is that your army needs
Andy wanted his entry to represent the them to the display board. Andy even to fit in an area no larger
vanguard of his Ork horde, which is why he matched the fallen masonry on the Orks than 2' by 2'. For more
has painted lots of fast-moving bikers, a bases to the buildings. The Blitza-Bommer information, chat to the
staff in one of our stores
pair of Ork planes and a load of Nobz in a on the right of the board, for example, has theyll be happy to help
Battlewagon, all of them painted in the a green ruin on its base to match the you plan your entry.
bright yellow of the Bad Moons. building its flying over. Its ded kunnin.
1 The vanguard of Waaagh!
Skagrog zooms through
the ruins of Huiveneras
Prime, the setting for
Andys latest campaign.

2 Snazzmeks bikers zoom

through the city. Andy
used a Sector Imperialis
tile for his display board,
painting the roads and
buildings in browns and
greys so as not to
distract from the models
not a hard task
considering they all wear
bright yellow armour.

3 This part of Skagrogs

force is led by Krazy
Boneshaka, the clans
Weirdboy Warphead.
Andys favourite colour is
turquoise, which he used
on Boneshakas robes to
make him stand out from
the yellow mob.

Over the last couple of months, John Fleet Behemoth. The thing that took the
Bracken has been hard at work painting a longest was the feathering effect on the
new Tyranid army to terrorise the carapaces, but it was worth the effort
battlefields of the 41st Millennium. because the end result is really eye-
catching. At the heart of Johns army you
Its not as scary as it seems, painting so can see the Hive Tyrant known as the
many Tyranids in one go, laughs John as Swarmlord, the monster that led Hive
he sets up a carpet of Hormagaunts on his Fleet Behemoths assault on the polar
board. I used the colour scheme for the fortress on Macragge, the Ultramarines
Court of the Nephilim King presented in home world. Well be featuring more
the Invasion Swarms painting guide, which pictures of Johns Tyranid swarm in a future
is closely based on the colours of Hive issue of Warhammer Visions.

1 A Maleceptor looms over

the Gaunts around it.
John used Nihilakh Oxide
on its synaptic nodes (its
exposed brains, for want
of a better word) to make
them look like they are 1
glowing with alien power.

2 A tentacle-limbed
Venomthrope floats
ominously amongst the
Hormagaunts. Its feeder
tendrils are covered in
Nurgles Rot to give the
impression that its been
feeding on something
tasty. Or not, as the case
may be

3 A Hive Crone soars over

the Tyranids below. Flyers
and flying creatures are a
great way to add height
to an Armies on Parade
display and make great
centrepiece miniatures
for a collection.

4 The Tyranids of Hive Fleet

Behemoth ready for war,
a chitinous sea of
glistening red skin and
midnight blue carapaces.

Despite the unmeasurable ages since Skarbrands betrayal, he remains one of the Blood
Gods mightiest warriors upon a million battlefields. Here we present his rules for use in
your games of both Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar.
As with all Daemons of Chaos, Skarbrand You might have noticed that Skarbrands
GET THE WARSCROLLS can be used both in games of Warhammer rules as we present them here look slightly
Warscrolls contain
everything you need to 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar, so different from his entry in Codex: Chaos
use your models in your on the following pages youll find rules for Daemons. Dont panic! They are exactly
games. Getting hold of
the warscrolls for your
him in both games. Skarbrand is part of the same rules as youll find in your Codex,
models is easy. Every the Daemons of Khorne faction in just presented here as a datasheet. You
new release for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and he fights can still use him in exactly the same way,
Warhammer Age of
Sigmar has the warscroll
alongside the Chaos Daemons in ally with the same armies and unleash the
for the models in the box. Warhammer 40,0000. Of course, youre free same levels of ultra-excessive skull-
If youve got an existing
to use him in any other game you see fit: smashing violence as before. Khorne
Warhammer army, you the Blood God rejoices in slaughter and doesnt care, as long as the blood flows.
can download a free destruction wherever it is to be found, so if
compendium full of
warscrolls online:
the story behind your game involves Over the page youll find a warscroll for rousing Khornes ire, then Skarbrand might Skarbrand. This is the same as the one
just be a perfect fit. youll find in the box, only full colour.

Skarbrands coming is heralded

by a frenzied insanity. Blood
roars in the ears of friend
and foe alike. Hearts pound.
Hands shake, curling into
white-knuckled claws around
any weapon that comes to
hand. Even the meekest
coward becomes a homicidal
maniac in the exiled Daemon
lords presence, as thoughts
of self preservation and fear
are smothered by Skarbrands
malefic aura of rage. Seasoned
warriors are transformed
into mindless berserkers,
abandoning their posts to
charge into battle wielding
firearms as crude clubs in their
desperation to kill. Disciplined
armies become blood-hungry
mobs. Ordered battle becomes
deranged slaughter. Through it
all storms Skarbrand himself,
tattered wings trailing as he
hacks down everything in
his path. There is no joy for
Skarbrand in this slaughter
his own endless rage
eclipses all else. Some part
of Skarbrand hopes to erase
Khornes disdain of him with
an endless tally of skulls. In
the meantime, the banished
Daemon serves his god more
wholly than ever.

WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Unit Type Unit Composition

Skarbrand 10 10 6 6 5 10 6 9 3+ Monstrous Creature (Character) 1 (Unique)


Daemon of Khorne Death Incarnate HELLFORGED ARTEFACTS
Daemonic Instability Slaughter and Carnage: Each of Skarbrands two axes
Deep Strike contains the essence of an enraged Greater Daemon.
Range S AP Type
Bellow of Endless Fury: So ridden with boundless rage is Slaughter - User 2 Melee,
Skarbrands roar that it can burst the hearts of those nearby. Fleshbane
Range S AP Type Carnage - User 2 Melee,
Template 5 - Assault 1 Armourbane
Rage Embodied: Skarbrand and all units (friend or foe)
within 12" of him have the Rage and Hatred specialrules.

A daemonic engine of destruction like no other, Skarbrand carves a red road of ruin across the battlefield. His bellowing
roars cause the blood to boil in his enemies veins. His twin axes Carnage and Slaughter trail a rain of gore with every
almighty swing. The angrier Skarbrand gets, the more dangerous he becomes. And there is none angrier than Skarbrand.

MELEE WEAPONS Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Damage
14 4+ Slaughter 2" 4+ 3+ -2 3
10 Carnage 2" 1 4+ See below

Wounds Suffered Rage Slaughter Carnage
0-3 Angry 4 Total carnage on a 5+
4-6 Furious 5 Total carnage on a 4+
7-9 Seething 6 Total carnage on a 3+
10-12 Enraged 7 Total carnage on a 2+
13+ Incandescent 8 Total carnage on a 1+

DESCRIPTION Skarbrand can use his rage to fuel one or Roar of Total Rage: When Skarbrand
Skarbrand is a single model. He carries more of the following abilities. Each can roars, his anger breaks the bounds of
two axes, one called Slaughter and the only be used once per battle round. The reason, causing the blood of those near
other Carnage, which he uses with deadly effects of these abilities last until your him to boil in their veins, or their heads to
effect in combat. As the battle progresses, next hero phase (with the exception of explode in apocalyptic, eye-bulging fury!
Skarbrands rage grows, making him an a Roar of Total Rage, which is resolved
increasingly dangerous opponent and immediately). If Skarbrand is Angry he If Skarbrand makes a Roar of Total Rage,
wounding him only makes him angrier. can use one ability, if he is Furious he can pick a unit within 8". Roll one dice if
use two abilities, if he is Seething he can Skarbrand is Angry, two dice if he is
use three, if he is Enraged he can use four Furious, three if he is Seething, four if he
ABILITIES and if he is Incandescent he can use five. is Enraged and five if he is Incandescent.
Skarbrands Rage: The angrier that Each roll of 4 or more inflicts 1 mortal
Skarbrand gets, the more dangerous he Make a Roar of Total Rage (see below). wound on the unit.
becomes, as shown on his damage table
above. Skarbrand starts the battle Angry, Re-roll the dice to determine Total Carnage: Roll a dice each time
but this will change during the course of Skarbrands charge distance. Skarbrand hits a target with the axe
the battle as his rage increases or he vents Carnage; if the roll is greater than or equal
his fury to fuel his attacks. Re-roll all failed hit rolls made to the result shown in the damage table,
forSlaughter. the hit has caused total carnage and one
In each of your hero phases, look on enemy model in the target unit loses 8
Skarbrands damage table to see his Re-roll all failed hit rolls made wounds (or is slain if it has 8 wounds or
current level of rage. If Skarbrand was not forCarnage. fewer remaining). No saves can be taken
able to attack in at least one of the combat against total carnage theres no escaping
phases of the previous battle round, he Re-roll all failed wound rolls made the axes wrath! If the roll is less than the
is always Incandescent, regardless of the forSlaughter. result shown in the table, the hit inflicts
wounds he has remaining nothing makes one mortal wound on the target unit
Skarbrand angrier than not being able to Re-roll the dice rolled to see if Skarbrand instead.
fight! inflicts Total Carnage.


Join us for a round-up of the week as we share comment, opinion and trivia on all the latest
releases, plus other fun tidbits that have cropped up in the White Dwarf bunker. This week
we look at horrifically mutated axes, maniacal mortal servants and a mighty fine beard.


INFERNAL LEGIONS Having written about (and talked about) contempt with which a rabid dog puts an
Khorne is by far the most Skarbrand all week, we couldnt help but end to a rat in his masters pantry. Against
martial of the Chaos
Gods, his daemonic
try him out in a game or two to see just Sigmars Celestant-Prime, Skarbrand
hordes mustered into how devastating Khornes exile was in weathered the wrath of Ghal Maraz, the
vast Infernal Legions all battle. So, we launched a series of quick mighty Stormcast Eternal descending from
of whom exist solely to
shed blood in his name.
and fun games, testing him against some the Celestial Realm to batter Skarbrands
Greatest among these of the deadliest foes in the Mortal Realms. flesh and break his bones. These injuries
daemonic minions are only fuelled Skarbrands own rage further,
the Bloodthirsters of the
First Host, the greatest
With his axes swinging, Skarbrand toppled until the axe Carnage claimed his foe.
and most powerful a Treelord Ancient in a single, brutal
examples of their kind. assault, twin axes Slaughter and Carnage It was Nagash who halted the rampage
Possessed with
incalculable might, these
hewing Sylvaneth flesh as if it were no summoning a legion of Skeletons to halt
Bloodthirsters can crush more than rotting stalks of corn. He then Skarbrands inexorable advance, before
mortal armies rose to the challenge against a Verminlord the Supreme Lord of the Undead used his
single-handedly. Each
Bloodthirster of the First
of the Great Horned Rat, and butchered sword, Zefet-nebtar, to banish Skarbrand
Host commands eight the loathsome creature with the same back to the Realm of Brass.
Bloodthirsters of the
Second, who in turn
command eight of the
third and so forth. Thus
Khorne has huge
numbers of Bloodthirsters
at his disposal, each of
whom is willing to fight
and kill for a more
exalted place in the host.
The Bloodthirsters of the
Eighth Host are those of
Unfettered Rage the
battlefield generals of
Khornes daemonic
legions. Bloodthirsters of
Unfettered Rage each
command eight legions,
each an incalculably vast
throng of blood red
killers. When mustered
for war they are
unmatched for fury by
any army in existence.
Skarbrands legend and renown have left
their mark upon reality, such that he is
adulated and worshipped by many of the
Blood Gods human servants. In the Dark
Millennium no few Khorne Daemonkin
warbands worship him as the paragon of
violence and destruction, roaring his
name as they cleave into the foe.
Likewise, it is known for Bloodbound
Warhordes in the Age of Sigmar to honour
him. Indeed, the Axes of Skarbrand have
gone so far as to take his murderous
name as their own. Since his exile,
Skarbrand only fights where Khorne wills,
but his arrival is welcomed with a
rapturous onslaught of bloodletting.


Skarbrands twin axes, Carnage and
Slaughter, cannot be compared to ordinary
mortal-forged steel, or even lesser
Daemon weapons. No, they hold the
bound souls of two vanquished
Bloodthirsters of Khorne within them. That
deserves a special paint job! Heres how
the Studio army painting team did it.

First, paint the metal in the same way as

described on page 14. With the metal
done, basecoat the fleshy areas with
Khorne Red (we recommend using an S
Base brush) and, when dry, wash it with
Druchii Violet using an M Shade brush.
Next highlight the flesh with Pink Horror
using an S Layer brush, followed by a final
edge highlight of Cadian Fleshtone, using
an XS Artificer Layer brush. The change of
tone between the garish Pink Horror and
the more natural Cadian Fleshtone helps
give Carnage and Slaughter a warped,
daemonic appearance.
Sneaking quietly into the pages of White
SLAUGHTER Dwarf this week is this Vindicare Assassin
Entire regiments are likely to painted by one of our most prolific
disintegrate before the
rampaging swings of the contributors, John Margiotta. We love
Daemon axe Slaughter Johns gritty, realistic style of painting,
expect to harvest corpses by which really brings his miniatures to life.
the dozen.
Look closely and youll see the Vindicares
CARNAGE bodysuit is flecked with camouflage
If something big needs killing, patterns, while his exitus rifle and helmet
Carnage is the axe for the job
with the power to crumple are covered in tiny scratches and splashes
armour plates and leave of dirt. Marvellous stuff!
monsters in ragged ruin, its
perfect for serious smiting.
If youve painted a miniature that you
think is worthy of a place in White Dwarf
MUNITORUM then why not send a picture to:


SKARBRAND If its something we can use, well be sure

to get in touch.
The bellowing roars of
Skarbrand go well beyond
noisy or even earsplitting. His
berserk battle cries cause
blood to boil and heads to
explode in eye-bulging fury. The Eldar Harlequins favour a quick and
flowing style of warfare that enables them
Skarbrand is surrounded by to use their incredible grace and agility, as
an aura of rage that infects all well as their lethal weapons, to crush the
who fight around him. Expect foe. The prismatic cannon mounted on
even the most disciplined
warriors to fight like maniacs their Voidweavers adds to the artistry, as it
when he is nearby. fires scintillating beams of energy into the
foe. A wide-focussed beam can catch an
entire squad in its deadly rays, while a
tightly focussed beam can cut through the
hull of a tank.
Theres something about
the Grot being sucked
into the Shokk Attack
Gun we just love. If its
cruel to find joy in the
abject terror on his face,
his desperately grasping
hands and the fact his Skarbrand may have chopped the
loin cloth is being pulled
down, sorry.
Treelord Ancient up like kindling in our
monster challenge, but there was one
battle he wasnt going to win: that of the
mightiest beard. True, Skarbrand does
have a beard ring made out of spinal
vertebrae, but in terms of volume and
presentation, the Treelord Ancient is
the winner, if only by a whisker
Earlier in the issue you will have seen a APOCRYPHA
few units of Stormcast Eternals from the
Knights of Azyr Stormhost. Want to know EXTRA
how to paint their moody grey armour? Notes from the worlds
Read on. of Warhammer. This
week: famous Daemons.
The armour was basecoated with Stegadon
Scale Green followed by a wash of NKARI
Mournfang Brown in the recesses of the NKari is a Keeper of Secrets,
armour to create the shading. The armour a Greater Daemon of the god
Slaanesh who has caused
panels were then edge highlighted, first untold suffering through the
with Thunderhawk Blue, then Fenrisian ages. In the world-that-was,
Grey and Pallid Wych Flesh, the highlights NKari was a foremost
adversary of the Elves of
kept as fine as possible to give the armour Ulthuan, blighting the line of
a reflective quality. The pauldrons were Aenarion. In the 41st
painted with Rakarth Flesh and layered Millennium NKari has proven
an enemy of both the Eldar
with Pallid Wych Flesh. and Grey Knights, and
rumours abound that Erebus,
The trim on the armour was basecoated Dark Apostle of the Word
Bearers Legion, summoned
with Retributor Armour followed by a wash him into being at the time of
of Reikland Fleshshade. Once this was dry, the Horus Heresy.
the armour was then highlighted with
Liberator Gold followed by a second KaBandha is a Bloodthirster
highlight of Runefang Steel. of staggering might who
ranks among the greatest of
the Blood Gods daemonic
servants. Such is KaBandhas
Hello Grombrindal, having watched
Duncan Rhodess latest tutorial video on
tremendous power that few
have ever claimed victory
over him most famous
the Games Workshop YouTube channel. among them being
Sanguinius, Primarch of the
Id love to pick his brain about Blood Angels Legion.
something. Whats the best way to keep Famously KaBandha and his
my brushes in tip-top shape? daemonic legions fought the
Blood Angels at Signis Prime,
- Max Splayed Bristles Blanton where the sons of Sanguinius
(along with their master)
GROMBRINDAL SAYS were forever scarred by the
fighting. Although Sanguinius
Well now, I enjoy a good painting tutorial would later defeat KaBandha
as much as the next all-knowing font of on Terra, the wounds of
wisdom, so this is a question that is dear Signis Prime never healed.
to my heart. I spoke to the maestro PUPA GROTESSE
himself, and he offered the following tips: A massive, corpulent Greater
1: Always keep paint out of the ferrule. Daemon of Nurgle, Pupa
Grotesse was charged by his
Never let it get into the metal bit. Take patron with wreaking havoc
special care when loading paint from the in the Realm of Life during
pot. 2: When you wash your brushes, the Realmgate Wars. Perhaps
his most notorious act was to
dont grind them against the water pot. bathe in the once pristine
The White Dwarf is a font of knowledge, Never leave them standing in water with waters of the River Vitalis,
a metaphorical repository of useful the tips touching the bottom. 3: Wash polluting them until they
became known as the Gelid
facts. If you have a question about your brushes regularly, even if you are Gush. His monstrous
Warhammer 40,000 or Warhammer Age using the same colour for an extended ablutions were eventually
of Sigmar, need a bit of painting advice period of time. Never let the paint dry on interrupted and thwarted by
the warriors of the Hallowed
or youre after a few tactical tips, drop the bristles of your brush. Knights Stormhost, and
us a line: - Grombrindal Grotesse was blasted to ash
by a divine bolt of lightning.
Feculent Glob is a Great Unclean One who has been Recent battles have seen Feculent Glob battle the
unleashed by his master to spread a tide of corruption Sylvaneth hosts of Palraec Ironbower, a Treelord
throughout the Realm of Ghyran. Chortling merrily to Ancient who guards the wyreways around the Garden
himself as he shambles along, Glob has crashed of Vitality. In their most recent skirmish, dozens of
through branches and briars, leaving a festering trail of Dryads died and Plaguebearers and Putrid Blightkings
effluent and slime in his wake. His ultimate goal is to were cut down in droves until only Glob and
desecrate the Garden of Vitality, a lush and green Ironbower remained. Although Ironbower tore chunks
space considered sacred by the Sylvaneth. Father from his foe, Globs daemonic flesh healed itself and
Nurgle considers the Garden of Vitality an insult to his the Treelord was driven off. Guffawing happily, Glob
own Garden of Nurgle, and will suffer it no more. scooped up his guts and continued on his path.

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1 miniature cast out from the Blood Gods domain, Skarbrand is wrath incarnate.
80, 105, 800dkr, 960skr, 880nkr, 400z, USA $130, Can $160,
AU $225, NZ $265, 800rmb, 18,400
By David Annandale
Audio drama, 80 minutes
10, 15, 115dkr, 140skr, 140nkr, 50z, USA $15, Can $17.50,
AU $25, NZ $28.50, 1,300
Also available as an MP3 download. See for prices and details.
A glorious showcase of beautifully-painted Citadel miniatures!
7.50, 9.00, 70dkr, 80skr, 75nkr, 35z, USA $12, Can $13,
AU $13, NZ $15, 70rmb, 1,200
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