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Within the Mortal Realms are places so corrupted by the taint of Chaos that the landscape itself rebels
against nature, twisting into something resembling the Realm of Chaos itself. Two such places are the
sickeningly fragrant slopes of Mount Hedon the domain of Slaanesh-worshipping Hedonites and the
Crystalline Shores, where drifts of crystal are deposited by waves of ethereal blue fire, and the warriors
of Tzeentch rule with an iron fist.


Time of War: The Blasted Wastes II provides rules for playing battles of Warhammer Age of Sigmar in areas so steeped with
the touch of Chaos that the environment itself is as much of a danger to your warriors as the the enemy. They can be used by
anyone brave enough to battle upon a hostile battlefield, but they are particularly fun when incorporated into a Path to Glory
campaign where a Chaos warband may gain an advantage for fighting in their own domain, but risk the ire of their patron god
should they suffer defeat.

When deciding which realm your battle will take place in, you can choose (if you dare) to fight on either Mount Hedon or on
the Crystalline Shores instead.

MOUNT HEDON first turn, mists of warm, perfumed air Each number can only be used once
If you decide a game is taking place seep from hidden orifices around the stop when all six have been used. A unit
on Mount Hedon, the following slopes, bringing with them madness can be marked more than once if you
rulesapply: and ecstasy alike. wish. Once six dice have been placed,

MOUNT HEDON Starting with the player who will take
the first turn, the players take it in turns
roll a dice. The marked unit with the
matching number is enveloped in sweet-
smelling mist. Roll two dice and add the
At the start of each battle round, after to nominate a unit, marking it with a units Bravery, then consult the chart
you have rolled to see who will take the dice showing a number from 1 to6. below to find out what happens:

Total Effect 12-14 Pavane of Slaanesh: The 15+ Excess of Violence: After a
8 or less Ecstatic Catatonia: The unit unit slows to a halt, warriors moments hesitation, the unit
is overcome with a state of cocking their heads to one side springs wide-eyed towards
pure bliss, more intense than as they hear the first notes of a their foe, the raging desire
anything they have ever known. disturbingly compelling song. to spill their blood and feel
Warriors cast their weapons They lower their weapons, its warmth overruling any
aside and fall to the ground, unable to keep themselves from sense of self-preservation. The
heedless of anything but the swaying side to side, eventually player whose unit it is rolls
ecstasy of the moment as they breaking into a lewd pavane. two dice, and moves the unit
roll back and forth. Remove the For the duration of the battle that many inches towards the
entire unit from the battlefield; round the unit can do nothing; nearestenemy.
even if they are not slain by the it cannot move, make attacks,
enemy, it will take several hours cast spells, or use any of its
for them to recover enough abilities. You do not need to
to be of any use. SLAANESH take battleshock tests for the
units suffer D6 mortal wounds unit, and each time it suffers a
instead, as they are accustomed wound or mortal wound, roll a
to suchpleasures. dice. On a result of 5 or more (4
or more, if it is a SLAANESH
9-11 Sadistic Glee: With a sudden, unit), the wound or mortal
passionate ferocity, the unit wound isignored.
turns on itself. Warriors who
have stood side by side for
years swing enthusiastically at
each other, laughing joyously
as their entrails spill and their
limbs are crushed. Roll a dice
for each model in the unit.
For each result of 4, 5 or 6 the
unit suffers a mortal wound.
SLAANESH units only suffer
mortal wounds on results of a6.


If you are playing a Path to Glory campaign and a Slaanesh warband fights a battle on the slopes of Mount Hedon, their
decadent revelries will plumb terrible new depths should they be triumphant. However, should they fail, their lamentations at
their gods mysterious absence will become dangerously self-destructive. They gain one additional Favour Point if they claim a
victory here, but lose D3 Favour Points (to a minimum of 0) if they lose a battle here.

MOUNT HEDON TRIUMPHS 3 The Blissful Host: Once during 6 The Silken Standard: Choose
If you win a major victory in a battle the battle, at the start of your hero a TOTEM, or a unit standard,
in Mount Hedon, you can roll on the phase, you can summon aid from banner or icon bearer in your
following table instead of the Triumph the Blissful Host, whose daemonic army to bear the Silken Standard.
table on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar power first brought the sweet If your opponent takes the
rulessheet. mists to Mount Hedon. Roll three first turn in a battle round, the
dice; add a unit of Daemonettes unit can rend the standard and
D6 Reward with that many models to your unleash its power before your
1 Hedonic Flacon: Choose a army. Set up the unit within 6" of opponents turn begins. The
HERO in your army to carry any HERO in your army, and not unit can effectively complete a
the flacon. Once during the within 3" of any enemy model. free turn taking a hero phase,
battle, in your hero phase, they movement phase, shooting phase,
can break its waxen seal and 4 Witstealer: Choose a HERO in charge phase, combat phase and
waft its enrapturing fragrance your army to bear the Witstealer. battleshock phase before your
about them. Roll two dice for At the end of the combat phase, opponent starts theirs. In the
each enemy unit within 6". If roll a dice for each enemy HERO combat phase, only that unit can
the result is higher than their that was wounded by the bearer attack, and as such the battleshock
Bravery, they suffer D3 mortal in that phase, but was not slain. phase will likely only affect enemy
wounds as warriors fall writhing On a roll of 4 or more the enemy units. This does not prevent your
to theground. HERO suffers a mortal wound as unit from acting in your turn
their thoughts are rendered feeble asnormal.
2 Obfuscatrix: Choose a HERO and useless.
in your army to bear the
Obfuscatrix. At the start of your 5 Enrapturing Gaze: Choose a
hero phase, you can pick one HERO in your army to have this
enemy unit within 12" and roll gift temporarily bestowed upon
two dice. If the result is higher them. At the start of each close
than the units Bravery, it will combat phase, pick an enemy unit
immediately attack the closest within 6" of the HERO and roll
friendly unit to itself it will two dice. If the result is higher
either shoot it with all its missile than their Bravery, they cannot be
weapons or attack with all its chosen to pile in or make attacks
melee weapons (note that the unit in this phase.
does not pile in). Your opponent
still rolls all dice as he attacks his
own units, but you can decide
who each model will target with
their attacks. Their attacks cannot
target models within their own
unit however! Once you have
successfully used the Obfuscatrix,
its power diminishes and it
cannot be used again.

THE CRYSTALLINE Total Effect TZEENTCH units only suffer a

SHORES 3 Tide of Pinkfire: The firetide rises single mortal wound instead.
If you decide a game is taking place on rapidly, engulfing all in its path in
the Crystalline Shores, the following agonising flame before receding 9 Tide of Change: The tide comes

THE CRYSTALLINE as swiftly as it arrived. Each unit
on the battlefield that cannot
fly suffers D3 mortal wounds.
in swiftly, but its flames are cold
and do not seem to do harm.
Phantasms of slain warriors swim

The ground here is littered with splinters
of crystal that hum with power in the
presence of magic. If the result of a
TZEENTCH units only suffer a
single mortal wound instead.
amid the waves, stepping forth
to rejoin their kin. Roll a dice for
each unit on the battlefield. On a 5
casting roll for a WIZARD in your force 6 Tide of Bluefire: One side of the or 6, return D3 slain models to the
is a double, you can roll a third dice and battlefield is wreathed in azure unit. Return D6 slain models to
add it to the total. If this increases the flame. The player taking the TZEENTCH unitsinstead.
result of a casting roll to 15 or more, your second turn in this battle round
WIZARD unleashes a supreme amount picks an edge of the battlefield, THE CALL TO CHAOS:
of power and each enemy unit within 18" then rolls a dice. On a 1, the tide PATH TO GLORY CAMPAIGN
suffers D3 mortal wounds. comes in from that edge. On a If you are playing a Path to Glory
2 or 3, the tide comes in from campaign and a Tzeentch warband fights
FIRETIDE the edge to the left; on a 4 or 5, a battle on the Crystalline Shores, the eye
After rolling to see who will take the first it comes in from the edge to the of their patron is upon them. They gain
turn in a battle round, add the results right; and on a 6 it comes in from one additional Favour Point if they claim a
of the two dice together. If the total is the opposite edge. Any unit within victory here, but lose D3 Favour Points (to
exactly 3, 6 or 9, the firetide begins to roll 18" of the flaming edge suffers D3 a minimum of 0) if they lose a battle here.
in. See the following table for its effects: mortal wounds unless it can fly.

THE CRYSTALLINE Shores. Roll three dice, and add 5 Gift of Sorcery: Choose a HERO
SHORESTRIUMPHS a unit of Horrors with that many in your army. That HERO
If you win a major victory in a battle models to your army. Set up the becomes a WIZARD for the
on the Crystalline Shores, you can roll unit within 9" of any HERO in duration of this battle. They can
on the following table instead of the your army, and not within 3" of cast up to one spell in each of
Triumph table on the Warhammer Age any enemy model. your hero phases, but cannot
of Sigmar rules sheet. unbind spells. They know the
3 Arcanovore: Choose one WIZARD Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield
D6 Reward in your army to be followed into spells. If all your HEROES are
1 Globe of Swirling Flame: Choose battle by the mysterious arcanovore. already WIZARDS,
a HERO in your army to carry Once during the battle, immediately re-roll this result.
the globe. They can throw it once after another WIZARD within
during the battle, in your shooting 18" successfully casts a spell, your 6 Enchantment of Animation:
phase, at an enemy unit that is WIZARD can immediately cast Choose a unit in your army.
visible and within 9". Roll nine the same spell. They do not make Their weapons have been
dice. For each one that scores a 6, a casting roll, and your opponent enchanted, and at a spoken
the unit suffers a mortal wound. cannot unbind it. command they can fly forth
to attack of their own accord.
2 The Flickering Boatmen: Once 4 Sigil of Flight: Choose a TOTEM, Once during the battle, in your
during the battle, at the start unit standard, banner or icon shooting phase, pick one of the
of your hero phase, you can bearer in your army to carry the units melee weapons. They can
summon aid from the Flickering Sigil of Flight. As long as that immediately attack with it as
Boatmen, whose insane chanting model is alive, its unit has a Move though it were a missile weapon
echoes around the Crystalline of 12" and can fly. with a range of 18".

Warhammer Age of Sigmar puts you in command of a force of mighty warriors, monsters and war engines. This rules sheet
contains everything you need to know in order to do battle amid strange and sorcerous realms, to unleash powerful magic,
darken the skies with arrows, and crush your enemies in bloody combat!


Before the conflict begins, rival warlords Be they pillars of flame, altars of brass or The landscapes of the Mortal Realms can
gather their most powerful warriors. haunted ruins, the realms are filled with both aid and hinder your warriors. Unless
strange sights and deadly obstacles. stated otherwise, a model can be moved
In order to play, you must first muster your across scenery but not through it (so you
army from the miniatures in your collection. Battles in Warhammer Age of Sigmar are cant move through a solid wall, or pass
Armies can be as big as you like, and you can fought across an infinite variety of exciting through a tree, but can choose to have a
use as many models from your collection as landscapes in the Mortal Realms, from model climb up or over them). In addition,
you wish. The more units you decide to use, desolate volcanic plains and treacherous sky once you have set up all your scenery, either
the longer the game will last and the more temples, to lush jungles and cyclopean ruins. roll a dice on the following table or pick a
exciting it will be! Typically, a game with The dominion of Chaos is all-pervading, rule from it for each terrain feature:
around a hundred miniatures per side will and no land is left untouched by the blight
last for about an evening. of war. These wildly fantastical landscapes
are recreated whenever you play a game of
All models are described by warscrolls, which Roll Scenery
provide all of the rules for using them in The table and scenery you use constitute 1 Damned: If any of your units are
the game. You will need warscrolls for the your battlefield. A battlefield can be any flat within 3" of this terrain feature in

models you want to use.

Models fight in units. A unit can have one or

surface upon which the models can stand
for example a dining table or the floor and
can be any size or shape provided its bigger
your hero phase, you can declare
that one is making a sacrifice.
If you do so, the unit suffers D3
more models, but cannot include models that than 3 feet square. mortal wounds, but you can add 1
use different warscrolls. A unit must be set up to all hit rolls for the unit until your
and finish any sort of move as a single group of First you should decide in which of the seven next hero phase.
models, with all models within 1" of at least one Mortal Realms the battle will take place. For 2 Arcane: Add 1 to the result of any
other model from their unit. If anything causes example, you might decide that your battle casting or unbinding rolls made for a
a unit to become split up during a battle, it must will take place in the Realm of Fire. Sometimes wizard within 3" of this terrain feature.
reform the next time that it moves. youll need to know this in order to use certain 3 Inspiring: Add 1 to the Bravery
abilities. If you cant agree on the realm, roll a of all units within 3" of this
TOOLS OF WAR dice, and whoever rolls highest decides. terrainfeature.
In order to fight a battle you will require a 4 Deadly: Roll a dice for any model that
tape measure and some dice. The best battles are fought over lavishly makes a run or charge move across, or
designed and constructed landscapes, but finishing on, this terrain feature. On a
Distances in Warhammer Age of Sigmar whether you have a lot of scenery or only a roll of 1 the model isslain.
are measured in inches ("), between the small number of features doesnt matter! A 5 Mystical: Roll a dice in your hero
closest points of the models or units youre good guide is at least 1 feature for every 2 phase for each of your units within
measuring to and from. You can measure foot square, but less is okay and more can 3" of this terrain feature. On a roll of
distances whenever you wish. A models base make for a really interesting battle. 1 the unit is befuddled and cant be
isnt considered part of the model its just selected to cast spells, move or attack
there to help the model stand up so dont To help you decide the placement of your until your next hero phase. On a roll
include it when measuring distances. scenery, you can choose to roll two dice and of 2-6 the unit is ensorcelled, and you
add them together for each 2 foot square can re-roll failed wound rolls for the
Warhammer Age of Sigmar uses six-sided area of your battlefield and consult the unit until your next hero phase.
dice (sometimes abbreviated to D6). If a rule following table: 6 Sinister: Any of your units that are
requires you to roll a D3, roll a dice and halve within 3" of this terrain feature in
the total, rounding fractions up. Some rules Roll Terrain Features your hero phase cause fear until your
allow you to re-roll a dice roll, which means 2-3 No terrain features. next hero phase. Subtract 1 from the
you get to roll some or all of the dice again. 4-5 2 terrain features. Bravery of any enemy units that are
You can never re-roll a dice more than once, 6-8 1 terrain feature. within 3" of one or more units that
and re-rolls happen before modifiers to the 9-10 2 terrain features. cause fear.
roll (if any) are applied. 11-12 Choose from 0 to 3 terrain features.


THE BATTLE BEGINS The opposing player can continue to set up

Thunder rumbles high above as the armies units. When they have finished, set-up is THE SUDDEN DEATH TABLE
take to the battlefield. complete. The player that finishes setting up Assassinate: The enemy player picks a
first always chooses who takes the first turn unit with the HERO, WIZARD, PRIEST
You are now ready for the battle to begin, but in the first battle round. or MONSTER keyword in their army. Slay
before it does you must set up your armies the unit that theypick.
for the coming conflict. THE GENERAL Blunt: The enemy player picks a unit with
Once you have finished setting up all of your five or more models in their army. Slay the
SET-UP units, nominate one of the models you set up unit that they pick.
Before setting up their armies, both players as your general. Your general has a command Endure: Have at least one model which
roll a dice, rolling again in the case of a tie. The ability, as described in the rules for the hero started the battle on the battlefield still in
player that rolls higher must divide the battlefield phase on the next page. play at the end of the sixth battleround.
into two equal-sized halves; their opponent Seize Ground: Pick one terrain feature in
then picks one half to be their territory. Some GLORIOUS VICTORY enemy territory. Have at least one friendly
examples of this are shownbelow. In the Mortal Realms battles are brutal and model within 3" of that feature at the end
uncompromising they are fought to the bitter of the fourth battle round.
end, with one side able to claim victory because
it has destroyed its foe or there are no enemy
models left on the field of battle. The victor THE TRIUMPH TABLE
can immediately claim a major victory and the Roll Triumph
honours and triumphs that are due to them, 1-2 Blessed: You can change the result
while the defeated must repair to their lair to of a single dice to the result of your
lick their wounds and bear the shame of failure. choosing once during the battle.
3-4 Inspired: You can re-roll all of the
If it has not been possible to fight a battle to failed hit rolls for one unit in your
its conclusion or the outcome is not obvious, army in one combat phase.
then a result of sorts can be calculated by 5-6 Empowered: Add 1 to your generals
comparing the number of models removed Wounds characteristic.
from play with the number of models
originally set up for the battle for each army.
Expressing these as percentages provides a BATTLE ROUNDS
simple way to determine the winner. Such Mighty armies crash together amid the
a victory can only be claimed as a minor spray of blood and the crackle of magic.
victory. For example, if one player lost 75%
of their starting models, and the other player Warhammer Age of Sigmar is played in a series
lost 50%, then the player that only lost 50% of battle rounds, each of which is split into two
of their models could claim a minor victory. turns one for each player. At the start of each
battle round, both players roll a dice, rolling again
Models added to your army during the game (for in the case of a tie. The player that rolls highest
example, through summoning, reinforcements, decides who takes the first turn in that battle
reincarnation and so on) do not count towards round. Each turn consists of the following phases:
the number of models in the army, but must be
counted among the casualties an army suffers. 1. Hero Phase
Cast spells and use heroic abilities.
Sometimes a player may attempt to achieve Move units across the battlefield.
The players then alternate setting up units, a sudden death victory. If one army has 3. Shooting Phase
one at a time, starting with the player that a third more models than the other, the Attack with missile weapons.
won the earlier dice roll. Models must be set outnumbered player can choose one 4. Charge Phase
up in their own territory, more than 12" from objective from the sudden death table after Charge units into combat.
enemy territory. generals are nominated. A major victory can 5. Combat Phase
be claimed immediately when the objective is Pile in and attack with melee weapons.
You can continue setting up units until you achieved by the outnumberedplayer. 6. Battleshock Phase
have set up all the units you want to fight in Test the bravery of depleted units.
this battle, or have run out of space. This is TRIUMPHS
your army. Count the number of models in After any sudden death objectives have been Once the first player has finished their turn,
your army this may come in useful later. chosen, if your army won a major victory in the second player takes theirs. Once the
Any remaining units are held in reserve, its previous battle, roll a dice and look up the second player has also finished, the battle
playing no part unless fate lends a hand. result on the triumph table to the right. round is over and a new one begins.


PRE-BATTLE ABILITIES ENEMY MODELS The first model you move must finish within
Some warscrolls allow you to use an ability When you move a model in the movement " of an enemy model. If thats impossible, the
after set-up is complete. These abilities are phase, you may not move within 3" of any charge has failed and no models in the charging
used before the first battle round. If both enemy models. Models from your army unit can move in this phase. Once youve
armies have abilities like this, both players are friendly models, and models from the moved all the models in the unit, you can pick
roll a dice, re-rolling in the case of a tie. The opposing army are enemy models. another eligible unit to make a charge, until all
player that rolls highest gets to use their units that can charge have done so.
abilities first, followed by their opponent. Units starting the movement phase within 3"
of an enemy unit can either remain stationary COMBAT PHASE
HERO PHASE or retreat. If you choose to retreat, the unit Carnage engulfs the battlefield as the
As the armies close in, their leaders use must end its move more than 3" away from warring armies tear each other apart.
sorcerous abilities, make sacrifices to the all enemy units. If a unit retreats, then it cant
gods, or give strident commands. shoot or charge later that turn (see below). Any unit that has charged or has models
within 3" of an enemy unit can attack with its
In your hero phase you can use the wizards RUNNING melee weapons in the combat phase.
in your army to cast spells (see the rules for When you pick a unit to move in the
wizards on the last page of these rules). movement phase, you can declare that it will The player whose turn it is picks a unit to
run. Roll a dice and add the result to the attack with, then the opposing player must
In addition, other units in your army may have Move characteristic of all models in the unit attack with a unit, and so on until all eligible
abilities on their warscrolls that can be used in for the movement phase. A unit that runs units on both sides have attacked once each.
the hero phase. Generally, these can only be cant shoot or charge later that turn. If one side completes all its attacks first, then
used in your own hero phase. However, if an the other side completes all of its remaining
ability says it can be used in every hero phase, FLYING attacks, one unit after another. No unit can
then it can be used in your opponents hero If the warscroll for a model says that the be selected to attack more than once in each
phase as well as your own. If both players can model can fly, it can pass across models and combat phase. An attack is split into two
use abilities in a hero phase, the player whose scenery as if they were not there. It still may steps: first the unit piles in, and then you
turn it is gets to use all of theirs first. not finish the move within 3" of an enemy make attacks with the models in the unit.
in the movement phase, and if it is already
COMMAND ABILITY within 3" of an enemy it can only retreat or Step 1: When you pile in, you may move each
In your hero phase, your general can use remain stationary. model in the unit up to 3" towards the closest
one command ability. All generals have the enemy model. This will allow the models in
Inspiring Presence command ability, and SHOOTING PHASE the unit to get closer to the enemy in order to
some may have more on their warscroll. A storm of death breaks over the battle as attack them.
arrows fall like rain and war machines hurl
Inspiring Presence: Pick a unit from your their deadly payloads. Step 2: Each model in the unit attacks with
army that is within 12" of your general. The all of the melee weapons it is armed with
unit that you pick does not have to take In your shooting phase you can shoot with (seeAttacking).
battleshock tests until your next hero phase. models armed with missile weapons.
MOVEMENT PHASE Pick one of your units. You may not pick Even the bravest heart may quail when the
The ground shakes to the tread of marching a unit that ran or retreated this turn. Each horrors of battle take their toll.
feet as armies vie for position. model in the unit attacks with all of the missile
weapons it is armed with (see Attacking). In the battleshock phase, both players must
Start your movement phase by picking one After all of the models in the unit have shot, take battleshock tests for units from their
of your units and moving each model in that you can choose another unit to shoot with, army that have had models slain during the
unit until youve moved all the models you until all units that can shoot have done so. turn. The player whose turn it is tests first.
want to. You can then pick another unit to
move, until you have moved as many of your CHARGE PHASE To make a battleshock test, roll a dice and
units as you wish. No model can be moved Howling bloodcurdling war cries, warriors add the number of models from the unit that
more than once in each movement phase. hurl themselves into battle to slay with have been slain this turn. For each point by
blade, hammer and claw. which the total exceeds the highest Bravery
MOVING characteristic in the unit, one model in that
A model can be moved in any direction, to Any of your units within 12" of the enemy in unit must flee and is removed from play. Add
a distance in inches equal to or less than the your charge phase can make a charge move. 1 to the Bravery characteristic being used for
Move characteristic on its warscroll. It can be Pick an eligible unit and roll two dice. Each every 10 models that are in the unit when the
moved vertically in order to climb or cross model in the unit can move this number in test is taken.
scenery, but cannot be moved across other inches. You may not pick a unit that ran or
models. No part of the model may move retreated this turn, nor one that is within 3" You must choose which models flee from the
further than the models Movecharacteristic. of the enemy. units you command.


ATTACKING has a -1 Rend characteristic, then 1 is subtracted WIZARDS

Blows hammer down upon the foe, inflicting from the save roll. If the result equals or beats The realms are saturated with magic, a
bloody wounds. the Save characteristic of the models in the target seething source of power for those with the
unit, the wound is saved and the attack sequence wit to wield it.
When a unit attacks, you must first pick the target ends. If not, the attack is successful, and you
units for the attacks that the models in the unit must determine damage on the target unit. Some models are noted as being a wizard on
will make, then make all of the attacks, and finally their warscroll. You can use a wizard to cast
inflict any resulting damage on the target units. 4. Determine Damage: Once all of the spells in your hero phase, and can also use
attacks made by a unit have been carried out, them to unbind spells in your opponents
The number of attacks a model can make is each successful attack inflicts a number of hero phase. The number of spells a wizard
determined by the weapons that it is armed wounds equal to the Damage characteristic can attempt to cast or unbind each turn is
with. The weapon options a model has are of the weapon. Most weapons have a Damage detailed on its warscroll.
listed in its description on its warscroll. characteristic of 1, but some can inflict 2 or more
Missile weapons can be used in the shooting wounds, allowing them to cause grievous injuries CASTING SPELLS
phase, and melee weapons can be used in to even the mightiest foe, or to cleave through All wizards can use the spells described
the combat phase. The number of attacks more than one opponent with but a single blow! below, as well as any spells listed on their
a model can make is equal to the Attacks warscroll. A wizard can only attempt to cast
characteristic for the weapons it can use. In order to make several attacks at once, all each spell once per turn.
of the attacks must have the same To Hit, To
PICKING TARGETS Wound, Rend and Damage characteristics, To cast a spell, roll two dice. If the total is
First, you must pick the target units for the and must be directed at the same enemy unit. equal to or greater than the casting value of
attacks. In order to attack an enemy unit, If this is the case, make all of the hit rolls at the spell, the spell is successfully cast.
an enemy model from that unit must be in the same time, then all of the wound rolls,
range of the attacking weapon (i.e. within the and finally all of the save rolls; then add up If a spell is cast, the opposing player can
maximum distance, in inches, of the Range the total number of wounds caused. choose any one of their wizards that is within
listed for the weapon making the attack), and 18" of the caster, and that can see them, and
visible to the attacker (if unsure, stoop down INFLICTING DAMAGE attempt to unbind the spell before its effects
and get a look from behind the attacking model After all of the attacks made by a unit have been are applied. To unbind a spell, roll two dice.
to see if the target is visible). For the purposes carried out, the player commanding the target If the roll beats the roll used to cast the spell,
of determining visibility, an attacking model unit allocates any wounds that are inflicted to then the spells effects are negated. Only one
can see through other models in its unit. models from the unit as they see fit (the models attempt can be made to unbind a spell.
do not have to be within range or visible to an
If a model has more than one attack, you can split attacking unit). When inflicting damage, if you ARCANE BOLT
them between potential target units as you wish. allocate a wound to a model, you must keep on Arcane Bolt has a casting value of 5. If
If a model splits its attacks between two or more allocating wounds to that model until either it is successfully cast, pick an enemy unit within
enemy units, resolve all of the attacks against one slain, or no more wounds remain to be allocated. 18" of the caster and which is visible to them.
unit before moving onto the next one. The unit you pick suffers D3 mortal wounds.
Once the number of wounds suffered by a
MAKING ATTACKS model during the battle equals its Wounds MYSTIC SHIELD
Attacks can be made one at a time, or, in characteristic, the model is slain. Place the Mystic Shield has a casting value of 6. If
some cases, you can roll the dice for attacks slain model to one side it is removed from successfully cast, pick the caster, or a friendly unit
together. The following attack sequence is play. Some warscrolls include abilities that within 18" of the caster and which is visible to
used to make attacks one at a time: allow wounds to be healed. A healed wound them. You can add 1 to all save rolls for the unit
no longer has any effect. You cant heal you pick until the start of your next hero phase.
1. Hit Roll: Roll a dice. If the roll equals wounds on a model that has been slain.
or beats the attacking weapons To Hit THE MOST
characteristic, then it scores a hit and you MORTAL WOUNDS IMPORTANT RULE
must make a wound roll. If not, the attack Some attacks inflict mortal wounds. Do not In a game as detailed and wide-ranging as
fails and the attack sequence ends. make hit, wound or save rolls for a mortal Warhammer Age of Sigmar, there may be
wound just allocate the wounds to models times when you are not sure exactly how to
2. Wound Roll: Roll a dice. If the roll equals from the target unit as described above. resolve a situation that has come up during
or beats the attacking weapons To Wound play. When this happens, have a quick
characteristic, then it causes damage and the COVER chat with your opponent, and apply the
opposing player must make a save roll. If not, If all models in a unit are within or on a terrain solution that makes the most sense to you
the attack fails and the attack sequence ends. feature, you can add 1 to all save rolls for that both (or seems the most fun!). If no single
unit to represent the cover they receive from solution presents itself, both of you should
3. Save Roll: The opposing player rolls a dice, the terrain. This modifier does not apply in the roll a dice, and whoever rolls higher gets to
modifying the roll by the attacking weapons combat phase if the unit you are making saves choose what happens. Then you can get on
Rend characteristic. For example, if a weapon for made a charge move in the same turn. with the fighting!

The Call of Chaos echoes across the Mortal Realms and in the grim darkness of the far future.
Two new serialised supplements, and new fiction for Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000.

Collect them all and answer the Call of Chaos!

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