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IFLB Test Result

June. 2015

1 26/06/2015 Nokia 2014


Designed and verified Inter-Frequency Load Balancing

Designed as IFLB trigger only in FDD and TDD accept offloaded UE only.
IFLB worked as we designed well. When UE is a connected mode in FDD A4 event reconfigured
and proceeded HO procedure successfully.
TDD cell accept the offloaded UE from FDD successfully.
There was no ping-pong situation and radio link failure between FDD and TDD.
A2 threshold in TDD is -113dBm and Inter-Frequency HO happened to FDD once RSRP of the
UE goes down to -113dBm below

2 26/06/2015 Nokia 2014

iFLB turn-on
iFLB turn-on due to replace IFHO from FDD to TDD
Parameter recommended as below.
- FDD cell will be always Active iFLB state with parameter below and TDD cell will never enter IFLB active state but accept
offloaded UE.
- RSRP threshold for iFLB set as -110 in FDD only RSRP based
- Additionally need to modify A2/A1 threshold in FDD and TDD cell to prevent ping-pong situation

Abbreviated name Parameter name Range Default Modification

A4 threshold Handover Criteria -100 -100 -110 -44 On-Line

A3 Threshold A3 offset RSRP inter frequency -1515 3 6 6 On-Line

A2 Measurement Triggers -140...-43 -100 -116 -113 On-Line

A1 Measurement Cancellation -140...-43 -96 -113 -110 On-Line

Downlink reference signals

RS boosting Required object
transmission power boost
-3db ~ 6db 0db 0db 3db locking

3 26/06/2015 Nokia 2014

iFLB turn-on 2 UE reported targets
RSRP but its below
Operation Verification than threshold -110
and A4 HO not
A4 event successfully reconfigured 1 happened
in FDD and RSRP threshold for A4 Event
reconfigured in -112
TDD also works fine. FDD
TDD cell accepted the offloaded UE


1 3 UE reported targets
RSRP and its higher
than threshold


4 TDD cell accept
4 HO due to load
4 26/06/2015 Nokia 2014
iFLB turn-on
Operation Verification
A4 event occurred in only FDD cell as we planned.
A2 threshold is -113dBm in TDD and IFHO happened once RSRP goes down to -113dBm

PCI148=TDD, PCI 187,48,49=FDD

RSRP goes down

to -110 below and
A2 triggered

5 26/06/2015 Nokia 2014

6 26/06/2015 Nokia 2014