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Warning Teachers &
1 3 Expats Abroad: Only approved users may post in this community.

WiseWay Global ChinaTEFL

Education is a Super
Scam just like CUCAS
only worse! (scam.com) 1
skypilot25 1 RULES OF THE SUB
1. No doxing, trolling, soliciting, promoting
or spamming is allowed. If you have an
Fraud Alert!
2 12 agenda to promote, buy yourself an ad.
ForeignerHR.com is yet
2. Soliciting users with PMs under the guise
another Rosie Tang of offering "friendly advice" is grounds for
China Job Scam alias immediate banning.
just like Foreign HR, 3. Be polite and go easy on the profanity.
and China ESL, Beijing Attack the message and not the
Teach and messenger. Name calling is prohibited
and if you disagree you must say why
ForeignExpats.com. - you disagree with at least a two sentence
AVOID!!!!! (opnlttr.com) explanation.
Teacher222 20
4. Off topic comments are not allowed. So
please focus on the OP and your opinion
about it.
Beware! New Names
3 13 but Getin2China and 5. Only those willing to provide an SAIC
business license scan and website
Gi2c are the same old address can post a job vacancy here.
China Job Scam & Unidentified employers who may be
Internship Fraud as identity thieves are not welcome here.
Laowai Career Center & 6. If you suspect shilling or sock puppets at
play, please send a PM to the mods. If

https://www.reddit.com/r/ChinaTEFL/ 2017/9/22
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Wiseway Global. None you start making accusations about other

users publicly you will be banned for90
of these alias days for each incident. After 2 incidents
companies owned by you will be banned permanently.
the same Russian will 7. Every comment needs to be meaningful
answer these 21 simple and at least two sentences in lenght.
questions... (opnlttr.com) To join this restricted TEFL community you
skypilot25 23 must make at least five meaningful comments
15 on existing posts to gain membership status.
Until July 1st, 2017 please allow 48 hours for
4 13 moderation of comments. If you want to help
TEFL Teachers needed moderate this sub, please send me a PM
in Beijing, Shanghai, detailing at least 3 years of teaching experience
XiaMen, Qingdao, in China.
Shenzhen 25,000 per HELPFUL SUBS & WEBSITES:
month... (opnlttr.com) r/chinascamcentral
zlorki 25 r/tefl_tips_traps_scams
Contact info for 320 r/eslscams
5 10 China TEFL & ESL http://chinascamwatch.org
Teacher employers in http://www.chinaforeignteachersunion.com
China is just part of this http://eslwatch.info/forum/china
free DIY Job Search kit http://www.chinascambusters.com
that will get you 10 http://tefl.net
scam & skim free job http://eslbase.com
offers in just 15 days - http://eslemployment.com
no agents or recruiters http://chinascampatrol.wordpress.com
required. https://chinascamwatch.wordpress.com
Scam Warning! Believe BLACKLIST
6 17 your own embassy, Spending 30 minutes reading the above
websites will make you 99% Scam-Proof in
SAFEA.gov.cn & China China. Good luck in China, safe journey, and be
Law - NOT greedy TEFL darn sure you have a Z visa in your passport
teacher job recruiters BEFORE you land in China if you plan to work
like "Joey". He will get here.

you arrested, jailed, & created by Not_So_Fast_Mate 3

deported for fake

diplomas & black or no Not_So_Fast_Mate
Z visa just like 1,500+ YankInChina
teachers in last 6 CyberSleuth
months alone. (i.redd.it)
eslteacher12 1

Free online China foreign TEFL Teacher survival guide will

7 16 make you 99% scam-proof in one hour of reading
CyberSleuth 1

TEFL Scams - are YOU part of the problem or part of the

8 18 solution? (opnlttr.com)

https://www.reddit.com/r/ChinaTEFL/ 2017/9/22
w 3/5(W)

Teacher222 1

10,000 foreign TEFL teachers may soon be arrested as China

9 18 vows to jail and deport every last fake teacher using a fake
diploma and/or TEFL certificate as they begin verifying every
one of them. (opnlttr.com)
CyberSleuth 1

Top 20 China Job Scams include Foreign HR, Laowai Career

10 17 Center, Haida HR, China ESL, China-Uni Ltd, Gi2C, China
TEFL Network, Echinacities, and some surprises. (scam.com)
Bingo-WeHaveAWinner 1

Full-Time TEFL teacher needed for VIP adult students aboard

11 17 luxury yachts. $4,000 for 4 day work week plus free living
quarters in South China. See details and requirements.
VIPVoyages 1

China's Public Security Bureau is now verifying every

12 15 university diploma of some 30,000 foreign teachers using the
same online service as you can for $15! (infocheckusa.com)

Laowai Career Center is yet another China Job Scam but this
13 17 fraud uses many alias names including Gi2c, Wiseway Global,
and Getin2China - Beware All! (realscam.com)
Not_So_Fast_Mate 1

Warning: The old job scam CHINA ESL brand is now being
14 26 recycled by Rebecca/Rosie using referrals from a UK
company called China-Uni Ltd. Beware. (chinaesl.com.cn)
China-Scam-Patrol 1

Red Alert! China's biggest scam artist (Rosie T.) is now the
15 21 new CEO of Foreign HR. Warn every TEFL teacher you know
friends. (opnlttr.com)
TEFLTanya 2

CFTU offering free VPN if you subscribe to 4 subs (ChinaTefl,

16 24 ChinaTeachers, ChinaScamCentral, TEFL_Tips_Traps_Scams)
or download a China TEFL employment contract from their
web site - A $60 value. (chinaforeignteachersunion.com)
YankInChina 2

Avoid Gi2c China Internship Scam like the plague and beware
17 29 of their many aliases like Laowai Career Center, Wiseway
Gobal, Getin2China, and ????? (honestaffiliateincome.com)
NoTime4Nonsense 2

https://www.reddit.com/r/ChinaTEFL/ 2017/9/22
w 4/5(W)

Those who hate the CFTU and why? Are the trash talkers
18 31 justified in their smear campaign - Yes, No, or Maybe?
Not_So_Fast_Mate 2

We welcome the new Censorship-Free TEFL TIPS sub that so

19 29 far has no moderators that are TEFL job recruiters See:
r/TEFL_Tips_Traps_Scams (reddit.com)
Not_So_Fast_Mate 2

Scam Warning! OnlineTEFL.com and i-to-i are the same U.K.

20 29 frauds that tricked hundreds with fake China TEFL teacher
internships... (scam.com)

Sam Alert! The biggest resume broker in China caught selling

21 32 TEFL teacher info to identity thieves now has a new alias:
ChinaExpat.cn Beware All! (abroadreviews.com)
OxbridgeAsia 2

Scam Alert: A Tefl Job Recruiter just removed the creator of

22 29 the Tefl_Esl_Scams sub and deleted 25 posts that exposed
identity theft and skimming of China Job agents and
recruiters (opnlttr.com)
TEFLTommy 2

How to know if your China TEFL teacher job recruiter or

23 29 agent is lying to you, or just an identity thief fishing for new
victims... (opnlttr.com)

This is best China Job Employment Contract I have ever seen

24 31 for TEFL teachers that incorporates all the best tips and
clauses to protect you from cheaters, users, and abusers who
think you should be their expat slave or marketing
monkey... (chinaforeignteachersunion.com)
CyberSleuth 2

China's expat foreign English TEFL teachers are lowest paid

25 31 expats with salaries that are less than half of a NY taxi
driver. (chinadaily.com.cn)
T17892 2

https://www.reddit.com/r/ChinaTEFL/ 2017/9/22
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