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September 25, 2017 eller_ruth@cusdk8.org Mrs.


Week at a Glance Reading Lotto LOTTO!

The 2nd Rate the Book is due this
Mon. Friday. Make sure to also get your
Word Hunt is due and will be graded. Lotto signed by mom or dad. And
This will always be a Monday Thing. finally, make sure to put in effort!

Reading Log & Math Facts & Word Hunt & Word Power
Spelling: Write words 2 times in ABC order
Math: Lesson 2.6
Thanks for sending in your
Tue. Teacher-Parent Conference
Reading Log & Math Facts & Word Hunt & Word Power confirmation. We are scheduled
Language: Worksheet Use of Capital Letters and Periods starting NEXT WEEK.
Math: Lesson 2.7 I am looking forward to meeting with you!

Reading Log & Math Facts & Word Hunt & Word Power
Language: Worksheet Simple and Compound Sentences Word Power/Hunt!
Math: Worksheet Mid-Chapter Check Point This will be our first week to do Word Power as
Thur. individuals. You will choose a word from last weeks
Word Hunt. You will fill out a vocabulary card. Then
Reading Log & Math Facts & Word Hunt & Word Power you will need to write 2 meaningful sentences Monday,
Spelling: Get quizzed. Dont forget the parent signature. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Remember, if you
Math: Worksheet Subtract Whole Numbers forget to turn in sentences on any day, you can fix this
Fri. problem by sending me an email that evening. Make
sure to write Word Power in the subject line.
Reading Log & Math Facts & Word Hunt Dont forget to keep Word Hunting. Today you
READING LOG WILL BE CHECKED! showed me your Word Hunt. You received a grade for
this. This week you need 30 words for a grade of 3.
Author Assembly! Remember to put your word post-its on your agenda
throughout the week so you dont forget your words at
Max Brallier, the author of home. From now on we will have the Word Hunt due on
the series, Last Kids on Mondays. This will become routine. Our Monday
Earth, is coming to Checklist will always be math facts and Word Hunt
Lincoln on Thursday! unless stated otherwise. So remember to get in the habit
Woo hoo! of Wording Hunting when you read!

No Excuse
Words guess
people School Pictures
enough extremely calendar friend Our turn for class pictures is Friday,
instead picture knew new September 29. An envelope went home in
learned maybe pretty secret the MESH last week. Please return this with
possible school something should payment IF you would like to purchase pictures.

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