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TGV3M - TV & Video Production Mr.

Elsie 1

Career Research Assignment

Part A: Career Research

Learning Goals
To research and acquire a better understanding and appreciation of the field of Communications Technology
Identify the various professional career options within the field of Communications Technology
To research and plan a potential pathway to a chosen career
Using the Internet as a resource, research the following:

1. Research 5 communications technology related careers that interest you. See a list of some sample careers on
the next page. (ie: Photographer, Videographer, Video Editor etc.)

2. Chose one career that interests you the most and explain the career with a brief description (2-3 sentences) in your
own words. This final career choice does NOT have to be within the communications technology industry.

3. Complete the following research about your final chosen career:

a) Why did you choose this particular career?

b) Research two post secondary education programs for your chosen career and select the one that
you would like to attend.
c) Research and provide the following about the program:

! Post Secondary institution name and location

! Specific program name and description
! Key program entry requirements (ie: courses, portfolio etc.)
! What other high school courses would be beneficial for the enrolment and acceptance into the program
! Key courses offered within the program
! Program cost per year
! Length of program (ie: months, semesters, years etc.)

4. Research job/career/company websites to find one current job posting that relates to your career choice.
Answer the following questions:

a) Provide the company name, location and job posting title.

b) What skills are required in this career?
c) What qualities would be helpful in this career?
d) What salary range could someone expect in this career?

5. Create a list of three questions you would ask a professional currently working in your chosen career path.

"Success doesn't come to you? You go to it." Marva Collins

TGV3M - TV & Video Production Mr. Elsie 2

6. Provide visual examples of your chosen career. These may include the following:
- Work environment
- Equipment used in this career
- Project examples etc.

Sample Careers___________________________________________________________________________________

Industry: Photography
! Photographer
! Photojournalist

Industry: TV, Video, Movie and Journalism Production

! Art Director
! Director of Photography, Camera Operators
! Director
! Television Announcers, Reporters and Correspondents
! Lighting Technician
! Grips and Production Workers
! Film and Video Editor
! Audio and Video Equipment Technicians
! Special Effects Technician

Industry: Radio, Audio and Sound Production

! Radio Announcers
! Reporters and Correspondents
! Recording Engineer
! Sound Technician

Industry: Print and Graphic Communications

! Desktop Publisher

Industry: Interactive New Media and Web Design

! Graphic Designer
! Multimedia Developer

Online Research Resources_________________________________________________________________________

www.careercruising.com Login
Username: peel
Password: css

Ontario Colleges

Ontario Universities


"Success doesn't come to you? You go to it." Marva Collins