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The Enchanted Island Worksheet

Answer all questions in sentence form.

The Taming of the Shrew

A Wild-Cat for a Wife
1. Where does the story take place? [2mks]

2. Who was Baptista? [2mks]

3. Compare and contrast Katherine and Bianca. [4mks]

4. Why did Baptista refuse to allow his daughter, Bianca, to marry? [4mks]

5. Why was Petruchio not concerned about Katherine's bad temper? [4mks]

6. Why was Petruchio anxious to marry Katherine? [2mks]

7. Describe Katherine's treatment of the music master. [4mks]

8. How did Katherine react when Petruchio told her that he wished to marry her? [2mks]

9. Describe Petruchio's behaviour at his own wedding. [8mks]

10. Why was Katherine almost fainting with starvation? [2mks]

11. Why did Katherine spend her first night at home sitting in a chair? [4mks]

12. Why is Petruchio complaining about everything? [3mks]

13. Who did Katherine and Petruchio meet on their way to Padua? [2mks]

14. Explain the bet that Petruchio made with the other men. [6mks]

15. Offer some evidence that Kate is now aware of what her husband has been doing. [6mks]

TOTAL= 55mks
The Merchant of Venice
A Pound of Flesh
1. Who was Portia? [2mks]

2. Why did Bassanio pay a visit to Antonio? [2mks]

3. Why was Shylock forced to wear special clothes and live in a ghetto? [4mks]

4. Explain the terms Shylock set when lending money to Antonio. [4mks]

5. How did Portia react to Bassanio's marriage proposal? [4mks]

6. What disastrous news did Bassanio receive from Antonio who was in Venice? [4mks]

7. What evidence is there that Portia was well-disguised in her robes? [4mks]

8. What evidence is their that Shylock hated Antonio? [8mks]

9. Why did Portia ask Shylock if he had brought any scales to the court? [4mks]

10. How did Shylock react to this latest proposal? [3mks]

11. What accusations did Portia then make against Shylock? [2mks]

12. What payment did the lawyer, Portia, ask for from Bassanio? [1mk]

13. What two surprises did Bassanio and Gratiano receive upon returning home? [2mks]

TOTAL= 44mks

Julius Caesar
Death of a Dictator
1. What did Caesar discover when he returned to Rome after many years of fighting the Gauls? [2mks]

2. What warning did Caesar receive from the fortune-teller while on his way to the Stadium? [2mks]

3. Compare and contrast the characters of Cassius and Brutus. [8mks]

4. Why did Cassius need the support of Brutus to rid Rome of Caesar? [2mks]

5. Why according to Cassius should Antony also be murdered? [2mks]

6. Explain how Decius was able to persuade Caesar to go ahead with his initial plans to go to the
Capitol. [4mks]

7. How does Antony react when he first sees Caesar's lifeless body? [2mks]

8. Why does Cassius tell Brutus that Antony should not be permitted to speak at Caesar's funeral? [3mks]

9. How was Antony able to win over the confidence of the mourners at Caesar's funeral? [10mks]

10. What indication is there that the mob is out of control as it winds it way through the streets of
Rome? [6mks]

11. Outline the two different military strategies suggested by Cassius and Brutus as the armies approached
Macedonia. [4mks]

12. What request did Cassius make of his Parthian slave when he realized that his defeat was imminent? How
was Brutus different from the other conspirators? [2mks]

13. How was Brutus different from the other conspirators? [3mks]

TOTAL= 50mks
Murder at Dunsinane
1. Describe the opening scene. [2mks]

2. What prophecies did the three witches make concerning MacBeth? [3mks]

3. Give a brief summary of Lady MacBeth's character. [4mks]

4. Outline Lady MacBeth's plan to assassinate King Duncan. [3mks]

5. Why was MacBeth crowned king after the death of King Duncan? [2mks]
6. Why does MacBeth refuse to sit in his own chair at the banquet? [2mks]

7. What warning do the witches offer to MacBeth during his second visit to them? [1mk]

8. What action did MacBeth take when he was told that MacDuff had fled to England? [3mks]

9. What evidence is there that the new queen, Lady MacBeth, has gone mad? [8mks]

10. Explain how two of the prophecies in question seven come true. [7mks]

TOTAL= 35mks