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Marine machinery colloquium

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Subject No.1

The below diagram are, the indicated diagram for:

4 stroke engines
2 stroke engines
All stroke engines

Subject No.2

Regarding the engine piston position in the cylinder liner the BDC is:

The middle position in the cylinder liner

The lowest position in the lower part of the cylinder liner
The max position in the top part of the cylinder liner

Marine machinery colloquium

Subject No.3

What signifying the TDC when we are speaking about engine piston position in the engine cylinder liner:

The dimension of cylinder

Top dead center
Total dead center
Subject No.4

Witch constructive elements at one internal combustion engine are mobile parts assembly, tick the truly one:

Piston, cylinder liner, crankshaft, camshaft, valves, cylinder liner

Bed plate, crankcase, piston, connecting rod, piston rod
Crankshaft, connecting rod, crosshead, piston rod, piston, exhaust valve
Subject No.5

Regarding the volume in the engine cylinder liner, the below formula are for determinate the:

= = =1+

Engine efficiency
The engine compression ratio
Piston displacement

Subject No.6

The engine fuel system consists in two main sides, low pressure and Hi pressure. Please tick where the
components for Hi pressure side are.
fuel pump, suction filter, valve
suction pipes, fuel pump, fine filter
Injection pump, hi pressure pipes, injectors

Subject No.7

In bunkering process, are taken fuel samples. How many bottles of fuel sample are taken?

Marine machinery colloquium

Subject No.8

In witch one, maintenance plan are included the maintenance plan for the Main Engine

Subject No.9

What the CPP propulsions system is?

Control pitch pump

Controllable pitch propeller
Central priming pump

Subject No.10

Haw is changed the propulsion direction from Ahead to Astern in one ship, equipped whit reversible revolution
Main engine and fixed pitch propeller?

is not possible
changing the blade angle
reversing the Main engine revolution
Subject No.11

The remote control for propulsion is shifted (changed over)from Engine control room to the bridge.

not possible
not true
Subject No.12

What is the ship economical speed?

the low fuel consumption

the reduced ship speed

the minimal fuel consumption of the Main engine per nautical Knot/hour

Marine machinery colloquium

Subject No.13

Regarding the marine boilers, what are the characteristics of the water tubes boiler?

smoke inside of tubes

water inside the tubes

smoke outside the tubes

Subject No.14

The below shape section of steam turbine blade are characteristic for:

impulse steam turbine

reaction steam turbine

regular steam turbine

Subject No.15

Witch side at one multi stage steam turbine are positioned the reaction turbine stages?
Low pressure stage side
Hi pressure stage side
Under pressure stage side
Subject No.16

How many power supply circuits have on the ship the Navigation Lights System?

Marine machinery colloquium

Subject No.17

On board of the ship, one of important electrical distribution panel are the Emergency Switch Board. Where on
board the ESB are positioned?

Engine control room

Emergency generator room

Subject No.18

Working on electrical panels is a dangerous thing. What is the mostly important hazard what can be happen?

fall down
hand shot

Note: Each subject solved are 0, 5 points, are 18 subjects multiply whit 0,5 equal 9 points and plus 1 = 10 (the
maximal score)

The final score will be : Number subject solved X 0,5 + 1

Good luck..