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Working Life is a process of work organizations which enables its members at

all levels to
actively participate in shaping the organization environment, methods and outco
mes. Conceptual categories whichtogether make up the quality of working life
are adequate and fair compensation, safe and healthy working conditions,
immediate opportunity to use and develop human capacities, opportunity for
continued growth and security, social integration in the work organization and
the social relevance of work life.

Quality of work life also refers to the favorableness or unfavorableness of a job

environment for people. It is a generic phase that covers per sons feelings about
every dimension of work including economic rewards and benefits, security,
working conditions, organization and interpersonal relationship and its intrinsic
meaning in a persons life.

The basic purpose of quality of work life is to develop work environment that
are excellent for people as well as for production. It aims at healthier, more
satisfied and more productive employees and more efficient, adaptive
and profitable organization.

Quality of work life is a subset of the quality of life which contains the
relationship between employees and their total working environment with
human dimension.\

Quality of work life is the degree to which members of an organization are able
to satisfy their personal needs through their experience in the organization.

Its focus is on the problem of creating a human work environment where

employees work co-operatively and contributes to organizational objectives.

Quality of work life is important for job performance, job satisfaction, labor
turnover, labor management relations and such other factors which play an
important part in determining the overall well being of any industrial

The quality of work life movement aims at integrating the socio-psychological

needs of employees. Several experiments indicate that the interest in improving
the QWL reflects societal changes.

The developments have an influence on the growth of the quality of work life
movement; ensure higher productivity and greater job satisfaction.

Factors affecting quality of work life:

Job satisfaction:
Job satisfaction is the favorable or unfavorable with which employees
view their work. As withmotivation, it is affected by the environment. Job
satisfaction is impacted by job design. Jobs thatare rich in positive behavioral
elements such as autonomy, variety, task identity, task significance and
feedback contribute to employees satisfaction. Likewise, orientation
isimportant because the employees acceptance by the work group contributes
to satisfaction. Insert, each element of the environmental system, can add to, or
detract from, job satisfaction.


Quality of work life is basically built around the concept of equitable pay. In
this days ahead, employees may want to participate in the profit of the


Almost everyone has to deal with three set of people in the work place. Those
are namely boss, co-workers in the same level and subordinates. Apart from
this, some professions need interaction with people like patients, media persons,
public, customers, thieves, robbers, physically disabled people, mentally
challenged, children, foreign delegates, gangsters, politicians, public figures and
celebrities. These situations demand high level of prudence, cool temper,
tactfulness, humor, kindness, diplomacy and sensitiveness.

Health conditions of employees:

Organization should realize that their true wealth lies in their employees and so
providing healthy environment for employees should be their primary objective.

Personal and career growth opportunities:

An organization should provide employees with opportunity for
personal/professionaldevelopment and growth and to prepare them to accept the
responsibilities at higher level.

Participative management style and recognition:

Flat organization structure helps organization facilitate employee participation.

A Participative management style improves the quality of work life. Workers
feel that they have control over their work process and they also offer the
innovative ideas to improve them. Recognition alsohelps in motivating
employees to perform better. Recognition can be in form of
rewardingemployees for their best performance.

Autonomous Work Teams:

An autonomous work team is one which can plan, regulate and control its
own work world. Themanagement only specifies the goals that too in
collaboration with the team. The team organizesthe contents and structure of its
job, evaluates its own performance, establishes its speed andchooses its
production method. It makes its own internal distribution of tasks and decides
its own membership. Autonomous team approach increases satisfaction and
reduces turnover and absenteeism.


Motivation is a complex subject. It involves the unique feelings, thoughts

and past experiences of each of us as we share a variety of relationships within
and outside organizations. To expect asingle motivational approach work in
every situation is probably unrealistic. In fact, even theorists and researches take
different points of view about motivation. Nevertheless, motivation can be
defined as a persons drive to take an action because that person wants to do so.
People act because they feel that they have to. However,if they are motivated
they make the positivechoice to act for a purpose because, for example, it may
satisfy some of their needs.

Work life balance:

Organization should provide the relaxation time for employees and offer
tips to balance their personal and professional lives. They should not strain
employees personal and social life by forcing on them by demanding working
hours, overtime work, business travel, untimingtransfers.By the globalization
the modern employees are experiencing distress. To meet the challenges posed
by present standards, organizational must focus their attention in bringing a
balance between work life and personal life. The underlying assumption is that
work life balance willultimately ensure Quality of work life.Today an employee
desires work to be more meaningful and challenging because quality is theacid
test. A Quality of work life gives an opportunity for deep sense of fulfillment.
Employeesseek a supportive work environment that will enable them to balance
work with personalinterests.Quality of work life provides a more humanized
work environment. It attempts to serve thehigher order needs of workers as well
as their basic needs. Quality of Work Life indicates thatthe work should not
have excessively negative conditions. It should not put workers under
unduestress. It should not damage or degrade their humanness. It should not be
threatening or undulydangerous.Employees in several companies that instituted
Quality of work life experienced better healthand greater safety on the job.
Other benefits included improved employee satisfaction, morale, job interest,
commitment and involvement; increased opportunity for individual growth ;
greater sense of ownership and control of the work environment development of
managerial ability for circle leaders, improved communication in the
organization and greater understanding andrespect between management and
workers.The term Quality of work life has been applied to a wide variety of
organizational improvementefforts. The common elements seem to be, has good
man indicates, an attempt to restructuremultiple dimensions of the
organizational and to institute a mechanism which introduces andsustains
changes overtime . Aspects of the change mechanism are usually an increase in
problemsolving between the union and managementResponsiveness to
employee concerns. In every organization, people and their behavior assumes
vital role in determining the performance and effectiveness. While many studies
concentrated on physical and financial performance of organization. Studies on
behavioral aspects seem to be inadequate. So, the attempts must to understand
the human side of the enterprise. The Quality of work life movement provides a
value frame work and a philosophy which has along term implication for the
human development and enrichment. It tries to balance both the work and
family life. Hence integrated approach with regard to Quality of work life is
required for the success of an individual and an organization. This underlines
the necessity of searching studies on the nature of human relations and the
problems of human relations and the problems of human behavior in the
organization and suggests measures to cope with the problems. Hence,an in
depth on aspects like Quality of work life can throw light on many non-
identified aspects of human behavior which may help in understanding the
issues involved and improving the overall performance of these organizations.
There it is found that there is need to study in greater detail about the topic

A study of quality of work life is a paramount importance, the nature

being different for each category of employees depending upon their needs. A
good quality of work life reduces absenteeism, accidents &attrition. Quality of
work life is useful to improve production, organizational effectiveness, morale
of an employees and economic development of the country. So an attempt has
been made to know about the employees satisfaction on QWL and its influence
on their working and social environment.


Work plays a central role in the life of the workers engaged in a

productive organization. It has an improvement impact on
1) Shaping his personality.
2) Determining his performance.
3) Commitment of follow employees.
4) Commitment to the organization and the society

The most significant resources of an organization are human resources, without

it the organization cannot function. In fact, challenges, opportunity and also the
frustration of creating and managing organization very often originate from the
people relate problems that arise within them. People related problems often
steam from the mistaken belief that people are alike, that they may be treated
identically. There would be a lot of variability in psychological features, which
demand attention.

Aims to know how for the employees has a comfortable and enjoyable
work life. There are so many factors determining the quality of work life. The
present day employees are much concerned about wage, compensation,
challenging job, job security, freedom and autonomy participation in decision
making, level of environment and commitment to assess the Level of Quality
of Work Life.



To determine the factors influencing the quality of work life

To measure the level of satisfaction of employees towards quality of
work life.
To find out the way to improve quality of work life
To identify the attributes/factors influencing QWL in an organization
To analyze the level of satisfaction of the employees on QWL in
an organization.
To study the expectation of the employees to improve the QWL in their
work force.
To know the influence of QWL on employees performance


A Research is a careful investigation or inquiry; especially through search

for new facts in any branch of knowledge .It is a systemized effort to gain more
knowledge. Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the
research problem. It may be understood as a science of studying how research is
done scientifically. It is necessary for the researcher to know not only the
research methods or technique but also the methodology. Researcher always
needs to understand the assumption underline various technique and they need
to know the criteria by which they can decide that certain technique and
procedures will be applicable to certain problems and other will not.


The method of conducting research deals with research design, data

collection method, sampling method. It explained about the nature of research
work to be done such as descriptive nature of research, which is used in this

The researcher has adopted descriptive research design for the purpose of
this survey. Descriptive studies are those studies which are concerned with
describing the characteristics of a particular individual, or of a group.

1) Primary data
2)Secondary data

First time collected data are referred to as primary data. In this research
the primary data was collected by means of a Structured Questionnaire. The
questionnaire consists of number of questions in printed form. It has both open-
end closed end questions in it.


This section includes questions soliciting the respondents details such as
Age, Gender, Marital status, Education, Designation, section and Work


It comprises of single open ended type and various close ended questions
which includes yes no type, scaling and other optional questions.

Data which has already gone through the process of analysis or were used
by someone else earlier is referred to secondary data. This type of data was
collected from the books, journals, company records etc


The data has been collected from the employees OF NERO AIR

Sampling unit refers to process of defining the target population that will
be sample. Hence for the present study, data was collected by means of
questionnaire from the employees.

Sample size plays a critical role, because the generalizability of the
conclusion depends on sample size. Sample size for the present study is 120.

Sampling means the method of selecting a sample from a given universe
with a view to draw conclusions about the universe. Sample means
representative of universe selected for the study. Sampling is a process of units
(e.g. People) from a population of the interest Sampling method is divided into
2 types1) Probability Method2) Non Probability Method The sampling method
that was chosen is entirely non probabilitistic in nature. In non probabilitistic
method the researcher has adopted convenience sampling method. In this
method, the researcher select the accessible population members from which to
get information and the items selected are easy to approach or easy to measure.


In this research the tools such as Simple percentage analysis, chi square, and
correlation are used for data analysis.


The individual perspective appears to be different.
Some of the respondents are hesitated to tell the truth so that it may result
in wrong statistical data.
The department has allowed the researcher to collect the data from the
limited respondents only and limited departments only
The purpose from the sample not reveals the accurate facts.
Lack of respondents interest in answering the questions, and also might
not have revealed true information.
Even though the researcher created a report respondent, some of them
doubted that the researcher has been send on behalf of the management
and so they were reluctant.
Unavailable of enough time.