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Foremost of all, I express my sincere indebtedness to the Almighty, for bestowing me with
favourable circumstances and kept me in high spirits.

I feel deeply indebted to my trainers at CETPA INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED, NOIDA who
delivered valuable lesson on Cloud Computing technology his in depth knowledge about the subject
helped me understand the subject in better way. His method of teaching the minute details helped me a
lot to acquire the insight into the subject.

I am thankful to Ms. DEEPTI, HOD, ECE for her support, cooperation and motivation provided to me
during training for constant inspiration, presence and blessings.

I am also thankful to Indovision institution as a whole that is doing yeomans service by teaching the
learner with the computer, networking and hardware knowledge that is the need of the day.

Last but not the least, I thank all my classmates at Indovision for extending kind co-operation.




Organizations are made up of people and function through people. Without people,
organizations cannot exist. The resource of men, money, material, machinery and mechanism
are connected, coordinated and utilized through people. Engineers need to concentrate more
on mechanism and the way in which things have been made. The need of training arises for
doing things yourself, understanding its way.

Practical exposure for doing things make a person conversant to the technicalities involved in
any job. In view of such benefits, imparting of vocational training has been made an integral
part of academic structure.

In CETPA, training is given to Engineering Aspirants to secure future in the dynamic world
of networks. Today networking industry is one of the very fastest growing industries in the

It is a full time program for 6 weeks delivered within the duration opted by the participant as
per his/her knowledge levels and adaptability.


Figure No. Figure Name Page No.

Figure 1.1 Cloud Computing 2

Figure 1.2 Cloud as a service 4

Figure 1.3 Cloud Architecture 7

Figure 2.1 Types of services 9

Figure 2.2 Cloud computing dimensions 12

Figure 3.1 Hybrid cloud 13

Figure 3.2 Cloud Deployment cloud 14

Figure 5.1 Salesforce CRM 18

Serial No. Title Page No.

1 Acknowledgement I

2 Abstract II

3 List of figures III

4 Table of content IV

5 Chapter formulation V

6 Cloud Computing 1-8

7 Types of Services 9-12

8 Deployment Model 13-16

9 Salesforce 17-33

10 Amazon Cloud 34-44

11 Cloud Storage 45-46

12 Advantages & Disadvantages 47-50

13 Conclusion 51-52

Serial No. Chapters Page No.

1.) Cloud Computing 1-8

1.1 History 3-5

1.2 How Cloud Computing Works? 6

1.3 Architecture Consideration 6-8

2.) Types of Services 9-12

2.1 Software as a Service 9-10

2.2 Platform as a Service 10

2.3 Infrastructure as a Service 11-12

3.) Deployment Model 13-14

3.1 Private Cloud 13

3.2 Public Cloud 13-14

3.3 Hybrid Cloud 14

4.) Server Virtualization 15-16

5.) Salesforce 17-20

6.) Cloud Infrastructure. 21-33

7.) Amazon Cloud. 34-44

8.) Cloud Storage. 45-46

8.1 Advantages. 45

8.2 Raid 46

9.) Advantages and Disadvantages 47-50

10.) Conclusion 51-52