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Dear Sirs,

As I promised, here is the list of Cisco STP advantages.

For any question please don't hesitate to call me on my mobile.
* 1000+ ITPs Deployed with 200+ customers
* Integrated IP routing.Do not need an external router to use IP routing protocols
* QoS Support for SIGTRAN
* 8 Virtual STPs in 1 chassis: Each instance has separate links, route, gtt data
, up to 256 links to a single point code
* Supports all RFC versions for SIGTRAN
* Supports ANSI-ITU conversion
* Price/Power Advantage:
7600 ITPList Price per low-speed link$500 - 1500List Price for 720 TDM-Link STP
Footprint: 34" H in 19" rackYearly Maintenance Percentageup to 10% Charge for
routesFull route capacity part of base productCharge for GTT500k GTT capacity part
of base productCharge for Gateway ScreeningPart of base product and includes SCCP
GTA screeningSS7oIP Ethernet Card InfoPrice: $50k list

IP B/D Links: 1000

MSU/s: 14,000
Link Utilization: 8 Mbps
Protocol: All RFC complaint
* Better Environmentals: Lower power consumtion(4 x 50 Amp breakers), Smaller
footprint (Cisco 7600 @ 2000 links= 19 RU chassis)
* Gateway Screening-part of the base product-no additional cost required
* Supports NDU/ISSU
* Flexible Core Applications
* Number Portability: MNP (SRF, INAP, CAP,ATI,GSM, ISUP ), Flexible Numbering-HLR
addressing (licensing Per 1 million subscribers (not entries) on a network wide
basis- NOT PER EDGE)
* Supports standard STP features
* Robust Roadmap
* Distributed processing engines through linecards (FlexWANs)
* MTP/SCCP/TCAP based routing: Standard DPC based routing, Standard CdPA based
Routing, OPC-DPC/CgPA-CdPA based routing via MLR, MAP A and B address routing via
* Enhanced ITU loadsharing
* HLR addressing for CDMA and GSM (ARD application)
* In Service software upgrade
* Exceeds GR-82 requirements
* Any to any routing when is about to route between all the protocols
* Different hardware/capacity options for the same type of features/software
PA4-Slot6-Slot9-Slot13-SlotNumber of Slots-4 (horizontal)6 (horizontal)9
(vertical)13 (horizontal)Height-8.75 (5 RU)12.25 (7 RU)33.5 (21 RU) 30.15 (19
RU)Low Speed Msu/Sec7,00028,00056,00098,000154,000Low Speed Links10040080014002200
ATM-HSL Msu/sec10,00040,00080,000140,000220,000ATM-HSL links8326496176M2PA Msu/Sec
6,75027,00054,00095,000150,000M3UA Msu/Sec7,50030,00060,000105,000165,000SUA
Have a great weekend,
Best Regards,
Petrica RUTA

From: Petrica Ruta (pruta)

Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 3:42 PM
To: 'adegeratu@cosmote.ro'; 'rpatachi@cosmote.ro'; 'mmotoc@cosmote.ro';
'dbubu@cosmote.ro'; 'mirimia@cosmote.ro'; Dinescu Mihai
Cc: 'mmaritescu@cosmote.ro'; 'cmaiorescu@cosmote.ro'; Dennis Hagarty (dehagart);
Hidde Beumer (hibeumer); Rabih Dabboussi (rdabbous); Greg Walker (gwalker); Gavril
Mihai Rusu (grusu); 'Ovidiu Liliac'; 'Gabriel Musat'; Catalin Niculescu (niculesc);
Bogdan Dragos Constantinescu (bconstan); George Boulescu (gboulesc)
Subject: Cisco STP-IP Transfer Point follow-up on meeting today 16 Feb 2007
Dear Sirs,

Let me thank you for giving us the opportunity to present the Cisco Core STP
Solution. We are very happy to see your high interest in understanding the
advantages of the Cisco ITP and , as you requested at the end of the workshop
today, I am sending you the most important slides of the presentation.

I want to mention thatthe presentation about the Number Portability/Flexible

Numberingand Management Application for STP will be sent in a different emails.

As promised, until end of the day today, I will sent you the summarized list of
Cisco Core STP advantages in order to be easier to compare/evaluate if needed.

Thepresentationis quite big andcannot be sent over email, please feel free to
share among all the people interested, the content of the presentation asit was
copied by some of you and the end of the meeting.

In order to build a solution which is respecting CosmOTE expectations, we ask you

to support us with answers for the following questions.

Kind regards,
Petrica Ruta

0) Can you share with us a logical map of CosmOTE Network (not very much in detail)
which willneed communication with the new STPs?
1) TDM requirements?
1a) #NB (64K) links
1b) #E1 interfaces for NB links
1c) Peak #MSU/sec (ingress) for NB links
1d) #Q703AnnexA links
1e) Peak #MSU/sec (ingress) for Q703AnnexA links
1f) # ATM E1 HSL links
1g) Peak #MSU/sec (ingress) for ATM HSL links
2) Sigtran requirements?
2a) #M3UA MSU/sec (ingress)
2b) #SUA MSU/sec (ingress)
2c) #M2PA MSU/sec (ingress)
3) GTT requirements?
3a) percentage of traffic which requires GTT
4) map of the network
6) nr of short messages/sec (peak)
7) nr of prepaid/postpaid calls/sec (peak)
8) nr of all the network components will be connected to STP
9) geographically distribution
10) type of connected between STP nodes (NB links, Q703AnnexA links, HSL links,
M2PA links?)
11) Network indicators
11a) which network indicators are required?
11b) if multiple NI is required, on how many STPs are multiple NIs required?
12) Multi Layer Routing
12a) is routing on MAP layer (MLR) required?
12b) if MLR is required on how many nodes is this required?
13) Flexible numbering requirements
13a) is FLexible numbering required?
13b) how many subscriber entries are in the HLRs?
14) MNP requirements
14a) is MNP required?
14b) how many entries are in the MNP database?
14c) how many of the entries are ported in subscribers for Cosmote?