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FINAL REPORT WRITTEN _By - HAQDOISTER OPO BUNSTSOH OF OKIYET AND OM , ‘The report appended oovers the- following aubjecta:= % Sohiuesselgerest 39 be The use of Hollerith and Speat#l’ Calculation Machinery in the eclution of Hagelin treftio, Previous honework by BXGISCH was published as \ ‘mloow/1-72, Gonr So. J Ly , No. of pages: 7 us. 10-11, oprao-e (2) (via Lt.Cdr Maison) 42, Ga? (vie Ub, Col, Killen) Ae}. AS.t. (3) (whe Major Seanen) 16, Director, 5.1.0. wsFer———~ (via'Lt, Gol, Johnaon): 17, Cols Lawts Bowl, usstar or AaB Leos as. 32, SAC. fer dey dedanenny, oem. sac, Oy Berkoiey Street 22. car, Bacon 33. Mey Tetnny . 23. Lt, Col. Johnson 4. Mador Seenan 2. Lt, Cdr. Manson 26, Wajor Coven 27, ty Pehl 28-31, Thom Files (4) 2 4 SCHLUESSELGRRABT 39 Giphor Tochnioal Principles: Goraot 39 is on elootrically-operated oizheracchine, ‘The cipher technique is derived from thot of the Enigaa; a direct current passes through 3 (or 4) wheols, with 26 positions, I II TIT a reflector-whool U, ani then again through the 3 vhoele in reverse order, III III, Unlike the Engine, tho whecls hore do not control thelr om movenent: this 4s done ‘through 3 indopendent pin-vhools Nt N2 X3 with pertods 21, 23, 25. 1. do not resomber excctly how those figures wore distributed among Ni NZ N3, It was either Ni N2 NZ ‘or HA 2 NB 21 23 25 25 25 24 mz L ie ‘The pin whecls have a uniform noticn; i.e, they move one position for every letter keyed, As for tho ovement of the key- ‘wheels and other details, the machine passed through differvnt stages of development in the course of tine, for which there were no specifio nanes and which wil? be denoted here by 2,b,0,4, a) Each cf the three wheels moves on one place whan there is an activo pin at tho sensing point of the relevant pin-wheel, and At only noves then, The wheols soveble rings on the Dody of the whool, with the rosult that - unlike the Enigaa - the initial position of the body of the whoel is determined absolutoly, st the soso tine es the clear message sotting, The reflector wheel ia pluggable like the reflootor wheel D on Enigna; it oan be quickly oxohangod for @ second reflector wheel with prepared reflector plugging, b) Wheols I, IZ, ITI, whoue wirkngs now correspond oxsotly to those ‘of the Enigna, hrve adjustable rings; they oan be roved around tho body of tho’ whoels and havo a fixed pin, which, by analogy with tho Buigsa, 19 to be called the tum-vvor notch (eithough sechantoally it 4a not ao made), Oprosite tho whecle Z and IT aro twy sonsing pointe which plok up the tum-over notch fas it passes, U iw pluggable a» ine); in addition there is batween the point of input and Ia atecker § Like the Enigna atackor, Tho following two nethods of working are posasble: A) Working on om wiring: Nt N2_N3 ere given a certain pin errengonent, there boing, it 1a true, certain Linttations to the numbors of active pins. vheol I uoves as under a) Por wheol IZ there are"the fulloving 3 causes cf aovosont: 3 mroouyt~ 4) An active pin at the senting point of N2 onuses IT to sove on one plags, a= ins), 2) When thc’ turn-over notoh on the ring of T comes to the sensing polit, II is aauaed to uove on when the next letter is koyod (as with Bnigan), 3) When the turn-over notch on the ring of IT cones to the sensing point of II, II turns on one place when tho noxt Letter is keyod (at the’ sane tine as TTT, os with the “dcuble step" on Enigaa), If any of those threo causes of neveuont take offect simultaneously on II, it nevertheless only soves on one place, There ere three causce of mveuent for wheel III: 1) An active'pin at the sensing-point of N3 causes IIT to move oon one place, a in €), 2) ‘hon the turnover notoh cn tho ring of II comes to the sensing point of II, IIT wvea on one plaee when the next letter ie keyed, Just oo in tho oase of IT, 1f the two causes of movenent for IIT operate similtansously they conbine to produce one stop. B)_Jorking on Entgna wiring, All the pine of Nt are set at "eotive", tho pins of W2 ond N3'all rosaining inactive, Thon the whocl sormadtia idontionl with that of tho Bigna, As all otierfactars cleo agree with tho corresponding ones on ‘he Tigan intorchangeebie wosiing between both maohines is possible, 0) A sonatng-point Sa also provided opposite wheel IIT, If the tamover notch om the ring of LIT se toadhed by it, then Z tama on onopsoe ‘hon tho noxt lottor 1e keyed, IP this novonent colnetdos with e stop caigcd by Mi this agein results in the single step. Thus the possibility of interchangeable working with tho Bnigne remains, In adAition the machine now gets © fourth wheel, whioh 48 plaood between IIT end U ond dose rot more on whon key is touched, Tt oorresponds to tho fourth wheel fn tho Navel, Bnigna and de used for interohongesble woricing with this machine, 4) In the sumer of 1944 Dy, Sees (ORK/Ch4) told me that the xeciprogel influcncing of tH ‘was to bo altered in sore way. T oonnot rerenber detatie but nothing fundasontel on tho prinoiple of the macnine described under o) was changed, Intozchangeable woxking with eray and navel Enigna resained possible,