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Tentative Topic

The Effects of Yoga on Pain Relief: An Alternative to Modern Therapy

Why I chose this topic

Since the past three years, I have pursued yoga as an alternative to Modern therapy. It has
considerably helped me with the chronic back pain that I get with physical fitness, weight
training and sports like tennis and basketball. It has also been helping me sleep better in
comparison to over-the-counter sleep medications.

What I know already and Gathering Working Knowledge

Yoga helps improve pain relief by releasing Endorphins, Oxytocin and Serotonin, three
hormones that improve pain relief by triggering neurotransmitters that are responsible for
physical well-being and mood elevation. Endorphins specifically act on the alpha and beta of
the brain and improve concentration and memory. Yoga also improves the functional lung
capacity and thereby improves cardiac endurance. The Autonomic Nervous System is also
regulated which improves the ability to withstand stress.


1) What are the conditions in which yoga can be beneficial?

2) What are the different forms of yoga and their?
3) In what conditions is yoga a better alternative to Modern Therapy?
4) What times during the day is yoga more effective?