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The Great Gatsby Chapter III Study Guide

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Chapter III opens with a magical summer party at Gatsbys. Fitzgeralds ability to create
a mood is demonstrated most effectively here. Notice the often aimless conversation,
the exciting glitter that hides a purposeless existence. Read the chapter completely and
carefully before re-reading to answer these questions. Give quote and page #....!

1. Re-read the first seven paragraphs. Quote phrases or words from each paragraph
that describe the summer parties:

2. During Prohibition in America, alcohol was prohibited for 13 years from 1920
1933. From what you have seen in the first three chapters, how has the period of
Prohibition affected life in the 1920s Jazz Age in America that Fitzgerald presents?

3. Nick was on his way to do what when he encounters Jordan Baker?

4. How do the quotes on page 44, Somebody told me they thought he killed a man
once and he was a German spy during the war help to characterize Gatsby?

5. Jordan and Nick meet someone in the library, Owl-Eyes. About what does he
comment and what is Fitzgerald commenting about?

6. How does Nick meet Gatsby? What does he think of him?

7. Why doesnt Jordan believe Gatsby was an Oxford man?

8. Nick likes New York (except eating in the Yale Club). What does he do for a
9. How does Nick feel about Jordan as the chapter progresses? What does he
remember about her reputation?

10. There are two driving incidents in this chapter. First, Owl-Eyes has an accident;
secondly, Jordan is driving and insists, Theyll keep out of my way (58). What do
these two driving incidents mean?

11. Why does Nick consider himself one of the few honest people that I have ever
known? (59).

12. Gatsby: (mark all that apply)

___ is obviously an important, powerful, wealthy man
___ gives glamorous, expensive parties he seems to not really enjoy
___ is rumored to be a nephew or cousin of Kaiser Wilhelms
___ is rumored to be a German spy
___ is rumored to have killed a man
___ once told Jordan he was an Oxford man, but Jordan did not believe him
___ is always dancing and flirting with his many women party guests
___ knows and has invited most of his party guests
___ continues to be a mysterious character

13. True or False?

___ Chapter 2 presents a party of average people living pointless, meaningless lives
___ Chapter 3 presents a party of rich people living pointless, meaningless lives.

14. Complete and turn in Characterization Chart with this Study Guide (20 points).

Chapter III Quote Log (9 points total)

Must be different quotes than used in the study guide.

Page # Quote Meaning