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Cambodia AH1

Route 1: Bavet - Phnom Penh

Route 5: Phnom Penh - Poipet

Cambodia: Sisophon - Phnom Penh - Bavet

Cambodia AH11

Highway 7: Dong Calor - Skuon

Highway 6: Skuon - Phnom Penh ( )
Highway 4: Phnom Penh - Sihanoukville

Cambodia: Kracheh - Phnom Penh - Silianouk Ville

Cambodias road network currently extends approximately 44,709 km, consisting of 5,263 km of
national roads and 6,441 km of provincial roads, which are under the responsibility of the Ministry of
Public Works and Transport (MPWT), and approximately 33,005 km of tertiary roads for which the
MRD is responsible. No divided expressway exists yet in Cambodia.

No. of Bridge
Road Classification Length (Percentage) Management Authority
1- digit national roads 2,117 km (4.7%) 589 (17,643m)
2- digit national roads 3,146 km (7.1%) 698 (15,710m) MPWT
Provincial roads 6,441 km (14.4%) 904 (16,309m)
Rural roads 33,005km (73.8%) 1,869 (26,559m) MRD
Total Length 44.709km (100%) 4,060 (76,221m) -

Length of Road Network (as of 2009)

Note: The figures of MRD are as of September 2010. The figures of MPWT are as of 2009 for road
and as of 2006 for bridge.

Source: Infrastructure and Regional Integration Technical Working Group (2010)

The current situation of the international roads, which link Cambodia with the neighboring countries,
is shown in below table. National Roads No. 1 and 5 are a part of Asian Highway 1. National Roads
No. 4, 6 and 7 are a part of ASEAN Highway 11. National Roads No. 48, 3 and 33 constitute a part
of ASEAN Highway 123, and National Roads No. 66 and 78 constitute a part of the arterial highway
of the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS).

Asian ASEAN Cambodian

GMS Road No. Route
Highway Highway Road No.
No. No.
Poi Pet -Sisophon -Phnom Penh -Svay
R1 (Central Sub-corridor) AH1 AH1 NR1, NR5
Rieng Bavet
Sihanoukville -Phnom Penh
NR4, NR6,
R6 (Inter-Corridor Link) AH11 AH11 Kampong Cham Stung Treng
-Trapeng Kreal
R10 (Southern Coastal NR48, NR3, Cham Yeam -Koh Kong -Sre Ambel
Sub-corridor) NR4, NR33 -Veal Rinh -Kampot -Lork
NR66, NR7, Siem Reap Talaborvath- O
R9 (Northern Sub-corridor)
NR78 pongmoan- O Yadav Boder

International Roads in Cambodia

Source: Infrastructure and Regional Integration Technical Working Group (2010)

Although many roads in Cambodia were severely damaged during the civil war, most of major
roads have been improved under the assistance of international donors. The improvement work of
56km of National Road Number 1 has been almost completed except the last short leg near Phnom
Penh. The followings are the remaining sectors of road that are currently under construction or
could not been confirmed the current status.

Cost Length Year

No. Donor Section Fund
($ mil) (km) Start End
1 Japan 80 56 Phnom Penh- Neak Loeung 2005 - Grant
2 ADB - 63 Kbal Thnal- Takeo 2001 - Loan
3 China 71.5 109 Preak Ta Mak- Anlong Chrey 2007 2010 Loan
4 ADB 13 17 Kampong Trach Kampot 2007 2010 Loan
5 China 57.8 157 Meanchey- Preah Vihear 2008 2011
6 China 51.9 127 Snuol- Sen Monorom 2007 2010 Loan

Major Road Improvement Projects in Cambodia

Source: Infrastructure and Regional Integration Technical Working Group (2009)

Japanese government and the RGC signed the Grant Agreement in October 2010 for constructing
the Neak Loeung Bridge over Mekong River. It is expected to be an indispensable part of the
Southern Economic Corridor and Asian Highway No.1. Currently the traffic on National Road No.1
is blocked by Mekong River and has to cross the river by ferry. Once the new bridge is completed in
2016, the travel time between Phnom Penh and Bavet at Vietnam border will be considerably

Cost Length Year

Name of Bridge Donor Location Fund
($ mil) (km) Start End
Kizuna Japan 57 1.3 Kampong Cham NR7 1996 2001 Grant
Chrouy Changvar Japan 23 0.7 Phnom Penh NR6A 1992 1994 Grant

Neak Loeung Japan 131 1.6 Kandal, Svay Rieng NR1 2010 2014 Grant

Preak Ta Mak China 43.5 1.1 Prey Veng NR8 & NR6A 2007 2011 Loan

Preak Kdam China 28.9 1 Phnom Penh NR5 & NR61 2007 2011 Loan

Kampong Bai Korea - 0.3 Kampot, as a part of NR3 2005 2007 Loan
Toeng Treng, as a part of
Se Kong China - - NR7 2005 2008 Loan

Koh Kong Private 7 - Koh Kong, NR48 2001 - BOT

Stung Meanchey Private 5 - Phnom Penh Chaom Chao 1999 - BOT

New 2nd Churoy
China 90 - Phnom Penh NR6A - - Loan
Prek Phnov Private 42 1.543 Phnom Penh NR6A - 2010 BOT

Tek Thla - - - Phnom Penh (along NR3) 2009 2010 -

Major Bridge Constructions in Cambodia

Source: Infrastructure and Regional Integration Technical Working Group (2010), JICA Website


country located in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It is
181,035 square kilometres (69,898 sq mi) in area, bordered byThailand to the
northwest, Laos to the northeast, Vietnam to the east, and the Gulf of Thailand to the

8021431: Khmer Empire (Kingdom of Cambodia from 1340)

14311863: Cambodia
18631941, 19451953: Kingdom of Cambodia (French Protectorate)
19411945: Under Japanese occupation
19531970: Kingdom of Cambodia
19701975: Khmer Republic
19751976: Kampuchea
19761982: Democratic Kampuchea (removed from power in 1979)

19821993: Coalition Government of Democratic

Kampuchea (internationally recognized until 1993, renamed to the National
Government of Cambodia in 1990)
19791989: People's Republic of Kampuchea
19891992: State of Cambodia
19921993: United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia
1993present: Kingdom of Cambodia