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Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP)

Electrical Submersible Pumping Systems

Variable Speed Drive Benefits

Halliburtons HAL 1200 electrical The models capture the thermal,
submersible pumping (ESP) system mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic
variable speed drive (VSD) provides a behavior of the system to control the
number of features specifically designed pumping process with greater precision.
for the operation of ESPs. The HAL 1200 Fluid level, pump flow, and total
system combines motor and pump production are displayed in selectable
control into a single, compact package engineering units.
that increases production, improves The system can be configured for
energy efficiency, and enhances the optimization of fluid production, gas
reliability of both new and existing production, energy efficiency, and/or
pumping systems. power flow.
A power flow optimizer helps maximize
A wide variety of software options is
production from gassy wells by enabling
available to optimize the HAL 1200
the drive and motor to operate at their
system operation. These features maximum thermal capacities.
enable producers to reduce down
A pump-off control enables the pump
time, increase production, and
to dwell for a programmable period of
optimize system efficiency. Remote
time to protect the pump and to control
monitoring and control is possible by average flow.
using the Halliburton InteLift remote
The drive incorporates an input power meter as well as displays
monitoring system, a web-based application tool that
for input power, motor power, pump power, and average
enables users to monitor and analyze the system in real time
efficiency to aid in utility cost control.
with historical data. Remote control and configuration can
Estimated well production is displayed for the operator and is available
be done by using the Microsoft Windows-based Unico
for remote well monitoring through a serial communication port.
UEdit Programming Tool.
Tubing and casing pressures can be entered as parameters
The presence of excessive harmonics can be the source for for relatively fixed pressures or input from analog sensors for
component overheating, nuisance tripping, and noise transfer significantly variable pressures.
to other load surfaces. The HAL 1200 system can be Pump pressure, motor current, motor torque, and motor-temperature
complemented with a multi-pulse front end that achieves the limit detection helps protect the system in case of an out limit condition.
IEEE 519-1992 industry standard. Start/stop events are automatically logged for subsequent retrieval.
Features Data for typical events (start, stop, mode change, power up,
Sophisticated Modeling Fluid Level Monitor power loss, overvoltage, overcurrent, low torque, and low
speed) is captured, and a multichannel analog interface option
Sensorless Operation Protection
enables data logging of additional well parameters.
Pump Speed Control Automatic Restart
A wireless interface option enables connection with InteLift
Gas Management Data Capture remote monitoring system, enabling monitoring using a
Optimization Remote Monitoring computer, web-based application, or a mobile device.
Pump-Off Control Remote Control The UEdit Tool enables the HAL 1200 system operators to change
Energy Savings Sine-Wave Filter configuration settings such as frequency and system operation limit.
Production Monitors Optional Multi-Pulse Inputs A sine-wave filter provides output waveform with very low
harmonic content.
Optional multi-pulse inputs improves harmonic performance.

Artificial Lift

TransducersA motor-mounted incremental encoder or Dynamic BrakingDynamic braking is included on small
resolver and corresponding interface may be used for highest units and is optionally available on higher-power units.
performance. The resolver interface provides an encoder Appropriately sized external braking resistors are required.
emulation for paralleling feedback to other devices. Dual- and Packaged DrivesDrives may be ordered as part of a
triple-encoder options are also available for position-following or packaged system including a circuit breaker, operator devices,
dual-transducer applications. and additional system components mounted inside a NEMA 4
Expanded Analog I/OAn analog interface module may be (IP66) enclosure.
used instead of a feedback interface to expand the analog I/O
capabilities of the drive. The module provides eight additional
inputs and four additional outputs.

Parameter Specification
Input Rating
Rated Input/Supply Voltage @ 50 Hz 230, 460, or 1150 V AC nominal (200 to 240, 380 to 480, or 950 to 1200 V AC),
three-phase (6-pulse); six-phase (12-pulse) available 50 hp CT and above;
twelve-phase (24-pulse) available on tandem drives Phase sequence insensitive
Voltage Tolerance -50% of nominal, +15% of nominal (11/2 to 100 hp CT)
-15% of nominal, +15% of nominal (above 100 hp CT)
Rated Frequency (Hz) 47 to 63
Power Factor Displacement: 1.00 at all loads and speeds Overall: 0.94 at rated load
Output Rating
Range of Output Voltage (V) Zero to input supply voltage, three-phase
Frequency Zero to 120 Hz for transducer less vector control Zero to 180 Hz for
transducer based vector control Zero to 300 Hz for variable-frequency control
Switching Frequency 1 to 12 kHz, programmable
Inverter Output PWM
Service Conditions
Efficiency at Operation Conditions 97% nominal at rated switching frequency
Pulse Number of Rectifier 6
Overload Current Torque Overload (1 min) Maximum
Constant 150 to 200% of rated 200% of rated
Variable 120 to 150% of rated 140% to 160% of rated
Extended 110 to 120% of rated 120% to 140% of rated
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature Control section: -4 to 131F (-20 to 55 C)
Heat sink (standard): -40 to 104F (-40 to 40C)
Heat sink (de-rated): -40 to 131F (-40 to 55C)
Storage Temperature -40 to 158F (-40 to 70C)
Operating Humidity 95% maximum, noncondensing
Altitude To 3,300 ft (1,000 m) without derating
Protection Rating NEMA 3R
Overall Dimensions: in. (mm) 36 18 16 / 48 24 20 / 60 36 36 / 72 44 36
(914 457 406 / 1219 609 508 / 1524 914 914 / 1828 1117 914)
Communication to SCADA ESP 1200 Communicates with InteLift Remote Monitoring System
Ports One RS-232/422/485, isolated, and two auxiliary RS-422/485
Protocols ANSI-x3.28-2.5-A4 or Modicon RTU, standard

Weatherproof Enclosure, NEMA 4

Model Output HP Input volts Height Width Depth Weight
(amps) (amps) in. (mm) in. (mm) in. (mm) lb (kg)
1200-460-50RP 50 (65) 480 (56) 48 (121.9) 24 (61) 20 (50.8) 370 (168)
1200-460-60RP 60 (77) 480 (67) 48 (121.9) 24 (61) 20 (50.8) 370 (168)
1200-460-60 60 (77) 480 (66.8) 48 (121.9) 24 (61) 20 (50.8) 370 (168)
1200-460-75 75 (96) 480 (83.4) 48 (121.9) 24 (61) 20 (50.8) 370 (168)
1200-460-100 100 (124) 480 (109) 48 (121.9) 24 (61) 20 (50.8) 370 (168)
1200-460-125 125 (156) 480 (137) 48 (121.9) 24 (61) 20 (50.8) 500 (227)
1200-460-150 150 (180) 480 (161) 60 (152.4) 24 (61) 20 (50.8) 500 (227)
1200-460-200 200 (240) 480 (215) 60 (152.4) 36 (91.4) 36 (91.4) 800 (363)
1200-460-250 250 (300) 480 (269) 60 (152.4) 36 (91.4) 36 (91.4) 800 (363)
1200-460-300 300 (360) 480 (323) 60 (152.4) 36 (91.4) 36 (91.4) 1,000 (455)
1200-460-400 400 (480) 480 (430) 60 (152.4) 36 (91.4) 36 (91.4) 1,100 (500)
1200-460-500 500 (600) 480 (538) 72 (182.9) 54 (137.2) 36 (91.4) 1,500 (685)
1200-460-600 600 (720) 480 (646) 72 (182.9) 54 (137.2) 36 (91.4) 2,100 (955)
1200-460-800 800 (960) 480 (890) 72 (182.9) 54 (137.2) 36 (91.4) 2,100 (955)
1200-460-1000 1,000 (1,200) 480 (1,114) 72 (182.9) 54 (137.2) 36 (91.4) 2,100 (955)

Filter Description
Filter, Sine Wave 50 HP 460V
Filter, Sine Wave 60 HP 460V
Filter, Sine Wave 75 HP 460V
Filter, Sine Wave 100 HP 460V
Filter, Sine Wave 125 HP 460V
Filter, Sine Wave 150 HP 460V
Filter, Sine Wave 200 HP 460V
Filter, Sine Wave 250 HP 460V
Filter, Sine Wave 300 HP 460V
Filter, Sine Wave 400 HP 460V
Filter, Sine Wave 500 HP 460V
Filter, Sine Wave 600 HP 460V
Filter, Sine Wave 800 HP 460V
Filter, Sine Wave 1000 HP 460V

All of the ESP pumps are fully integrated into Halliburtons industry-leading,
customer-oriented global service network. Beginning at the manufacturing
plant in China, which has provided high-quality ESP systems for operators
across the globe for over a decade, and then to the Halliburton Field
Service Technician who supervises the installation and startup of the
pumps on site, Halliburtons quality-management system helps solve
challenges at any stage of the process for operators in mature
fields, unconventional resources, and deepwater. Control
of this work flow enables continuous improvement in
the hydraulic designs so that they fit customer-specific
requirements, improve operating efficiencies, and adapt
to the dynamic conditions of the oil field.

Halliburtons Artificial Lift offerings help operators

increase recoverable hydrocarbons by selecting the
optimal lift method over the life of the well cycle
to enhance well drawdown and provide reliable
on-stream times that can maximize revenue and
decrease costly well interventions, leading directly to
increased customer profitability. Another important
value to the customer is the ability of our Artificial Lift
representative to collaborate across other Halliburton
product lines so that the recommended solution is
optimal not only from the pump selection point of view
but also as it relates to delivering value to the reservoir.

Halliburtons foundry provides high-quality Halliburtons process entails the latest Halliburton technicians accompany the
ESP stages and assembled/tested pumps for technology in hydraulics, metallurgy, ESP systems to the field and supervise the
a variety of customers and applications all machining, and assembly, and the installation and startup to maximize success.
across the world. quality is assured through the rigorous
quality-management system.

Operational Research Corporate

Founded Employees Countries Centers Headquarters Customers
FAST 1919 Nearly 80 15 Houston National, International,
FACTS 75,000 Dubai and Independent
entities worldwide

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