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The Card a musical comedy Book by KEITH WATERHOUSE and WILLIS HALL adapted from the novel by Arnold Bennett Music by TONY HATCH Lyrics by ANTHONY DREWE Original Lyrics by Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent VOCAL SCORE **FOR REHEARSAL PURPOSES ONLY** (in performance the KEYBOARD ONé/ (CUED PIANO CONDUCTOR part should be used) Application for a licence to perform this musical must be made, BEFORE REHEARSALS COMMENCE, to: Josef Weinberger Limited 12-14 Mortimer Street, London, W1N 7RD Tel:-0171-580 2827 Fax: 0171-436 9616 Order of Scenes ACT ONE Scene 1 - Prologue Bursley Town Hall Scene 2 Duncalf’s Office Scene 3 The Dancing Academy Scene 4 The Tailor’s Scene 5 The Machin Kitchen Scene 6 The Municipal Ball Scene 7 Duncall’s Office Scene 8 The Streets of Bursley Scene 9 The Dancing Academy Scene 10 The Machin Kitchen Scene 11 Uandudno Pier Scene 12 The Streets of Bursley ACT TWO Scene 1 The Universal Thrift Club Scene 2 Chell Hall Scene 3 The Town Hall Square in Bursley Scene 4 The Machin Kitchen Scene 5 The Town Hall Square in Bursley Scene 6 Chell Hall Scene 7 Liverpool Docks Scene 8 Bursley Town Hall Instrumentation Trumpet in B flat, doubling Flugelhorn in B flat and Cornet in B flat Trombone doubling Euphonium Percussion (1 player) Drum Kit Anvil 2 Timpani Bell Tree Glockenspiel Mark Tree (opt.) Vibraphone Shaker Xylophone 2 Temple Blocks 2 Wood Blocks Keyboards (2 players) Cello Bass doubling Tuba ACD of the 1994 London Cast Recording is available from First Night Records on CAST CD45. PPC Cr Cast Councillor Calvert Countess of Chell Denry Machin Mrs Machin. Dunealf Etches Fears Headmaster Jock Miss Watkins Mr Shillitoe Mrs Codleyn Mrs Hullins Nellie Cotterill Page Boy Paper Boy Parsloe Peabody Ruth Earp Sir Magnus Cope Steward Truelove Vicar councillor of Bursley the local aristocrat, eager to let her hair down the ‘Card’ of the title, a young, ambitious and extremely likable character with a seemingly inexhaustable ability to turn every situation ultimately to his advantage washerwoman, long-suffering mother of Denry town clerk, leading solicitor, chairman of Bursley United and owner of Staffordshire Signal guest at the Municipal Ball guest at the Municipal Ball at Denry Machin’s school the Countess of Chell’s footman the Countess of Chell’s secretary unctuous and superior proprietor of the Bursley Tailor’s Shop plump, bossy lower-middle-class client of Mr Duncalf hard-up rent payer young client of Duncalt’s and ardent admirer of Denry programme seller at the Municipal Ball of the Staffordshire Signal young clerk at Duncalt’s office co-owner of a Bursley emporium dancing instructress of the Dancing Academy in Bursley an elderly wealthy distinguished looking gentleman at the Liverpool Docks co-owner of a Bursley emporium the priest for Denry Machin’s christening Schoolchildren, People of Bursley, Guests at the Municipal Ball, Tenants, Townsfolk of Uandudno, Holidaymakers, Hucksters, Fishermen, Lifeboatmen, Waiters, Passengers The original production of this version was performed with a company of 18. The following roles doubled up: Mr Shilitoe / Sir Magnus Cope Fearns / Truelove Headmaster / Etches / Peabody Paper Boy / Page Boy All chorus parts were played by members of the company. { | |