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Dear Terry OSullivan and whoever it may concern;

We would like to express our gratitude for bringing an end to the disadvantageous agreement weve
been unable to end ourselves over the past decade. The recent investigation conducted on Local Union
1111 Calgary, Alberta, has left many of us members troubled. We feel deceived and taken advantage of,
more so in recent times.

Although we are grateful, the merge of Local 1111 into Local 92 raises Three main concerns among us.
Please take into consideration the following main reasons.

1. Loss of our number on the job board and placed in vastly populated board.

Our former executive board failed to diligently seek new contracts, providing us with less work
in these last few years. As a result, many of us were left unemployed through the union for
extended periods of time. A merge would not improve this situation. Local 92 has a larger
membership than Local 1111, meaning our regional jobs would be taken by our fellow
Northerners our numbers being and the bottom of their board.

2. No choice but to work far from home.

For Local 1111, Calgary and area is home. The jobs we bid on are relatively close to where we
reside. Although a merge may open opportunities to bid on jobs up north, it will also limit
availability for work near home. This generates a dilemma for those of us with young families, as
well as those who are unable to work away from home whatever the reasons may be.

3. Distance affects relationships with representatives.

With our Local nearby we can build relationships of trust with our union representatives. Having
our Local merged with Local 92 represents a greater travel distance for meetings, Christmas
events, training, and any other reasons to build relationships with our representatives. These
relationships are important to us especially with the occurrence of recent events.

For over a decade we have been victims of a board members who did not consistently place our best
interest as a priority. Many of us have tried and failed to encourage positive changed. We feel that an
environment of apathy was created which in turn discouraged member participation in union meetings.
Rare were the occasions where the executive board submitted decisions to membership for review and
The disadvantageous agreement was undeniably placed upon us. Sadly, most of us completely oblivious
to the fact. Our ignorance was manipulated against us. We now find ourselves with a Local about to be
dissolved over the wrongs of the individuals who were responsible to lead us in prosperous directions.
Must we all pay the price?

We strongly believe Calgary Local Union 1111 has great potential for growth and prosperity. With level
minded, competent and trained individuals, we can turn this Local around and grow. There are
competent leaders among us who are willing to put our best interest as a priority. Amidst us are men
and women who are willing to put in the work and time to prosper our Local from these poor, failed
conditions. Give us a chance to recover and move foreword as a brotherhood.

In conclusion, it is our desire that appropriate, lawful repercussions be imposed on the individuals who
breached our trust and mislead our local for all these years. Please understand this is critical as leaders
who will assume future board positions will reconsider following the perverse paths our previous board
members took.

The merge of Local 1111 into Local 92 is NOT in our best interest. We Propose the trusteeship
currently in place remain in force until a fair election take place.


Brothers & Sisters of Local Union 1111 Calgary, Alberta

Those of us who are in favor of this letter will:

A) forward this document with full name and jobsite/unemployed via email to : legal@liuna.org

B) Print, sign and send via Fax to: (202) 942-2208

C) Print, sign and send via mail to: GEB hearings Panel, c/o LIUNA Legal Department, 905 16 th
street N.W. , Washington D.C. 20006