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Agenda: 10th Youth Conference

Theme: The Ambassadors Call: Rise Up

Text: Jer.49:14
Time: 1pm (registration); 2-7pm (program)
Pastor Dax (reserved)
Pastor Ronnel Corsiga(1st priority)
Pastor Marvin Orsal (alternate)
Invited Churches: (13 churches + CBBC)
Higher Ground BBC
Heroes vill. BBM
Logos Baisa, Vista Verde, North Fairview, Cubao
New Life BBC( Caloocan)
Calvary BBC
Bethany Palmera
Christian Baptist Church
Galilee Pilgrims BBC
Note: maximum of 15 delegates per Church
Activity: Y.P Issues to resolve

Youth Conference
Theme: The Ambassadors Call :Rise up (Jer. 49 :14)
Speaker : Ptr. Ronel Corsiga
Lecturer : Ptr. Marvin Orsal
Program :
2:00-3:00prayer,congre. Singing, welcome remarks, etc., special #
3:00-3:15-presentation of YP issues
3:15-3:30- brainstorming
4:15-4:30-presentation of resolution
4:30-5:00-special numbers, choir
5:00-6:00-preaching/final challenge
6:00 final song, fellowship

>what are the effects of millennialism particularly "WWW." in respect to_______on Christian youth?
Facilitators :
1sis. berith (health)
2Ptr. Jek(family)
4sis. marsha (testimony)
5sis.evita (thoughts)
6bro.kenneth (trials)
7bro. Dan(resources)
8bro. Regie (energy)
9sis patt (friendship)
10sis. Sarrah (influences)
11sis. Jen (family)

Registration/usher :sis evita,
Emcee :bro. Regie
Song leader: bro. DJ
Food/area prep. :ladies, bro. DJ,
Parking:sis evita,
Mailman :bro. DJ, bro. Dan

Millennial in the Church "

4 factors that causes problems on Millennial :
*Wrong/failed parenting strategy
Letter - ok!
Meal- pansit w/ calamansi & biko

Y. A fellowship program

*opening prayer - all boys

*meeting (fora)
-events & future plans
-White board plans(when)
*devotion/free friday (every 1st fri)
*activity (about lesson) /lesson
*ice breaker (carla style)
*food & fellowship
*closing prayer - all boys

Food assignment for Sept. :

Berith & jen- sept 8
Patt.,d.j,regie- sept 15
Marsha & sarrah-sept 22
Evita & daniel-sept 29

Devotion assignment :
1. Patt
2. D. J
3. Jen
4. Berith
5. Regie
6. Sara
7. Marsha

Rules and regulations :

*no absences fine- 10pesos (w/ notice), 50pesos(w/o notice)
Notice should be posted on y. A group chat
*no cell phones allowed fine- 10 pesos
*no books& multitasking activity fine- 10 pesos
*No sleeping fine-10pesos

Start of fellowship :
7:00 pm9:00pm(30min. Grace period)
Upstairs (juniors learning room)

Y. A MEETING(9/8/17)
4 issues :
1. Family, friendship, influence (relationship)
2. Health and life [lifestyle (habit)]
3. thoughts, testimony, trials (secrets of the mind)
4. Time, energy, resources (treasures)

Youth conference fund (commitment)

Regie - 200
Patt- 300
Jen - 200
Marsha - 500
Evita - 1000
Sara- 500
Dan -
Dj -
Berith -
Total= 2700(so far)

Distribution of invitation :
BCBC, Heroes vile - Dj
Galilee, pilgrim - kuya dan
The rest - ok!
Note= all invitation must be distributed this week!
>follow the numbers of attendees
Vista Verde - 10
Palmera - 10
North fairvew - 10

*meeting on Sunday!
>nxt fri. - update funds for world mission con. & youth con.
>distribution & practice of song (printed lyrics should be ready) "O Church Arise"

Y. A Meeting w/ pastor (o/9/17)

*presentation/introduction & brain storming of the topic "millennial" (30 minutes) >welcome remarks
(pastor Jek)
-upon registration
-booklet /pamphlet
*Generic questions :
1. What is your involvement in millennial issue?
2. How much is your___affected by millennialism?
3. What are the effects of millennialism particularly WWW. In respect to___ on christian youth?
(facilitators - give the premise.)
*Brainstorming of resolution and resolution (30 minutes)
*Letter - definition and some statistics

Meeting w/ Pastor, bro. Allan, & Ptr. Jek (9/10/17)

(general statement of millennialism)
Generic questions :
*identify millennial issues related to___
1. How deeply affected is the___by these issues?
2.what are the effects of millennialism particularly WWW. In respect to___ on Christian youth?

*millennial issues (guide) :

1. Addiction
2. Overdependence

Topics :
*Time - dj/regie/kenneth
*Testimony - marsha/ jen
*Family - sara/ patt
*Thoughts - evita/berith
*Resources - Ptr Jek/ kua dan

*Millennial - generation of anybody born between 1978-2005

*millennialism - tech - filled culture
*millennial issue- negative and abnormal attitude of millennial because of millennialism
*Christian millennialism - tech - filled culture penetrating Baptist Christian faith.

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