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Muhammad Ayaz Zakir

Seeking employment that allows me to grow professionally, while being able to utilize my skills
for the betterment of the organization with the best use of my dedication, determination and

PERSONAL INFORMATION____________________________________ _________

Place/Date of Birth: Rawalpindi/ 2nd March, 1988
Nationality: Pakistani Father Name: Muhammad Zakir

2013- MS in Electrical Engg SEECS, NUST H-12 Islamabad CGPA:3.75

present (Microwave & RF) (Course Work Complete)
2006-2010 BS in Electronic Engg. International Islamic University, Islamabad 86% (CGPA3.81)
2004-2006 FSc. (Pre Engg.) Rawalpindi Board 63%
2002-2004 Matriculation Rawalpindi Board 74%
Member of Pakistan Engineering Council bearing membership number: Electro/12902
The Air Vehicle (Quad rotor) is a UAV type vehicle. It is used for surveillance and has a camera
interfaced for video transmission. A GPS-Receiver was used. In this project, I was responsible for
the mechanical design using PRO-Engineer, the configuration of electronic devices, software
design and leading the project team. The project was evaluated by an Assistant Professor of MCS
(NUST) and awarded 90% marks for the effort.

SEMESTER PROJECTS __________________________________________________ ___

PRO-Engineer 4.0 based designing of Robots and Mechanical designs
Peg placing autonomous Robot for NERC 2009
Implementation of SAP-I on FPGA Spartan II XCS200 Board
Line Tracking Robot
DC Motor control using PWM

WORK EXPERIENCE __________________________________________________ ___

2011 (March To September): (Internship) Worked at Rawalpindi Development Authoritys
project of Urban Traffic Control where the responsibility was to control and manage the traffic
of whole Murree road using IP based PTZ cameras and a software to control the traffic lights.
2011-12(November To Mid-March): Worked as Planning and Development Solution Manager at
Exabyte Technologies Private Limited, designing and manufacturing of Security Systems like
Password Based, and Biometric System and CCTV based security solutions were my
2012(15 March To 23 May): Worked as Solutions Manager at Technology Experts, designing and
R&D of security systems and supervising their installation were the responsibility.
2012(24 May To Present): Working as a Hardware Design Engineer at AKSA-SDS Pvt. Ltd,
where designing and development of RF based systems is undergone.
Design and Development of IFF Interrogators Transmitter and Receiver of YLC-6 Chinese
surveillance RADAR.
Design and Development of Airborne IFF Interrogator and Transponders Transmitters and
Receivers of JF-17 Thunder.

Email: naqshbandi_ayaz@yahoo.com Cell No. +923345028424

Permanent Address: House # BB-663/3 Eidgah Sharif, Asghar Mall Road, Rawalpindi
Design and Development of IFF transmitter of MPDR i.e. conversion of Tube technology
to Solid-State design.
Repair of LNA of GPS in NAU of MIRAGE (ROSE-II)
Design and Repair of High Power Amplifier of ATCR RADAR
Design and Repair of Final Stage Power Amplifier of YLC-6MS Sensor.
Design and Development of Ground Penetrating RADAR for Anti-Personal and Anti-Tank
Landmine Detection System.

TECHNICAL SOFTWARES __________________________ _________

PRO-E 2.0 & 4.0 MATLAB, PSPICE, Electronic Workbench
ADS 2009 and 2011 Visual C#, C++
Proteus 7.0 MS Project 2000
Dip Trace, P-CAD 2006 MS Visio 2003, MS Office 2007,2010
ISE 8.1 (Xilinx FPGA) CST Studio 2011
HFSS 13.0 NI Multisim suite
Altium Designer 13.0

TECHNICAL SKILLS __________________________ _________

Ability to Design Printed Circuit Board using Advanced Design System (ADS) and
Altium Designer.
Ability to perform RF and Microwave simulations on Advanced Design System.
Ability to utilize Smith Chart & S-Parameter analysis by using ADS.
Ability to observe and analyze Gerber and drill files on Camtastic software.
Ability to perform simulations on Proteus.
Ability to use MATLAB.
Ability to design matching networks of power amplifiers using Micro strips & lumped
Ability to design active and passive circuits using Micro strips.
Ability to design couplers, dividers, combiners, Quarter Wave Transformers, of RF &
microwave circuits.
Ability to design RF & Microwave filter designing using micro strips.
Ability to design RF & Microwave filter designing using lumped components.
Good understanding of manufacturing issues that affect RF & Microwave circuit

STRENGTHS________________________________________________________ _________
Interpersonal communication and presentation skills
Ability to work in challenging and multicultural environment
Management and leadership skills


Attended a workshop on Antenna and Antenna Arrays at SEECS NUST.
Participation n Performance Award at National Engineering and Robotic Contest 2009
Organized and conducted four technical workshops at International Islamic University
Organized and conducted an intra-university Robotics Competition
Mentor for new students involved in projects

Email: naqshbandi_ayaz@yahoo.com Cell No. +923345028424

Permanent Address: House # BB-663/3 Eidgah Sharif, Asghar Mall Road, Rawalpindi