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Rencore Increases Analysis Capabilities for Modern Development Approaches in

Its Customization Governance Tool SPCAF

Organizations customizing SharePoint in a more future-proof way are now able to optimize and
secure AngularJS, update JavaScript libraries, and benefit from SharePoint PnP.

Orlando, FL, September 29, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Rencore today added AngularJS to the list of
programming languages covered by the SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF). AngularJS has
become increasingly popular among developers writing SharePoint customizations because of its
alignment with Microsoft's emphasis on a 'modern' user interface.

The latest version of SPCAF also includes new rules adding SharePoint Patterns and Practices
(PnP)-based optimizations and JavaScript library version checks. With SPCAF's increased ability to
analyze, optimize and secure modern development approaches, businesses will be better prepared for a
future where Microsoft discourages the use of traditional 'full trust' code.

Since 2016 Microsoft has been urging SharePoint developers to move away from 'full trust' and
server-side customizations, and instead to develop client-side customizations. This is for a number of key
According to Microsoft client-side customizations are more secure
Client-side customizations open SharePoint development to a wider range of developers who know how
to use client-side languages but are not familiar with .NET (the language traditionally used to customize
Client-side customizations support the 'modern user interface' that is now familiar to companies using
SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2016.

AngularJS is a web application framework, based on JavaScript, that found its way into the development
of client-side customizations for SharePoint and has been growing in popularity recently among the
community. With added support for AngularJS, JavaScript libraries and SharePoint PnP in SPCAF, the
tool only becomes more useful.

Waldek Mastykarz, Microsoft MVP, SharePoint PnP Core Team Member and Product Owner - Risk
Prevention and Governance at Rencore explained the significance of this move with regards to
Microsoft's strategy, Microsoft wants to move developers away from writing server-side code for a
number of reasons. However, possibly the most important reason is that in future, Microsoft is likely to
deprecate support for any 'full trust' code customizations.

This makes Rencore's move to include AngularJS, SharePoint PnP and JavaScript libraries analysis into
SPCAF especially timely. Waldek explains, If developers are writing new customizations, they need to
know that they will be able to migrate that code either to the cloud or to future versions of SharePoint
on-premises. By providing tools to analyze the quality of SharePoint customizations in AngularJS,
optimize them with SharePoint PnP best practices and keep their JavaScript libraries up to date, we're
helping those organizations who are preparing for this new client-side future.

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To learn more about the updates, visit Rencore at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida, this week. The
team will be providing demos of the update to SPCAF today at booth #1645.

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