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Manufacturer & Supplier of Gas Generators for GC

For over 30 years, the QUADREX CORPORATION has invested a wealth of scientific expertise into the
manufacturing of its line of GC capillary columns.

Quadrex, in a joint effort with the Zoex Corporation (Lincoln, NE) developed the first device to simplify
capillary column installation. The Capillary Column Quick-Connect was introduced at the 1992 Pittsburgh
Conference. The Quick-Connect fitting eased the column installation burden, also saving time and
materials. Our close work with Zoex also pioneered early GC x GC instrumentation and column

Quadrex has established strategic partnerships with other manufacturers for the supply of related
products, such as Ultra-ALLOYTM Stainless Steel Columns from Frontier Labs (Japan), full-featured
portable GCs from SRI Instruments, gas generator systems from Peak Scientific (U.K.) , and a complete
line of GC consumables.

With these relationships, we can offer you, the discerning chromatographer, complete GC systems, from
consumables to GC instrumentation.

Capillary Columns: Quadrex fused silica columns are produced with the industry standard polyimide
outer coating (390C maximum temperature) for most general GC applications. Columns with high
temperature polyimide coatings, for applications >400C, are available upon request. Each stationary
phase used in our coating processes is synthesized and cleaned in-house to insure column to column
reproducibility. All Quadrex phases are bonded to the silica substrate and cross-linked. Our stringent QA
/ QC program governs the production of all in-house phases which results in accurate selectivity,
reproducibility, and outstanding thermal stability.

GC Consumables: Quadrex offers a complete line of GC consumables that most often requiring routine
replacement. Some products that are available with us are:

Graphite and Graphite/tl-polyimide Ferrules*

Injector Port Liners
Carrier Gas Traps and Filters

Sri Full Featured Portable GCs: SRI Instruments manufactures pre-configured and custom full-featured
portable GCs offering a wide range of analytical solutions on flexible and inexpensive GC mainframes. All
standard injectors and detectors are available, including accessories such as gas-sampling valves, purge
and trap, headspace, vacuum pump interface, and methanizer. Each SRI GC includes Peaksimple Data
Acquisition software to make your GC purchase complete. Peaksimple systems are also available as 1-
and 6-channel stand-alone acquisition systems for ANY brand of GC.

Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Zero-Air Gas Generators: Peak Scientific laboratory Gas Generators can
provide you with a total solution to your gas requirements. Peak Gas Generators can supply Nitrogen,
Hydrogen, and Zero Air gas, available with different flow rates, purities and pressures to suit your
application. Peak Gas Generator Systems will improve laboratory safety and reduce or eliminate the
costs and labor involved in changing cylinders. These Gas Generator Systems produce greater stability
and repeatability, eliminating cylinder to cylinder variations, and allow you to run your instruments 24
hours a day with safety and confidence.

Contact us for up-to-date pricing, product availability, or ask us your technical questions on anything GC
related. We will reply within 24 hours.

Quadrex Corporation

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3881

Woodbridge, CT 06525 U.S.A.

Tel: 203.393.3112

Toll-Free: 800.275.7033